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Abrams, Parker: Buffy’s first boyfriend at UC Sunnydale. Parker was a serial womanizer He treated Buffy badly, and ditched her as soon as she’d slept with him. He was very manipulative, managing to make the Slayer believe that she was the one in the wrong. Buffy saved Parker from a burning building, then – under the influence of Black Frost beer – knocked him unconscious with a tree limb. Closure! See also Katie Lumas.

Absalom: First disciple of The Anointed. Tried to conduct a revivification spell on The Master.

Acathla: Demon called forth to devour the world. Killed by a virtuous knight who pierced the demon’s heart before he could draw breath. Acathla turned to stone, and was entombed. If someone worthy (evil) pulls the sword from Acathla’s heart, having first smeared their hands with their own blood, Acathla will awake. He will then open his mouth to create a vortex, and suck the whole world into Hell. The only way to close the vortex is to shed the blood of the one who pulled out the sword. When Acathla’s tomb was dug up just outside of Sunnydale, Angelus awakened him. Willow managed to restore Angel’s soul, but it was too late, and Buffy had to send her lover to Hell in order to save the world.

Adam: Buffy described him as ‘The Terminator without the bashful charm.’ Designed by Professor Maggie Walsh, Adam was a Frankenstein’s monster created from demon, human and electronic parts. He was the first phase of project 314. Adam’s right arm was that of a Polgara demon. He did not need to eat, drink or sleep, as he had a powercore of uranium 235. Adam had a design flaw that caused him to murder Professor Walsh and Doctor Angleman. He then reanimated their bodies as zombie lab slaves, to aid him in the completion of project 314. He also killed Forrest. Buffy was only able to defeat him when the Scoobies performed an enjoining spell. He referred to Maggie Walsh as Mother.

Agent Brown: see Brown, Agent.

Agent Goodman: see Goodman, Agent.

Alan Finch: see Finch, Alan.

Alpha code blue situation: phrase used by The Initiative to describe a confirmed death, possibly due to supernatural causes.

Alternate reality: see Bizarro land.

Amarrah, The Gem of: The Holy Grail of the vampire world, it rendered the wearer unkillable, impervious even to stakes and sunlight. In the tenth century questing vampires combed the world for the gem, but none found it. It was concluded that it must be simply a myth. Spike found it in a sealed, underground crypt in Sunnydale, embedded into a ring. Buffy managed to take the ring from Spike, and entrusted it to Oz to deliver to Angel in LA. Unwilling to risk it falling into the wrong hands, Angel destroyed it.


  • The ring itself is gold with a green emerald in it. Enclosed with a face design.
  • .
  • See also Brian.
  • .
    Ampata: Buffy’s foreign exchange student who was killed by the Inca Princess. The princess then took his name, and moved in with Buffy. She enjoyed a brief romance with Xander, before trying to kill the entire Scooby Gang!

    Amy Madison: see Madison, Amy.

    Anderson, Callie Megan: student at Kent Preparatory School. Was kidnapped by Tom Warner and Richard Anderson (no relation) as a sacrifice to the demon Machida. See also Delta Zeta Kappa.

    Anderson, Richard: college senior, and member of Delta Zeta Kappa fraternity house. His family owns Anderson Farms, Anderson Cosmetics and Anderson Aeronautics. Part of the sect that worshipped Machida.

    Andrew Hoelich: See Hoelich, Andrew.

    Andrew Wells: see Wells, Andrew.

    Angel: The vampire with a soul. Angel was born in Ireland, with the human name ‘Liam’. Darla made him a vampire in 1753, and the two became lovers. Their relationship ended when a gypsy curse restored Angel’s soul in 1898, giving him a conscience. He later became the lover of the current Slayer. See also Angelus, Whistler and curse.

    Angelus: Angel’s evil alter ego. Without his soul, he becomes Angelus. A cruel and sadistic vampire who likes to mentally – as well as physically – torture his victims. Angelus has been a lover of both Darla and Druscilla. See also Angel, Kalderash and curse.

    Angleman, Doctor: Professor Walsh’s partner at The Initiative, and the only other person there to know about project 314. He was murdered by Adam, who then reanimated him as a zombie lab slave.

    Anne: Buffy’s middle name. She called herself Anne when she ran away from Sunnydale after banishing Angel to Hell.

    Anointed, The: Colin, a child vampire sired by The Master. Prophesied to lead the Slayer into Hell. i.e. To her death.

    Anya: human form of the vengeance demon, Anyanka. Made human after Giles destroyed her power centre, Anya eventually became one of the Scoobies. The full name she chose for herself was Anya Christina Emmanuel Jenkins, born on the fourth of July. She fell in love Xander and the two were due to get married, but Xander called it off at the last minute. Unable to cope with her feelings of betrayal, Anya was made a vengeance demon once more by D’Hoffryn. D’Hoffryn originally made her a demon over a thousand years ago. He was impressed when she turned her cheating boyfriend Olaf into a troll.

    Anyanka: a vengeance demon who was 1120 years old. The patron Saint of scorned women. Anyanka’s power centre was a necklace that she used to grant vengeful wishes to women. She was called to Cordelia after Cordy ditched Xander for smooching with Willow. In an alternate reality brought about by Cordelia’s wish (that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale,) Giles destroyed the necklace, and Anyanka reverted to human form. See also Anya and D’Hoffryn.

    Apocalypse: noun 1. revelation 2. the apocalypse, last book of the new testiment; book of Revelation 3. End of the world as we know it.


  • Demons try to bring forth the apocalypse in order to gain power of the world.
  • There have been five attempts to bring forth the apocalyse.
  • Buffy has stopped all five and died twice doing it.
  • In Latin it is pronounced apocalypsis
  • In Greek it is pronounced apokalypsis
  • April: robot girl created by Warren Meers to be his perfect girlfriend. Warren had programmed her to love him, like everything that he liked, and be supportive of him at all times. If Warren called her and she didn’t answer, it caused her pain/feedback. He abandoned her when he fell in love with Katrina. Ever faithful, April tracked him to Sunnydale before her batteries ran down and she ‘died’.

    April Fools: clothing store that Cordelia worked in after her father lost all of his money. Owned by Mrs Finkle.

    Aradia: Goddess of the lost. Called upon when working a guiding spell.

    Arashmaha: ‘The place where demons are spawned.’ Home of D’Hoffryn.

    Arlene, Aunt: Buffy’s aunt in Illinois.

    Ascension: noun: 1. act of ascending; ascent 2. the bodily passing of Christ from earth to heaven 3. ascension day: a church festival in honor of this on the fortieth day after Easter.

  • The Mayor ascended at the Sunnydale High School Graduation
  • the process of becoming a pure demon. See also Lohesh.
  • This ascension was the first anyone who wasn't demon survived
  • Ascended demons still posess human traits and emotions
  • Stopped by the slayer,the scoobies & the graduating class of 99'
  • Ascension, Books of: Five volumes dealing with the transformation of the Mayor into a pure demon. Offered to Buffy and Faith by Skyler for $5,000. Faith murdered him and took the books to the Mayor.

    Astral Projection: while sleeping a person can send their soul out into the dreamscape and it can perform normal functions of everyday living.

  • Sending your soul out of your body makes the theory that we have multiple bodies possible
  • You must remember your mortal body in order to go back to it
  • Always leave it in a safe place while your away
  • Its possible to send your soul out without knowing it
  • Your soul will reveal the illusion of a ghost
  • Asylum: when Buffy first became the Slayer she told her parents about it. They sent her to a mental institution for two weeks until she stopped talking about vampires. See also Glarghk Guhl Kashmanic.

