The lingo decoded from BTVS. The Scooby Gang always had a quip with a clever way of saying things, here are their meanings.

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Above-and-Beyond category - extra slayage for non-slayers with major risks

Advanced loser being - being really good at being a loser

Akward silence thing - dating hazard

All-you-can-eat-moron-bar, an- any club that worships vampires

And yet - Too bad. doesn't apply - used as a response

Angel missage - What one feels when Angel's not around

Angel-y parts - parts in Buffy's slayer history dealing with Angel

Anne rice routine, the- i'm all tortured routine, based on Vampire Louis

Anywhere But Here - Time-passing game, describe where you would be if anywhere but here. Xander's answer hasn't changed since 7th grade. Willow's involves John Cusack. Buffy's is about sunlight and beaches.


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Back seat mothering - unsolicited advice from non-parent

Bad - (adjective used as a noun) something which is not considered to be good. For example, 'That's a bad. A big bad.'

Baddie - Evil person.

Bail - to escape from some commitment or social activity, e.g. 'Don't bail on me now' or 'Sorry, guys, but I've gotta bail.'

Bake and cake - to make a bomb and blow something up

Bat signal - slayer code for distress

Bent - something which is very perverse.

Betty Louise - a nobody from nowhere

Big hurt - murder by a slayer

Billy Dee - a colt 45 beer (angel)

Bitca - milder b*tch

Bizarro World - world where everything is opposite of real life

Bogart - to hog or otherwise monopolize and item for one's own personal consumpution: e.g. 'Your mom trying to bogart the chips, Buff?'

Book - leave quickly, " I've gotta book if I want to make it to third period on time
bosom friend - close friends

Boyfriendly - worthy of dating exclusively

Brainsick - Insane, looney.Not thinking rationally

Break and enterish - comfortable slayer wear

Brill - short for Brilliant

Brooding - Appearing deep in thought and sullen - often attractive to young women

Buffy party, a - one that includes death and carnage

Bugugly - "butt ugly" for an insect person

Brutus, a - a friend who betrayls you

Business-class ticket to cool with complimentary mojo after takeoff - benefits of being in a band

But face, a - a face that looks like it is about to say but

BYO Shovel -an acronym for (Bring Your Own) Shovel ,for an evening of digging up graves


B.X. - before xander

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Carbon dated - something that is way outdated; old

Care bear with fangs - a nice vampire

Carrie, a - psycho prom moment

Cereal boxes of death - mausoleums

Chappy - Giles-speak for "guy."

Chatter in the caf - time to gossip

Chick fight thing - Female street fight with hair pulling scratching, and nail digging

Childhood trauma - Problem- as in "What's your childhood trauma?"

Chill - to relax, to calm down, usually used as a command: e.g. 'Hey, just chill, will you?'

Chocolatey goodness - anything chocolate, "Someone else's loss is my chocolatey goodness."

Country music - The music of pain

Clothes fluke - kiss resulting from nice clothes

Computer whisperer - someone good with computers

Cordelia-esque - someone who is on the verge of acting like Cordelia

Country music - the music of pain

Creepy, the - frightening

Cryptic - talking without giving any info

Cybercoven - wired witches

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Daddyaist pep talk - impossible to understand pep talk

Danger room setup - work out room

Dateville - Romance. Flowers - Lips. Where one is when its only two people going somewhere together.The early stage of a realationship.

Decaf land - stage of being calm

Diagnosed with cancer of the puppy - someone who looks sad; i.e., Xander - "And you're sitting here alone at the Bronze, looking like you just got diagnosed
with cancer of the puppy."

Did we find - short for "did you find it?"

Dire - urgent tone

Doable - able to be done.

Dogly - He is not a studly. Clearly not.

Dollsome - As vs. "gag-alicious"

Doof, doofus - an individual lacking of basic mental and/or physical co-ordination. e.g. 'Riley is such a big doof.'

Downward mobility - reputation is going down

Dr. laura for the deceased - demon therapis

Duh! - exclamation, meaning, 'You fool! You have missed an extremely obvious point', or, 'I believe you have stated something which is already obvious.'

Dump-o-gram - kiss off

Dust - To eliminate vampires using a stake;to get rid of (vampires).

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Edge - the quality of being ahead

Elsewhere - somewhere else to be

Embrace the Pain - Cordelia's recommendation for getting fixed whatever's causing Joan Collins 'tude

Evita-like - someone stuck on themselves

Ew - general exclamation of revulsion/distaste, e.g. 'Ew! That is totally gross!'