    Augmentation spell: turns the sorcerer into a paragon/the best of everything. He becomes everyone’s ideal. In order to balance the new force of good, the spell also creates a monster/everyone’s worst nightmare. If the monster is destroyed then the world returns to normal. Jonathon Levinson cast this spell, and suddenly lived in a mansion with blonde twins. He was able to play/sing jazz, and had brought out several CDs. He was an advisor to The Initiative, better at slaying than The Slayer, starred in The Matrix, graduated from medical school, had his own swimsuit calendar, and invented the internet! He had also written a best selling biography. When Jonathon found out that the monster was hurting people, he helped Buffy to destroy it, thus breaking the spell. See also Karen.

    Aunt Arlene: see Arlene, Aunt.

    Aunt Maureen: see Maureen, Aunt.

    Aurelian, The Brethren of: see Aurelias, The Order of.

    Aurelias: Twelfth century prophet. Began a sect called The Order of Aurelias. Prophesied that they would bring about the death of the Slayer through the creation of The Anointed.

    Aurelias, The Order of: The Brethren of Aurelian. A vampire cult who were followers of The Master. Members wore rings with a fidelity symbol carved on the top, and a sun and three stars engraved on the inside. An ancient and venerated sect, they were called by The Master to assist in creating The Anointed.

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    Backer, Doctor Stanley: Pediatrician at Sunnydale Hospital. Bit of a risk taker. Had a malpractice suit filed against him. Was killed by Der Kinderstod because he was curing all the sick children (flu victims) with an experimental treatment.

    Balthazar: Huge, five hundred pound demon that sat in a vat of water, constantly having it ladled over him so that he didn’t dry out. Richard Wilkins had driven Balthazar and his minions, El Eliminati, from Sunnydale one hundred years ago. A man named Gleaves had at this time taken Balthazar’s amulet from him. This amulet was purported to give the demon his strength, and was later buried with Gleaves. Balthazar had the power of telekinesis. He returned to Sunnydale when he heard that his old enemy, The Mayor, was soon to ascend. He sent El Eliminati to search for his amulet. Buffy electrocuted him by dropping an electric lamp into his vat.

    Band candy: The students had to sell forty bars of band candy each to pay for new uniforms for the marching band. This highly addictive candy was contaminated by Ethan Rayne. Anyone eating it began acting like a teenager. With all the adults in Sunnydale reduced to hormonal adolescents, the Mayor was free to collect a tribute for the demon Lurconis. Under the influence of the candy Giles/Ripper stole a coat for Joyce, and had sex with her twice on a police car after beating the policeman unconscious.

    Barton, Miss: elderly faculty member at Sunnydale High School. Started acting like a teenager while under the influence of the band candy.

    Beast, The: see Glorificus.

    Beatman, Miss: geography teacher at Sunnydale High School. Bewitched by Amy Madison into accepting non-existent homework.

    Beats, Carol: sired ‘Brandon from the sewer gang’. Told Harmony that some demons were planning to kill Buffy. See also Leoff demon.

    Behaviour modifier: tied directly into the central nervous system through the thoracic nerve. Professor Maggie Walsh implanted one in Riley without his knowledge. He came under Adam’s power when Adam activated it. Riley cut it out of himself with a shard of broken glass in order to save Buffy from Forrest.

    Behavioural modification chip: implanted in Spike’s head by The Initiative. It rendered him incapable of attacking humans without intense neurological pain. See also xenamorphic behavioural modification.

    Belinda: an alias name used by Buffy, called herself this when she went snooping at Ted’s place of work.

    Belize: Riley’s first assignment after rejoining the army was in Belize. A demon tribe had been attacking missionaries there. Major Ellis was in charge of the operation.

    Ben: male nurse who cared for Joyce when she first went for tests at the hospital. Dated Buffy briefly. Turned out to be the mortal half of The Beast. When Giles was badly wounded during a battle with the Knights of Byzantium, it was Ben that Buffy called to save his life. Although at first he tried to protect Dawn, Ben ultimately turned on her, and delivered her to be sacrificed. Giles suffocated him in order to kill Glory.

    Beth, Cousin: Tara’s cousin. Very pretty, but spiteful and selfish.

    Bezoar: Offspring of the Mother Bezoar. Hatch from eggs, and look like mini versions of the ‘face suckers’ from Alien. Attached themselves to the backs of their human hosts, and took control of their motor functions through spinal clamping. See also Whitmore, Mister.

    Big Bad, The: name that Spike called himself. Has since been used by the Scoobies to describe the major evil of the day.

    Billy Fordham: see Fordham, Billy.

    Billy Palmer: see Palmer, Billy.

    Binding field: Giles held Black Magic Willow in a binding field. It put her in a kind of stasis. Willow used telepathy and mind control to make Anya free her.

    Binding ritual: A spell performed to ‘bind’ the soul of a creature in one place. See also Kayless, The Circle of and Cortona.

    Bizarro land: When Cordy dumped Xander for smooching with Willow she was visited by the vengeance demon Anyanka. Anyanka granted Cordy’s wish that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale, and Cordelia was transported to an alternate reality that she dubbed ‘bizarro land’. Sunnydale was so overrun with vamps that there was an evening curfew. Students dressed in muted colours, and held a monthly memorial service. Willow and Xander were vamps, and the Master’s favourites. The Master had risen, and made The Bronze his lair. Angel had tried to fight the Master and lost, and was kept chained as a pet to be tortured. The only people to stand up to the vamps were Giles, Oz, Larry and Nancy. Buffy was a scarred and battle-hardened Slayer living in Cleveland. Within a day Angel was dead, Willow and Xander killed Cordelia, Buffy staked Xander, Oz staked Willow, and The Master broke Buffy’s neck. Things returned to normal when Giles invoked Anyanka and destroyed her power centre. See also The Puppy, The Plant, vamp Willow and vamp Xander.

    Black Chronicles, The: a book that Giles has in his occult library.

    Black Frost: beer brewed at the on campus bar. Turned those that drank it into Neanderthals. Xander worked at the bar, and discovered that the manager, Jack, had created Black Frost with his warlock brother-in-law. Jack brewed it to take revenge on the college know-it –alls that talked down to him. Under its influence, Buffy beat Parker Abrams unconscious. Turned Buffy into cave slayer.

    Black hat: bad guy.

    Black magic: evil magic, or magic that goes against the usual laws of nature.

    Black Magic Willow: consumed with grief after Tara’s murder, Willow went to the Magic Box and absorbed the knowledge from all of the dark arts books, leaving the pages empty. Her hair and eyes turned black when she did this. She saved Buffy’s life at the hospital by removing the bullet, and healing the wound. Black Magic Willow later magically bound Warren Meers between two trees in the woods, and made the same bullet slowly and painfully burrow its way through his body. She then flayed him alive and incinerated him. Willow tried to kill Andrew Wells and Jonathon Levinson as well, but was thwarted by Buffy, Xander and Anya. When her power began to drain, she went to see Rack, and killed him after absorbing all of his magic. Too strong even for Buffy, Willow was held in a binding field temporarily by Giles. She escaped, and drained him of the magic he had borrowed from a Devonshire coven. This good/natural magic put her back in touch with her feelings. Unable to cope, she went to Kingman’s Bluff to end the world. Here she raised the temple of Housapexa from the ground, but Xander defeated Black Magic Willow by telling her that he loved her. She found herself unable/unwilling to kill him, and allowed her grief to show.

    Blair: Watcher assigned to the Sunnydale Arms to prepare Buffy’s cruciamentum. He was killed and sired by the vampire Zachary Kralik, who he then helped to escape. The two of them murdered Blair’s partner, Hobson.

    Blake, Michelle: blonde bimbo who jointly won the Homecoming Queen competition with Holly Charleston. They beat rivals Buffy and Cordelia.

    Blayne Mall: see Mall, Blayne.

    Blood rat: insulting name for a vampire.

    Bloodstone Vengeance Spell: hits the body like a quart of alcohol, then eradicates the immune system. Kills within hours. Cast on Buffy by Catherine Madison.

    Blush Beautiful Cosmetics: fictitious company that assassin Norman Pfister claims to represent. He gains entry into his victim’s home with the promise of free sample products.

    Bob: shot trying to rob a liquor store. Was ‘raised’ by his friend Jack O’Toole after eight months. (Jack had kindly recorded all the episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger for him while he was dead.) Xander crushed Bob beneath a drink machine for trying to blow up Sunnydale High School. See also Dickie and Parker.

    Boba Fett: Star Wars figure that Spike took hostage until Warren agreed to check out a potential problem with his chip.

    Boca Del Infierno: Spanish settlers’ name for Sunnydale, meaning ‘the mouth of Hell’ or ‘Hellmouth’.

    Bogarty, Mister: owner of The Magic Box before Giles. Killed by Harmony’s minions.

    Books of Ascension: see Ascension, Books of.

    Boost bars: awful tasting nutrition bars that Xander tried to sell for a living. They came in three flavours – cherry berry, maple walnut and liquorice.

    Borba, Andrew: A religious nut and multiple killer who was turned into a vampire. Buffy mistakenly believed him to be The Anointed. She destroyed him by throwing him into an incinerator at the morgue.

    Bored now: catch phrase of vampire Willow from bizarro land.

    Box of Gavrok, The: see Gavrok, The Box of.

    Brad Connick: see Connick, Brad.

    Breath of the Atropics: spell required to destroy the Box of Gavrok. Ingredients include essence of toad, and twice blessed sage.

    Brian: vampire hired by Spike. His job was to dig a tunnel underneath the crypt containing the Gem of Amarrah.

    Brie: lesbian at the Bronze. Amy Madison did a spell to make her attracted to Willow.

    Bringers, The: Also known as harbingers, they are the high priests of The First. Able to conjour spirit manifestations and set them on people/haunt them. They did this to Angel. ‘For they are the harbingers of death. Nothing shall grow above or below them. No seed shall flower, neither in man or woman.’

    Bristow’s Demon Index: Occult reference books belonging to Giles.

    Bronze, The: Nightclub located in ‘the better part’ of Sunnydale. The coolest place in town.

    Brown, Agent: accompanied Graham and Agent Goodman to apprehend Riley Finn, and try to take him to a doctor. Riley kicked their butts!

    Brown Brothers Mortuary, The: where Joyce’s funeral was held.

    Buchanan, Ted: computer software salesman ironically nicknamed ‘The Machine’ due to his incredible sales record. Salesman of the year. Dated Joyce, but was really a homicidal robot. Great cook, but put the drug Dematorin (a tranquilizer) into food to make people more accepting and pliant. The original Ted was left by his wife, and constructed the robot to woo her back. After Ted #1 died, the robot continued to ‘bring back’ wives. In all, he married and murdered four women. During a fight with Buffy Ted got pushed down the stairs. He shut down for a while, making everyone believe that Buffy had killed him. His ‘death’ was investigated by Detective Stein. See also Belinda.

    Buffy Anne Summers: see Summers, Buffy Anne.

    Buffybot: created by Warren Meers to be Spike’s sexbot. Was decapitated during the final battle with Glory. Willow fixed her so that she could pretend to be Buffy after the Slayer died. Was torn to pieces by Hellions the night of Buffy’s resurrection.

    Bug Man, The: Member of The Order of Teraka, and one of three hired by Spike to kill The Slayer. Calls himself Norman Pfister, and pretends to be a salesman for Blush Beautiful Cosmetics. The Bug Man is actually made up of thousands of ‘maggot-like’ creatures, and can assemble and disassemble his human form at will. Can only be killed in his maggot state. Stomped to death by Cordelia and Xander after they trapped him in liquid adhesive.

    Bunnies: Anya has bunny phobia.

    Burlap and bloodlarvae: traditional clothing for bridesmaids at demon weddings.

    Burman, Kevin: in Dawn’s class at school.

    Burns, Stewart: In Chicago in 1914 Anyanka made him a demon and sent him to a hell dimension. He wanted revenge, and found his way back here just in time to ruin her wedding. Stewart disguised himself as an old man, pretending to be Xander from the future. He showed Xander false visions of a hellish married life to Anya. Xander later crushed him with a pillar for trying to kill her. See also Josh and Sara.

    Butcher, Thomas: member of Ripper’s gang who was later murdered by Eyghon.

    Byzantium, The Knights of: an ancient order of knights who are the sworn enemies of The Beast. Had been searching for the Key for centuries. Tried to kill Dawn so that Glorificus could not use the Key. Glory wiped out their army in a single battle. See also The General, Dante Chevalier and Orlando.

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    Cadillax Research and Development: known as CRD. Computer research lab that used to be the third largest employer in Sunnydale. Xander’s uncle worked there as a janitor. After it shut down, Moloch used it as a base from which to build himself a new body.

    Caine: werewolf hunter who tried to capture Oz, but was run out of Sunnydale by Buffy. Killed eleven werewolves so far. Caine wears a necklace strung with a tooth from every werewolf he has killed. He sells their pelts on the black market in Sri Lanka.

    Calendar, Miss Jenny: Became the Computer Science teacher at Sunnydale High in 1996, and ran the computer club. An attractive technopagan, Jenny soon became an ‘honorary Scooby’. Real name Janna Kalderash, she was actually a descendant of the Kalderash tribe of Romany gypsies who cursed Angelus. She had been sent to keep watch on him, and was murdered by Angelus shortly after falling in love with Giles. See also Enias, Uncle.

    Callie Megan Anderson:
    see Anderson, Callie Megan.

    Cameron Walker:
    see Walker, Cameron.

    Carl Marin: see Swim Team Coach.

    Carl Sevinsky:
    see Sevinsky, Carl.

    Carlisle, Ferris: Brit who went to college with Giles. Has an Advanced Degree in Entomology and Mythology. Now in an insane asylum having gone mad after seeing a She Mantis.

    Carol Beats: see Beats, Carol.

    Carol, Cousin:
    Xander’s obese cousin. Carol was a single mother and had an asthmatic daughter. Mistook Xander’s cufflinks for her earrings on the day of his wedding.

    Carpe Diem: Buffy’s motto. Means ‘seize the day’.

    Cave demon: looked like a big turd with claws and glowing green eyes. Cave dwelling demon, somewhere in Africa. Put Spike through a series of tests before it restored his soul.

    Cecily: the object of Spike’s affection when he was a mortal poet. She broke his heart by telling him he was beneath her. Later became a vengeance demon called Halfrek.

    Celia: Buffy’s cousin. Died in hospital when she and Buffy were eight years old. Buffy was alone with her at the time, and developed a fear of hospitals because of the experience. It wasn’t until Buffy was seventeen, and hospitalized with flu, that she realized Der Kinderstod had killed Celia.

    Cerebral dampener: invented by the Trio so that they could control any woman they desired. Warren used it to make Katrina his sex slave, but killed her when it wore off and she tried to leave. See also Rescindi demon.

    Chanterelle: Insecure and easily led homeless girl who became a member of Billy Fordham’s cult. Chanterelle changed her name to Buffy’s middle name ‘Anne’ after being saved from a hell dimension by The Slayer. She grew in confidence, and went on to run a homeless shelter in LA.

    Chaos demon: described by Spike as ‘all slime and antlers’. Spike caught Druscilla making out with one on a park bench in Brazil. He gave her an ultimatum, and she left him.

    Charleston, Holly: Oriental girl. Nice, but not too bright. Was joint winner of the Homecoming Queen competition, along with Michelle Blake. They beat Buffy and Cordelia.

    Chase, Cordelia: queen bitch of Sunnydale High. Very shallow and self centered rich girl, but could be relied on in an emergency. Semi member of the Scooby Gang. Cordy fell in love with Xander despite their social differences, but ditched him when she caught him kissing Willow. Moved To Los Angeles, after graduation,her goal to become an actress. There she ran into Angel. Helped Angel in his quest to help the helpless.As of 2003 she has died.