Exorcist Twist - 360 degree's turn of one's head

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Fang gang - group of vamps

Fester free - state of being relieved of silent seething

Fire bad, tree pretty - lower level brain functioning

Five by five - synonym for cool, fine, perfect, peachy, good, great, alright

Fluffy bunny feelings - warm feelings for someone

Font of nothing - not known

Fray adjacent - in the vicinity of the thick of thing

Freaksome - worrisome

Freaky deaky - Odd or ironic, funky

Free, a- study hall

Fruit-punch mouth - vamp with blood mustache

Fuddy-duddy - stuffy person


Funky - an all-purpose vague adjective with multipliable meanings, such as Not of the norm, unusual, odd; 1. something unusual or scary, e.g. 'Check out the funky mansion.' 2. a feeling of illness, e.g. 'I still feel kinda funky.'

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Gathering - Subdued party with mellow song stylings and brie

Gay man's taste - good taste

Geek machine - an uncool jeep (Joyce's)

Geeker joy - effusive feeling geeks get when happy

Gene and Roger - unwanted critism

Gentleman of leisure - british slacker go all Versace - get paticular about cloths

Get pelvic - Become sexually intimate

God's gift to bell curve - longhand for moron

Go non-verbal - What boys do when they start thinking with the wrong head. Usage: "I can't wait for the boys to go non-verbal when they see you." not being able to talk

Go wild bunch - become violent vigillante group

Going felicity - when a girl cuts off all her hair

Going OJ - crazy acts against your significante other or becoming stakerish

Going Willy Loman - raising money through selling chocolate bars

Gonzo - to become crazed or to behave in a bizarre or unseemly fashion, usu. not violently - e.g. 'She totally gonzoed!'

Good squirm - satisfying level of discomfort

Go postal - to become suddenly violent without prior warning, e.g. 'Don't go postal on me!' From the tendency of US postal workers to become psychotic without warning.

Grandfather breath - bad smell

Grim, the- (see tragedy mask)

Guiltapolooza - excessive-remorse

Gum gnome - one who leaves gum around

Guy - platonic male friend


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Happy, a - A good feeling, Usage "I'm having a happy." tingly feeling; sometimes sex

Handy carryout packets of blood - IV transfusion bags

Happy meals with legs - people to vampires

Having an expression - making a telltale face

Having or's - considering options

Having smoochies - Major kissing,Necking, etc.

Helen keller - someone who is doesn't notice much

Hell-o - interrogative exclamation used either to draw attention to oneself, or to imply that another person is lacking in basic common-sense, e.g. 'Hell-o? Still talking here, lips still movin'!' or 'Hell-o? Which cave were you living in for the last decade?'

Hitting a major backspace - Losing points in popularity status

Ho - literally, a whore or prostitute, but used to refer to any individual (usu. female) who is perhaps seen to be dislikeable, e.g. 'I'll call Xander. What's his number again? Oh, yeah. 1-800-I'm-Dating-a-Big-Skanky-Ho.'

Honey - Attractive male or female

Hoop of the week - obligatory yet needless task

Hootenanny - A party chock full o' hoot with a little bit of nanny

Hormones on parade - teens obseesed with kissing and groping

Hottie - Attractive female or male-including vampires, i.e. Angel


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Ick factor - the degree of nastiness of something

Idiot box - 1. the television 2.the computer (according to Giles)

I'll grind you into a sticky paste - A (since-incinerated) vamp's idea of fun with the Buffmeister

Inching - slowy moving to a destination

Industrial-strength therapy - intense counseling needed by adolescents who reconstruct people out of dead parts

Inner moppet - inner child

Itching - wanting to do something

International House of Posers - a club

Isn't he lunchable? - As in "Is he not a studly?"

It is entirely pointy - The only proper response to "it's rather pointless."

It is not to worry - long way to say don't worry

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Joan Collins 'tude - What the Buffster copped "When She Was Bad"

Jones, Jonesing - to crave for something, usu. an item or a person.

Johnny Depp once over - trashing a place

Justified camp - a camp for people who are justified in there ways

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Keyser Sozed - trick to believe that the bad guy is the good guy, by the bad guy

Kind of sense that's not - without logic

Kinks or vinilla? - question asking wether or not you like naughty or nice sex

Kiss of death - the words "Have a great summer!" when written in a high school year book.

Kissing daylight - vamp death by sunlight

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Latetitude - being late

Life - The act of living, but only when it includes elements of fun

Linda blair, a - someone with a bad attitude

Linoleum - a) A floor covering made by laying on a burlap of canvas backing a mixture of solidified linseed oil with gums, cork dust or wood flour or both, and usually pigments. b) Aphrodisiac for 17-year old boys.