    Chaz: friend of Oz. Helped to arrange a Halloween party on campus. Chaz painted The Mark of Gachnar on the floor as a decoration, but it was activated when drops of Oz’s blood dripped onto the symbol. All of the Halloween party’s tricks then became real, and Chaz spent most of the evening cowering in a cupboard!

    Cheese guy: a bald, bespectacled man who appeared in the Scoobies’ nightmares when The First Slayer tried to kill them. Part of Buffy's Pschyce. She loves cheese.

    Chevalier, Dante: One of the Knights of Byzantium. Helped to spring Orlando from Sunnydale Hospital’s mental ward. Dante took over leadership of the knights when The General was captured. He later stabbed Orlando to death so that Glory could not have him. Killed by Glory.

    Chinese Slayer: killed by Spike in China in 1900, during the Boxer Rebellion. He defeated her in a sword fight, and then killed by her by drinking her blood.

    Chip: see Behavioural Modification Chip.

    Chipectomy/chiperectomy: Terms used by Spike to describe having his chip removed.

    Chosen One, The: see Slayer, The.

    Chumash: tribe of Native Americans indigenous to the Sunnydale area. Wiped out by the colonists. See also Hus.

    Cibo Matto: band that sometimes play at The Bronze.They come from are very popular in Asia & in Sunnydale..

    Circle of Kayless: see Kayless, The Circle of.

    Claddagh ring: Given to Buffy by Angel on her 17th birthday. A traditional Irish token of love and friendship. The hands represent friendship, the crown loyalty, and the heart love. You wear the heart pointing toward you if you ‘belong’ to someone. Scott also tried to give Buffy a Claddagh ring, but it made her freak out because she associated it with Angel.

    Clarner, Pete: was so insanely jealous and insecure about his girlfriend, Debbie, that he created a potion to make himself more macho. An unfortunate side effect was that it also turned him into a ‘Freddy Krueger’ style monster. After a while, Pete didn’t need the potion any more. His paranoia about Debbie led him to kill Jeff Walken, Mister Platt, and Debbie herself. A feral Angel broke Pete’s neck when Pete tried to hurt Buffy.

    Class Protector Award: the students at Sunnydale High School created this award especially for Buffy, to acknowledge the many times she had saved their lives. It was presented to her at the ’99 Prom by Jonathon Levinson. The award was a gold parasol with tinsel on it.

    Clem/Clement: floppy skinned, red eyed demon with a nature as soft as his body. Wouldn’t harm a fly. Clem met Spike at a kitten poker game, and the two became friends. Looked after Dawn while Buffy went looking for Black Magic Willow. Clem’s favourite hobbies include eating snacks and watching movies.

    Cliff notes version: short version.

    Clowns: Xander has been afraid of clowns since one chased him on his sixth birthday.

    Clutier, Sorcerer: Sixteenth century French sorcerer, who excelled at trances, especially ‘Pull the curtain back’.

    Clusmeyer, Theresa: seventeen year old girl who was killed by Angelus simply because she knew Buffy. As a vampire, Theresa gave Buffy the message ‘Angel sends his love.’

    Coach Marin: see Swim Team Coach.

    Colin: see Anointed, The.

    Colonel George Havilland:
    see Havilland, Colonel George.

    Coltenbach, Old Man: rumoured to be a dangerous crazy, but was just a simple old man. Mr Coltenbach used to design toys for a living. He invited Dawn, Janice Penshaw, Justin and Zach in on Halloween. Justin was a vampire, and killed him.

    Com cam: two-way communication device belonging to The Initiative. Worn on the head. Enables images as well as sound, location, and the wearer’s heart rate to be transmitted back to base.

    Connick, Brad:
    stood Harmony up in tenth grade. He later became a vampire, and one of her minions. When the gang killed Mister Bogarty at The Magic Box, Brad stole a statue of a unicorn for Harmony. He was later beheaded by Buffy.

    Cordelia Chase: see Chase, Cordelia.

    Cordettes, The:
    nickname for the group of girls that hung around school with Cordelia.

    Cordy: see Chase, Cordelia.

    Corruptor, The:
    The demon Moloch.

    Cortona: Italian town where the demon Moloch was finally ‘bound’ in a book in 1418 by monks using The Circle of Kayless. In the Dark Ages the souls of demons were sometimes trapped in books. There they remained harmless until the book was read aloud.

    Council: noun 1. A group of people called togther to give advice. 2. A small group people elected to make laws for the slayers and watchers.


  • They are made up of watchers
  • They call forth the slayer when the current one passes on
  • Set rules and standards for the slayers behavior and the watcher/slayer realtionship
  • Count Dracula: see Dracula, Count.

    Count Famous: Count Dracula.

    Counter Spell:
    a spell cast to reverse the effects of another.

    Cousin Beth: see Beth, Cousin.

    Cousin Carol:
    see Carol, Cousin.

    Cousin Geordie: see Geordie, Cousin.

    Cow me: give me a burger.Releated to Dog me: As in give me a Hot dog. Slang from New York.

    Crawford Street: Angelus, Spike and Druscilla moved to a mansion on Crawford Street after their lair at The Factory burned down.

    CRD: see Cadillax Research and Development.

    Cross: noun 1. Stick or post with another across it in the shape of a T or an X

    2. thing, design, or mark shped like a cross. 3. Also known as a crusifix.Also see crusifix.


  • A cross represents a persons belief in faith and god.
  • A cross can protect a person against a vampire
  • A cross can be made from any material when you need protection from evil.

  • Crossbow: noun, a mideval weapon with a bow and a grooved stock in the middle to direct the arrows, stones, etc..

  • A crossbow is a tool used to kill vampires
  • Buffy used one of these to kill Darla
  • Cruciamentum: test performed for a dozen centuries. When/if a Slayer reaches eighteen, her powers are taken from her by her Watcher using secretly administered drugs. She is then imprisoned with a vampire in a boarded up house, with only her wits to help her. Giles was fired by the Watchers’Council for telling Buffy about the test. See also Sunnydale Arms, grounding crystal, Zachary Kralik, Hobson and Blair.

    Crucifix: usually worn on a chain around the neck. A Christian symbol. Can be used to repel vampires, and will burn their skin if touched.

    Cuddle Monkey: lover.

    Curse: Angelus was cursed by Kalderash gypsies, who restored his soul after he killed one of them. This gave him a conscience, so that he must live with the guilt of all he had done as a vampire. The curse would be broken if Angel had one second of perfect happiness. See also Ritual of Restoration.

    Cursed seal: a painted, ‘plate like’ disc, held in the hands of the dead Inca Princess. Its pictures warned that anyone who broke the seal would awaken the mummy.

    Czajak, Michael: Sunnydale High School student, and warlock. Temporarily formed a small coven with Willow and Amy. Picked on at school because he wore make up and black nail polish.

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    Dagon, Monks of: brethren of monks dedicated to protecting the Key. It was they who gave it form and sent Dawn to Buffy, hoping that the Slayer would be able to keep the Key from Glorificus. Founded by Tarnis in the twelfth century. See also Dagon Sphere.

    Dagon Sphere:
    Glowing orb slightly larger than a tennis ball. Protective device used to ward off ancient primordial evil. Used by the Monks of Dagon to repel The Beast.

    Dalton: bespectacled, intellectual vamp. Transcriber. Stole The Du Lac Cross and used it to translate one of The Du Lac Manuscripts to find a healing ritual for Druscilla. The first to be burned and destroyed by The Judge.

    Daniel: In Dublin, Christmas 1838, Daniel lost at cards to Angelus and was unable to repay the debt. He was due to be married that week, but Angelus killed him. Daniel was one of the spectres brought forth by The First to haunt Angel after his return from hell.

    Daniel Osborne: see Oz.

    Dante Chevalier: see Chevalier, Dante.

    Darkest Magick: title of the book from which Willow got the power to attack Glory. ‘I owe you pain.’

    Darla: Four hundred-year-old female vampire sired by The Master. A member of the Order of Aurelius. As a human she was a prostitute, and dying of an incurable disease. Darla went on to sire Angel in Galway in 1753, and the two were lovers for a hundred years. Angel staked her when she tried to shoot Buffy.

    Daryl Epps: see Epps, Daryl.

    Dave: Student at Sunnydale High, and member of the computer club. He came under Moloch’s spell, but was hanged by Fritz for refusing to help kill Buffy.

    David Metz: see Metz, David.

    Dawn: younger sister of the Slayer. Dawn was originally the Key, given human form by the Dagon Monks in order to hide her from Glory. She believed that she was human, and didn’t know about her true origins. Dawn had a crush on Xander. When Doc used Dawn to open the inter-dimensional gateways, she was prepared to give up her life in order to save the world. Dawn has had to cope with finding out the truth about where she came from, losing her mother to cancer, having her sister die and not be able to grieve as it was kept secret, as well as all of the beasties the hellmouth attracts. She dealt with all of this by stealing things. Sweet mistook her for the one who had summoned him because she was wearing his stolen amulet. See also Janice Penshaw, Halfrek and Justin.

    Debbie: girlfriend of Pete Clarner, and friend of Scott Hope. Debbie stood by Pete even when he became violent. He later killed her in a jealous rage.

    Dedication, The:
    ritual performed one hundred days before The Mayor’s Ascension. Made him indestructible until the Ascension.

    Delta Zeta Kappa:
    fraternity house situated near the south wall of Sunnydale cemetery. See also Richard Anderson, Tom Warner, Callie Megan Anderson and Machida.

    Demon (dë'mðn): noun An evil spirit; devil; feind 2. a attendant power or spirit


  • They normally have a mission to complete
  • Most are immortal
  • Most control minds
  • Some try constantly to open hellmouth
  • Can not be classified as good or evil
  • Killing them depends on what kind they are
  • Demon magnet: a person who attracts demons. Much like Xander. See Xander.

    Deputy Mayor: see Finch, Alan.

    Der Kinderstod: name literally means ‘child death’. Feeds off of children by sucking the life out of them. Afterwards it looks like the child simply died of an illness. Gorges by sitting atop his prey, pinning them down, then consumes their life force with suckers that extend from its eye sockets. Hunts in hospitals. Der Kinderstod can only be seen children and those with a fever. Buffy killed the demon by snapping its ugly neck. See also flu, Celia, Ryan, Tina, Doctor Stanley Backer, and Doctor Wilkinson.

    Desmond Caine:
    pastor of Sharpesville in 1723. See also The Marinschtadt Text, and Desmond Caine, The Journal of.

    Desmond Caine, The Journal of:
    An entry for May 26th 1723 read ‘Tomorrow is The Ascension. God help us all.’ The town was never heard of again. See also Sharpesville, and The Marinschtadt Text.

    Detective Stein: see Stein, Detective.

    Devon: lead singer with the band ‘Dingoes Ate My Baby’. Oz’s best friend. Dated Cordelia for a while.

    Devonshire coven: A powerful coven in Devon, England. Sensed a dark force fuelled by grief rising in Sunnydale. They imbued Giles with their power and sent him to try to stop Black Magic Willow. When he left, they were working on a way to extract her magic without killing her. The magic that they gave to Giles was pure – the true essence of magic. The plan was that she would drain the magic from him, and it would tap into the spark of humanity that she had left. The plan worked, and enabled Xander to reach the real Willow and save the world. See also Kingman’s Bluff and Housapexa.

    D’Hoffryn: Part of a council of demons who have the power to make vengeance demons. They monitor events on Earth from Arashmaha in their own dimension, and offer to ‘elevate’ humans who have a talent for chaos or malice. One of the lower beings, he was responsible for making Anyanka and Halfrek vengeance demons, and offered to do so for Willow, who declined.

    Diamond: The Trio stole a diamond from Sunnydale Museum. See also The Illuminata and Rusty.

    Dickie: raised from the dead by Jack O’Toole. Killed by Hellmouth demons hours later. See also Bob and Parker.

    Diedre Page: see Page, Diedre.

    Diego: name that Marvin chose for when he became a vampire.

    Dingoes Ate My Baby: band that has played at The Bronze. Devon is the lead singer, and Oz plays lead guitar.

    Doc: looked like a frail old man, but was really a demon. Had a tail, a six-foot tongue, blue blood, and eyes that turned black. (He did still look human. Honest!) Spike took Dawn to see him after Joyce died, and he advised her how to perform a resurrection spell. Doc turned out to be a follower of Glorificus, and it was he who ‘bled’ Dawn in order to activate the Key. Buffy pushed him to his death from a high tower.

    Doctor, The: name that Spike went under when trying to sell a nest of Tsuvolti eggs on the black market. He didn’t realize that the eggs needed to be kept frozen. Consequently they hatched and attacked Riley and Buffy. Riley had been given authorization to kill The Doctor, but didn’t for Buffy’s sake.

    Doctor Angleman:
    see Angleman, Doctor.

    Doctor Stanley Backer: see Backer, Doctor Stanley.

    Doctor Wilkinson:
    see Wilkinson, Doctor.

    Dodd McAlvy: see McAlvy, Dodd.

    Dolls: see Edith, Miss.

    Doll’s eye crystal:
    Very rare. Used for magical purposes. Tara inherited one from her grandma. She tried to give it to Willow, but Willow felt unable to accept such a special gift and made her keep it.

    Donny McClay:
    see McClay, Donny.

    Doris Kroeger, Mrs: see Kroeger, Mrs Doris.

    Double Meat Medley:
    best seller at the Double Meat Palace. A double burger. Beef on top, and chicken on the bottom. Was actually made from processed vegetables blended with beef fat.

    Double Meat Palace:
    Fast food restaurant that Buffy worked at after Joyce died. Employees kept disappearing. They were being eaten by the wig lady. See also Manny, Lorraine Ross, Gina, Emily, Gary, Sophie and Timothy.

    Doug Ferret: see Ferret, Doug.

    Draconian Katra Spell: used to create a katra that enables two people to switch bodies.

    Dracula, Count:
    you actually had to look this one up? Pathetic much? Here goes… ancient vampire able to turn himself into a bat, wolf or mist. Able to hypnotize people with his eyes, can read/control minds, and appear in dreams. Likes to live in style, and must always sleep in his native soil. Takes The Three Sisters with him when he travels. Dracula makes a human be his eyes and ears during the day using mind control. He did this to Xander. Although Buffy let him bite her once, he was unable to keep her in his thrall, and she staked him. Of course he came back. He always does. See also Vlad the Impaler.

    Drameus, The Writings of:
    required reading for Slayers according to The Slayer Handbook. Studied by Giles and Kendra. There are several volumes, and volume six mentions The Order of Teraka.

    Dreg: One of the Jawa. Minion of Glorificus.

    Drop the cryptic: say what you mean.

    Drusilla: Sire of Spike. As a human Drusilla was driven insane by Angelus in London, in 1860. He killed everyone she loved, and then made her a vampire on the day she became a nun. Blessed with second sight, Drusilla has visions and the power of hypnosis. A very dangerous vampire, she has had relationships with Angelus and Spike. Drusilla has a collection of dolls. Her favourite being Miss Edith. Responsible for killing the Slayer, Kendra. Having been almost killed by a mob in Prague, Drusilla was brought back to back full health after Spike found a healing ritual in The Du Lac Manuscripts.

    Dublin: see Daniel.

    Du Lac Cross, The: invented by Josephus du Lac. Used to decipher hidden meanings and encrypted texts. Buried with Josephus, and stolen by Dalton for Spike. It was used to translate The Du Lac Manuscripts and find a healing ritual for Druscilla. The bottom part of the cross could be removed, revealing a blade within.