Little Gene and Roger, a- Criticism

Little-two-door tramp - a nice sports car that tricks you into buying it with it's good looks

Locker-door material - serious boyfriend

Locutus of Borg - a calm person

Lose water - freak out

Loser magnet - one who attracts losers

Lost weekending - getting drunk and losing track of time

Lunchable -a worth lip-smacking person

Lust bunnies - people who show lots of public affection

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Maiden voyage - 1. A first trip 2. A first date

Manimal - man who behaves like an animal

Major - big

Mary Poppins, a- an authority figure that is not well like


Mcplasma - vampire fast food

Messed - out of sorts

Mini-Mom of Momdonia - someone who is not a mom, but acts like one

Missage - missing someone

Miss I chose my major in play-group - a girl who is beyond smart
missed the mark - made a mistake

Mojo - magic, the black arts, usually with dark connotation, e.g. 'I gonna whip up some dark mojo!'

Mom-aged mitts - post menopausal hand

Mom-hair - as in hair that looks motherly that is an updo that is proper

Motervate - leave

Move free - a chaste date lacking hanky-panky

Much - 1.Great in degree- often used as a put-down as in "Pathetic Much?" or "Overidentify much?"2. suppended after words or phrases to indicate something has been undertaken to an unnecessary level, with the meaning, 'too much', 'Ew! Vile much!', or as a question, e.g. 'Jeez! Identify much?'

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Name tag person - retail worker

Na-na-na-na-na approach to battle - taunting to victory

Neg - SoCal slang for 'negative', used as an alternative to 'No'.

Nerd - One who a.)is extremely computer literate b.) is intelligent and book worm like c.) might lack in athletic abilities,doesn't get dates, eats lunch alone, wears unfashionable attire etc.

Nonbudger, a- As in, "C'mon,Giles. Budge! No one likes a nonbudger."

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Office romance - illicit vampire/slayer love affair

Old lady who can only live with cats - someone who doesn't learn to tolerate peoples idiosyncrasies

One-Starbuck-town - A small town lacking in shopping, entertainment and excitement

Ooginess - a feeling of illness.

Oogy - illness or unpleasantness, see 'Ooginess', e.g. 'I still feel kinda oogy.' The Funky feeling often associated with flu symptoms

Overachiever - 1.One who no one likes or appreciates 2.goes over the top or beyond with something

Overbite - vampire

Overly - excessivly

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Pair - refering to someones genetals ( as in lacking), or courage

Pillock - mild British slang, literally a penis but more commonly used to refer to someone who is stupid and/or irresponsible

pink ranger - overzealous fighter

planet pocket protector - geek universe

pointed tooth fairy - vampire prone to house calls

pointy - worthwhile ; in respose to someone saying something is pointless

poli-grip - an old person

poltergeist-delicious - something full of ghost, attractive ghastly

Poop the party - naysay, don't atend, forget about it, blow it off

Pos - Yes, affirmative- opposite of neg. (Aphrodesia).SoCal slang for 'positive', used as an alternative to 'Yes'.

power-freaked - exponentially scared

Princess margaret - overly effeminate british male

P.T.B. - Cordeliaism, the 'Powers That Be'. e.g. 'Hell-o? PTB, Powers That Be. Obviously.'

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Rag - to complain or to scold, e.g. 'Stop ragging on me already!'

Resolve face - Your not changing my mind

'Riding stick' - Faithism, meaning having relations with a man. e.g. 'I see Willow's not riding stick anymore.' (From 'stick-shift', a shaft-like stick used to change gears in an automobile)

Riding the mellow - enjoying down time

Riley-speak - military talk

Rogainne boy - bald person

Roller boy - unenlightened term for someone in a wheel chair

Round robin - Group process of phoning individual members' parents to say each is staying at another's house for an alibi, esp. when used in vampire slaying

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Sabrina - as in a Witch

Sanity Fair - magazine faith will not grace the cover off
sarcastic quote marks - in which the gang turns a visual cliche into a verbal one

Salty goodness - cute guy

Scareapalooza - a big scare fest.What one would expect vamps to have on Halloween

Schlub, (schlob?) - an individual who's own misfortune is usually brought about by their own stupidity, 'Look at that poor schlub.'

Screech, a - a geeky guy

Scully - to attempt to either rationalize or explain away a paranormal occurrence by resorting to incomprehensible jargon. e.g. 'Don't try
to Scully me!'

See-no-evil mode - when your to happy to see whats wrong
sesame street - something that is so easy, a little kid knows

Serious rodent, a- An impartial view of Principal Snyder

as a pest and a jerk.

She-Giles - Female with Watcher's knowledge of the supernatural and slayer history, i.e. Kendra

She-who-hangs-out-alot-in-cemetaries - a slayer

Shields, Brooke - Creature from the Blue Lagoon

Shindig - Medium intensity with less mellow song stylings where dip and malt beverages are often served

Single-white femaled - being duplicated by someone

S.I.T. - acroynym for Slayer In Training

Sitch - Situation

Skanky - something, usually an individual, which is considered low or unfavourable, with connotations of criminal behaviour

Skinny, the- the information

Slacker - US slang, someone who fails to make a valid contribution to society by inherent laziness. e.g. Xander

Slagged - not looking ones best, or otherwise unattractive, e.g. 'You look kinda slagged.' Buffy's look after an especially tough week of late patrol

Slay-study double feature - night of slaying and studying

Slayee - one who is slayed.