    Du Lac, Josephus:
    Theologian and mathematician. Belonged to a religious sect that was excommunicated by the Vatican at the end of the nineteenth century. Inventor of The Du Lac Cross, and author of The Du Lac Manuscripts.

    Du Lac Manuscripts, The:
    Rituals and spells written in archaic Latin so that only Josephus du Lac’s followers would understand them. The manuscripts could be translated by using The Du Lac Cross. A vampire stole one of the manuscripts for Spike containing details of a ritual to restore a weak or sickly vampire to health. See also healing ritual.

    phrase used by The Scoobies to describe the act of killing a vampire. ‘We dusted him.’ We killed him. A vampire turns to dust when it is killed.

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    Eddie: freshman at UC Sunnydale. Kept a copy of ‘Of Human Bondage’ by W. Somerset Maugham beside his bed as a comfort blanket. Eddie got lost on campus one night, and was turned into a vampire by Sunday’s gang. Buffy staked him.

    Edith, Miss: Drusilla’s favourite doll. Miss Edith takes the brunt of the vampire’s rage when things go wrong. Her punishments have included being blindfolded, having to sit facing the wall, and going without ‘tea’.

    Edna Mae Wilkins: see Wilkins, Edna Mae.

    Eggs: Mister Whitmore gave the class eggs to ‘look after’ during a ‘teen health’ lesson. The eggs actually contained infant bezoars. Xander’s didn’t hatch because he had already boiled the egg.

    El Eliminati:
    sect of Italian vampire swordsmen. Fifteenth century duelist cult. Deadly. Eventually became the acolytes of the demon Balthazar who brought them to the New World. Were driven out of Sunnydale one hundred years ago by Richard Wilkins (who later became the Mayor). See also Vincent.

    Ellis, Major: in charge of the special ops unit that tried to track the Queller demon. Re-recruited Riley Finn on the recommendation of Graham. See also Belize.

    Sunnydale High student, and ballerina. Died after having her heart ripped out by one of The Seven. Also the name of Buffy’s predecessor at the Double Meat Palace. Presumably eaten by the wig lady.

    Energy barrier: An invisible force field. Willow created one around their hideout to keep the Knights of Byzantium at bay.

    Enjoining spell: used by the Scoobies to enable Buffy to defeat Adam. Created ‘combo Buffy’ by combining the essences of Giles (Surfus. The Mind.), Willow (Spiritus. The Spirit.), Xander (Animus. The Heart.), and Buffy (Manus. The Hand.) Buffy was made indestructible, and was able to remove Adam’s uranium power core. The spell was a volatile one, and could have gone drastically wrong had they been interrupted. There were consequences. See The First Slayer.

    Epps, Chris: Sunnydale High School student. Wins the Science Fair every year. Brought his brother, Daryl, back from the dead, and attempted to create a ‘Frankenstein’s Bride’ for him out of dead girls’ body parts. Was assisted by his twisted friend, Eric Gittleson. See also Todd, Meredith.

    Epps, Daryl: Sunnydale High School football star who once dated Cordelia. Died in a rock climbing accident, but his brother, Chris Epps, brought him back from the dead. Daryl was so disfigured that refused to go out. Chris and Eric Gittleson tried to make him a girlfriend from dead girls’ bodies.

    Eric Gittleson: Sunnydale High School student who became a gravedigger with Chris Epps. Together they tried to create a woman from dead girls’ body parts. See also Epps, Daryl.

    Espresso Pump: coffee bar in Sunnydale where Giles used to go and sing.

    Ethan Rayne: see Rayne, Ethan.

    Ethan’s Costume Shop:
    costume shop run by Ethan Rayne. He cursed the outfits so that everyone turned into what they were dressed up as. Didn’t stay open for long!

    Evil bitch monster of death:
    nickname that the TA’s had for Maggie Walsh.

    Evita-like: acts like a prima donna.

    Exorcism: ritual performed to banish a ghost / poltergeist. See also Mengas Tripod.

    Eyghon: ‘The Sleepwalker’. Demon that can only exist by possessing an unconscious host. Temporarily imbues the host with an euphoric sense of power. Unless the proper rituals are observed the possession is permanent, and the demon will be ‘born’ from within the host. Can also possess the dead, but it’s demonic energy speeds up the decaying process, and Eyghon must jump to the nearest dead or unconscious body to continue living. Ancient sects (and Ripper’s gang) used to induce possessions for bachnals and orgies. Once possessed Jenny Calendar, and was defeated after trying to possess Angel. See also The Mark of Eyghon, Philip Henry, Diedre Page, Ethan Rayne, Randall and Thomas Butcher.

    Eyghon, The Mark of: symbol tattooed on those who have conjured up Eyghon. Acts as a ‘homing beacon’ for the demon. Usually found on the inside of the upper arm, just above the elbow. All the members of the gang that Ripper belonged to had one, and this was how Eyghon tracked them down and killed them. Ethan Rayne tattooed this mark on Buffy’s neck in an attempt to divert the demon.

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    Fabulous Ladies Nightclub, The: Xander did washing up there for a while after leaving school. One night he had to fill in for a male stripper who had called in sick.

    Factory, The: Spike and Druscilla’s lair. An old abandoned factory in Sunnydale. It burned down when Giles attacked Angelus for murdering Jenny. Angelus then found them a home at the mansion on Crawford Street.

    Fairly freaksome: pretty weird.

    Faith: An orphan who dropped out of high school, Faith is the Slayer who was called when Kendra died. She came to Sunnydale on the run from Kakistos, an ancient vampire who killed her Watcher. Faith eventually staked him, and his minion Mr Trick. After accidentally staking a human, Alan Finch, Faith started to go bad. She was pushed over the edge by the intervention of Wesley Wyndam Pryce and The Watchers’ Council. Faith turned against the Scoobies, and went to work for the Mayor. On his instructions she shot Angel with a poisoned arrow, unaware that the blood of a Slayer was the only cure. Faith and Buffy fought over this, and Buffy stabbed her in the gut with her own knife. (A gift from the Mayor.) Faith was in a coma for almost a year. When she woke up, she escaped from the hospital and used a magical katra to temporarily switch bodies with Buffy. See also Skyler, Draconian Katra Spell, Gwendolyn Post and Killer of the Dead.

    Family Home: Ken’s HQ. Masqueraded as a shelter for homeless kids. It contained a portal to a hell dimension where decades passed in one Earth day. The kids were worked until they were too old, and then returned to our reality.

    Father Gabriel: see Gabriel, Father.

    Fear demon: see Gachnar.

    February 25th: the date that Faith awoke from her coma.

    Feeding: when the vampire drinks its called a feeding


  • They only drink blood
  • If they don't feed they will diminish
  • Ferret, Doug: curator of Sunnydale Museum. Was killed by Druscilla while researching the tomb containing Acathla.

    Ferula gemina: a sticklike weapon, capable of splitting a person in half – distilling personality traits into two separate bodies. Both are real, but one inherits all the weaknesses, the other all the strengths. Neither can survive without the other. Toth created one to kill Buffy but split Xander instead.

    Fess up: confess. Admit it.

    Finch, Alan: Sunnydale’s Deputy Mayor. Alan was afraid of the Mayor, and wanted to stop him. He tried to turn to the Slayers for help, but Faith mistook him for a vampire and staked him.

    Finkle, Mrs: owner of April Fools clothing store.

    Finn, Riley: Teaching assistant to Professor Maggie Walsh at UC Sunnydale. Riley was from Iowa, and had been ‘plucked out of special ops’ to join the secret government dept known as The Initiative. He resided in Lowell House, directly above the Initiative’s hidden base. Riley believed that he working on the side of the good guys. He had no idea about project 314. The Initiative gave him experimental drugs in his food – without his knowledge. These had the effect of making him faster and stronger. Buffy’s boyfriend for a while, Riley was expelled from The Initiative after helping Oz to escape their detention cells. Unable to cope with the fact that Buffy didn’t really ‘need’ him, Riley began to patronize a place where humans paid vampires to bite them. He and Buffy argued when she found out, and he gave her an ultimatum – get over it or I’m leaving on a government mission tonight. Buffy took too long to make up her mind, and Riley flew off to the jungle unaware that she wanted him back. The next time he visited Sunnydale Riley had married Sam, a female member of his new troop. See also Lilac One, behavioural modifier, tachicardia, Belize, Major Ellis, Tsuvolti, Forrest and Graham.

    Finn, Sam: Riley’s wife. She met him when they served in the same special ops unit in Belize. A fearless, athletic and capable person, Sam was also really nice. She and Riley had been married four months when tracked a Tsuvolti demon to Sunnydale. They were also trying to uncover the identity of The Doctor.

    First, The: ‘Beyond sin. Beyond death. I am the thing that darkness fears.’ The first is a powerful evil, capable of taking many forms. Also called the First Evil. It taunted Angel after his return from hell, plaguing him with nightmares and the spirits of his victims. The First tried to make him believe that he had been called back to kill Buffy. Its lair was underground beneath a Christmas tree store, and all of the trees directly above it died. See also Daniel, Margaret, and The Bringers.

    First Evil, The: see First, The.

    First Slayer, The: Aboriginal woman. Primal. Dreadlocked hair. Had no speech and no watcher. Was all alone. Her spirit tried to kill Xander, Willow, Giles and Buffy in their sleep after they defeated Adam, because the enjoining spell that they performed was an affront to her. The guide on Buffy’s Vision Quest appeared to her in the form of The First Slayer. See also Cheese Guy.

    Five by five: one of Faith’s expressions meaning that everything is fine.

    Flight 3982: The flight that Giles took to London from Sunnydale airport after Buffy died fighting Glory.

    Flu: Buffy fainted from the flu after a fight with Angelus. She was hospitalized, and there encountered Der Kinderstod. See also Wilkinson, Doctor, and Backer, Doctor Stanley.

    Flutie, Principal Bob: Likeable, but excruciatingly ‘p/c’ principal of Sunnydale High. Students possessed by the spirits of hyenas ate him alive in 1996.

    Ford: nickname of Billy Fordham.

    Fordham, Billy: Went to school at Hemmery High with Buffy in LA, and was her fifth grade crush. Secretly founded a cult of vampire worshippers. Offered them, and Buffy, to Spike in exchange for becoming a vampire. Wanted to become one because he was dying of a brain tumor.

    Forrest: Friend of Riley Finn, and his second in command in The Initiative. Forrest had a great sense of humour, but resented Buffy being accepted into The Initiative. He resided at Lowell House at UC Sunnydale, and was killed by Adam. Adam then replaced parts of Forrest’s body with those of demons, and brought him back to life as one of his own. Riley was forced to kill demon Forrest in order to save Buffy’s life and help to destroy project 314. See also Graham.

    Foster, Coach: Gym teacher at Sunnydale High. He would do anything for his swim team.

    Frank, Miss: Sunnydale High School teacher temporarily possessed by the spirit of Miss Grace Newman. Shot and killed by George.

    Frankie: he and his friends used to bully Warren Meers in fifth grade. Warren used the Orbs of Nevlacon to beat him up in a bar.

    Freddie Iverson: ran the editorial for the school newspaper. Very negative with his comments.

    Freeze ray: invented by the Trio, and first used on Rusty the security guard at Sunnydale museum while they were stealing The Illuminata.

    French, Natalie: Substitute science teacher who turned out to be a giant preying mantis. She kidnapped and tried to kill Xander, and Blayne Mall. See also She Mantis.

    Fritz: member of the computer club who came under Moloch’s spell. On the orders of Moloch Fritz hanged Dave, kidnapped Willow, and tried to electrocute Buffy! The bad ass geek had his neck broken by Moloch despite his loyalty.

    Fyarl demon: all ‘crush, kill, destroy’. Fyarl demons are incredibly strong, and have huge curling horns on their heads like a ram. They have the ability to shoot jets of paralyzing mucus from their nostrils. Giles was temporarily turned one by Ethan Rayne. He was unable to speak English during this time, and had to pay Spike (who speaks Fyarl) to help him.

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    Gabriel, Father: local clergyman whose family dated back to the early 1800s. Father Gabriel knew a lot about the history of Sunnydale. He was hanged by Hus.

    Gachnar: fear demon. Thrived on terror. Was only two inches tall, so Buffy squished him with her foot. See also Gachnar, The Mark of.

    Gachnar, The Mark of: symbol of the fear demon, Gachnar. When Chaz painted it on the floor of a Halloween party, all of the Halloween props became real. Buffy broke the mark by punching a hole in the floor, but this only resulted in the fear demon being brought forth.

    Gage Petronzi: see Petronzi, Gage.

    Galway: Angel’s hometown in Ireland when he was human. Darla sired him there in 1753.

    Game face: vampire face.

    Gary: employee at the Double Meat Palace. Showed Buffy how to use the till. Eaten by the wig lady.

    Gathering: Oz defined a gathering as ‘Brie, and mellow song stylings’. See also shindig and hootenanny.

    Gavrok, The Box of: flown over on a plane from Central America. Essential to the Mayor’s ascension. The Box of Gavrok contained 50 billion Gavrok spiders. Buffy stole the box from City Hall, but was later forced to return it when the Mayor kidnapped Willow. See also Breath of the Atropics.

    Gavrok Spiders: Spiders about a foot long. The Mayor had to digest several of these as an essential part of his ascension. He had them flown in from Central America in the Box of Gavrok. One of the spiders escaped and killed a policeman, but Faith skewered it with her knife.

    Gem of Amarrah, The: see Amarrah, The Gem of.

    General, The: first name Gregor. Leader of the Knights of Byzantium. Killed by Glory.

    Genevieve Holt, Ms: see Holt, Ms Genevieve.

    Gentlemen, The: ‘Can’t even shout. Can’t even cry. The Gentlemen are coming by. Looking in windows, knocking on doors… they need to take seven and they might take yours. Can’t call to Mom. Can’t say a word. You’re gonna die screaming but you won’t be heard.’ The Gentlemen were creepy, skeletal freaks straight out of a fairytale nightmare. They floated instead of walking, and had minions that looked like deformed mental patients. The sound of a human voice could kill them, so they magically stole the voices from population of Sunnydale, storing them in a carved wooden box. The Gentlemen had come to harvest seven hearts that they cut from their living victims. They were defeated when Riley smashed the wooden box - releasing the voices - and Buffy killed them all with a single scream.

    Geordie, Cousin: Infant cousin of Oz, and also a werewolf. Contaminated Oz after biting his finger. Geordie’s parents were Aunt Maureen and Uncle Ken.

    George: mild mannered janitor (no, not that one) at Sunnydale High School. Temporarily possessed by the spirit of James Stanley, during which time he shot and killed Miss Frank.

    Gerhard, Professor: head of the anthropology department at Sunnydale’s Cultural History Centre. Had her throat cut, and an ear removed by Hus.

    Germans, The: Competitors in Slayerfest ’98. Twins who were armed with AK47s and a grenade launcher. Heavy on the technology and fire power. They tracked Buffy and Cordelia by giving them ‘bugged’ corsages, and received orders from their boss through earpieces. Buffy tricked them into shooting each other.

    Ghost: (gost) noun, 1. spirit of a dead person that supposedly lives in another world and appears to the living as a pale, dim, shadowy form. 2. anything pale, dim, or shadowy like a ghost; a faint image;


    • Normally have unfinished business to attend to
    • You can't really kill them because they are already dead.
    • Not to be confused with kids who turn invisible (they are still living)
    • Willow turned in to a ghost on Halloween.
    • Giant Preying Mantis: see She Mantis.