Slayer's blood's - like Thai stick for vampires. The best tasting blood there is.

Slayerette - friend of the slayer who help out

Sliceage - Death by slashing

Smoochies - Kissing, general date stuff

So - means wonderful. When used at the end of a sentence. " He is so"

SoCal - Southern California.

Soylent green - unrecognizable green cafeteria food

Spank Your Inner Moppet - Same as "Embrace the pain" ; Get over it.

Sparkage - as in romantic sparks

Spaz- To act out without warning something crazy, on impulse or for the moment that is not expected, e.g. 'Wow Summers! You drive like a spaz.'

Spider sense - tingling feeling from vamps and demons

Spiffy - having a pleasant appearance or manner, often used ironically

Studyly,a - Much like "Dollsome," but with a man, with man parts

;a term for a super attractive guy

Super bad fake rub-on tan - orangey skin

Support-o-gal - a girl who supports

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Teeny tinker bell light - referenced to easy magic

Teutonic man, the - a gentleman of large muscular build, blonde hair and diminutive intelligence; in other words, Riley.

The All-You-Can-Eat Moron Bar - The Sunset Club for vamp wannabes, should the vamps get in

Creepy, the - Noun, archetypal object of creepiness, as in "How much the creepy is it?" : How creepy is THAT?

The Guy Code - The set of unwritten rules for guys such as, "A black eye heals, but cowardice has unlimited shelf life."

The Uber-Suck - The worst, most unfair thing

The Wacky - The mental dance of the less-than-sensible, as in "Love makes you do The Wacky."

That way - not sexual. " I don't love you that way"

Thing - something which one is inexcusably compelled to do, in order for two characters to either talk together alone, or to have sex. e.g.,' I have... a thing. That thing. Which I have to go to. Now. Bye.'

Tingle moment - having an exciting moment; having goosebumps; adreneline

Totally - very, or extremely. e.g., 'That is so totally not a good idea.'

Tony Robbins hyperefficientcy kick - self improvement

Tragedy mask - sad face

Twinkie defense - lame excuse

Twinkie - a confused person

Twosome of cuteness, a - good couple ; A nice couple. Ref.; Ms. Jenny Calendar & Rupert Giles

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Undead American - The more modern, polite term for vamps

Unlife - life to the undead

Up with people - aroused in presence of actual sexual partner

Ubersucks - extremely sucks big time. Sucks as in it ruins everything.

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Vamp - short term for vampire

Vamping -the demon face of a vampire changes to a.)when its about to feed or is feeding b.) when it is in battle c.)when it sires

Vampire Meals-on-Wheels - The monthly medical transport of blood supply to the hospital

Vampire-Slayage - Both the concept of the act and the total carnage of vampire slaying (the pile of piles of dust)

Vibe - usu. 'vibing'; to get along well, and to be on the same wavelength with another person, e.g. 'I see they're really vibing.'

Vibee - someone who is giving off vibes

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Wackiness - the which is not of the norm, a deviation from normal occurrences, usually meant unfavourably. e.g. 'And all manner of wackiness will ensue.'

Wacky, the - a.) confusion resulting from an altered state, such as love, madness, e.g. 'Love makes you do the wacky.' b.) craziness associated with love

Wake up and smell the hottie/seduction - take note of potential mate way

Wanker - offens. British slang, literally meaning 'a masturbator', but used to refer to anyone who is considered very dislikeable

Wannablessedbe's - a.) trying to be witches but are not b.) poser witches

warm - close or near

waste - a.) to kill b.) to destroy c.) hazardous material

wicked - a.) something that is extreme b.) bad or evil

Wig, the - a.)something which incites in one to fear or creepy feeling, e.g., 'Those things really give me the wig.' b.)gone nutty from

Wigged - Verb, past tense, inf: To Wig: gone nutty from

Wiggins, the - see 'Wig, the'

What, the - obvious problem

What's the up? - A my-aren't-we-clever "what's up?"

Wonderland tour, a - a pretty person who's flashy but not a whole lot of depth;Oz-speak on the subject of Cordelia; i.e., pretty, many flashy lights, not a whole lotta depth goin' on.

wow potential - possible sparkage

wrinklies - a term used for the purpose of describing the vampire demon facial feature when a vampire morphs

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"Y" side of things - guys piont of view; the y chromosome

Yak - to vomit, usual suddenly and unpleasantly, e.g. 'You're not gonna yak on me, are you?'

Yawn worthy - something that is boring

Yester - As in yesterday. "That outfit is so yester." meaning its outdated now.

Yoda, a - a mentor like figure


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Zeppo, the - useless member of the group

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