    Giles, Rupert: Member of The Watchers’ Council, and Watcher to the current Slayer. Able to speak five languages, and translate many more. Perceived by most as a stuffy Englishman, Giles has a wild past and was known as‘Ripper’ in his youth. He worked undercover as a librarian at Sunnydale High, and went on to become the owner of The Magic Box. Giles eventually returned to England after Buffy’s death, and now retains a flat in Bath.

    Gina: elderly employee at the Double Meat Palace.

    Glarghk Guhl Kashmanic: waxy looking demon summoned by Andrew Wells to attack Buffy. Had a stinger that jutted from its fist. When he stabbed Buffy with it she began to have hallucinations. She thought that she was still in an asylum, and had been there for six years. Convinced that her life in Sunnydale was all part of a mental illness, she tied her friends up in the basement and set the demon on them. Unable to watch them die, Buffy snapped out it just in time to save to save their lives. Willow concocted an antidote from the demon’s stinger.

    Gleaves: man who helped to expel Balthazar and El Eliminati from Sunnydale one hundred years ago. Gleaves took Balthazar’s amulet – the source of the demon’s strength and power – which was later buried with him.

    Glorificus: Goddess who ruled a hell dimension with two other gods. Expelled after a huge battle from their dimension to ours. Forced to spend half of her time as a human male, Ben. The Beast could only be killed in human form. Existing in this dimension had driven Glorificus insane, and her Jawa minions had to bring her humans to feed upon. By pushing her fingers inside their heads, Glory was able to ‘suck’ their brains, and temporarily regain her sanity. Unfortunately, her victims lost theirs. An enemy of the Knights of Byzantium, Glorificus spent her time on Earth searching for the Key. Buffy beat her senseless with a troll hammer for trying to kill Dawn, and Giles suffocated Ben to stop Glory returning. See also Jawa, Doc and The Monks of Dagon.

    Glory: Short for the Goddess Glorificus.see Glorificus.

    Glove of Mynnigon, The: see Mynnigon, The Glove of.

    God: noun, 1. The maker and ruler of the world; Sumpreme Being 2. a being thought of as superior to nature and to human beings and considered worthy of worship


    • Can be a male or female
    • Females are called Goddesses
    • Used to getting what they want
    • All religions are based on the concept of a god or multiple gods
    • Mythology is big on gods and goddesses
    • There is reference to THE God meaning Christianitys Sole God
    • There terms A God is referenced to a God/dess not THE God; unless meaning as reference to modern day

    Goddess: (god'is) noun, see god

    Goodman, Agent: accompanied Graham and Agent Brown to apprehend Riley, and try to take him to a doctor. Riley whooped their asses!

    Gorch, Candy: Vampire. Married Lyle Gorch after the death of his brother. Was staked with a wooden handled spatula by Cordelia during Slayerfest ’98.

    Gorch, Lyle: Vampire from Abilene. Raised his brother Tector after the death of their mother. The two massacred an entire Mexican village in 1886 – while they were still human! Not very bright. Married Candy Gorch and the two took part in Slayerfest ’98.

    Gorch, Tector: Vampire from Abilene. Raised by his brother Lyle after the death of their mother. Was eaten by the Mother Bezoar whilst trying to kill The Slayer. Even more stupid than his brother.

    Gordo, Mister: Buffy’s cuddly toy pig.

    Gorrah demon: huge. Three heads. Like to stick close to the Hellmouth. Spike battled one in order to distract it while Dawn stole its eggs. She needed one to perform a resurrection spell on Joyce. See also Gorrah egg.

    Gorrah egg: about a foot long. Pink with purple speckles. Contained luminous blue goo. Dawn need one to perform a resurrection spell on Joyce.

    Grace Newman: see Newman, Miss Grace.

    Graham: Resident of Lowell House at UC Sunnydale. Friend of Riley Finn. Graham was also a member of The Initiative. It was at Graham’s suggestion that Riley was given a second chance to work for the military. Graham was also the one that tried to get Riley to see a doctor when he suffered withdrawal symptoms from The Initiative’s drugs. See also Agent Goodman, Major Ellis and Agent Brown.

    Great, Catherine The: see Madison, Catherine.

    Greenleigh, Ruth: see School Nurse.

    Gregory, Dr: Science teacher at Sunnydale High School who was beheaded by a giant preying mantis!

    Gronx: one of the Jawa. Minion of Glorificus. Seamstress and seer.

    Grounding crystal: Giles got Buffy to look at the flow at the centre of the crystal. It had a hypnotic effect, and Giles then injected her with an organic compound of muscle relaxants and adrenal suppressants. These temporarily robbed her of her Slayer abilities. He did this as part of her cruciamentum.

    Guiding spell: used to guide travellers when they become lost. It conjures an emissary from the beyond (in the form of a tiny green light) to lead the way. Willow tried this spell at a Halloween party, but it went wrong. See also Aradia.

    Gwendolyn Post, Mrs: see Post, Mrs Gwendolyn.

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    Halfrek: As a human she was Cecily, the one that broke Spike’s heart. Halfrek was the vengeance demon for wronged children. She was also Anyanka’s best friend. Halfrek pretended to be Dawn’s guidance counsellor, and tricked Dawn into wishing that no one else could ever leave her. The result was that everyone became trapped at Buffy’s birthday party. See also D’Hoffryn, Richard and Sophie.

    Hank Summers: see Summers, Hank.

    Hansel and Gretel: Really a single chaos demon that feeds on negative emotion. Pretends to be two dead children who then ‘haunt’ the local community demanding retribution, thus instilling fear and rioting. The demon took the form of Hans and Greta Strauss, who were killed at the ages of eight and six in 1649 in the Black Forest. Since then it has appeared as their dead bodies every 50 years. (E.g. Omahagh 1949, and Utah 1899.) Buffy, Amy and Willow were almost burned at the stake for the children’s deaths.

    Happiness, A Moment of True: Happiness is a state of the mind. As a feeling of contentment created when two or more and sometimes even all of one's physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual needs have been gratified.


    • Angel experienced this and lost his soul. Thus became Angelus. Him having a moment of Happiness caused this; but it was the curse that made it possible. His moment of True happiness was the expression of his love of Buffy. Not the consumation of thier love, but it contributed to it.

    Harbingers: see Bringers, The.

    Harmony Kendall: see Kendall, Harmony.

    Harris, Alexander Lavelle: Known as Xander. Lifelong friend of Willow, and original member of the Scooby Gang. A loyal and trusted companion of The Slayer. Xander never really applied himself in school. He did not go to UC Sunnydale, but decided to explore the world after Graduation. Unfortunately, his car broke down just outside Sunnydale, and Xander had to work at the Fabulous Ladies Nightclub to earn his fare home. After a serious of disastrous employments he finally began training as a carpenter/joiner. Xander proved to be so good at this work that he was soon promoted to foreman at the building site. Xander dated Cordelia in high school, but she broke up with him when she caught him kissing Willow. He later found true love with Anya, but this relationship died when he left her at the altar. See also boost bars, Black Magic Willow and Sweet.

    Harvest, The: A ritual to release The Master, and reopen the Hellmouth beneath Sunnydale High. A night that comes about once a century where the master can draw power from one of his minions while he feeds


    • He draws the power from a chosen minion called a vessel
    • When enough power is gained he can break free of his prison
    • See also The Vessel.

    Havilland, Colonel George: took over as commanding officer of what remained of The Initiative after their battle with Adam. Stayed in this post until the government review was completed.

    Healing ritual: Spike found a healing ritual for Druscilla in The Du Lac Manuscripts. It required draining her sire’s blood (Angel) on a full moon. Angel and Druscilla were tied together, and skewered through the hand by a dagger hidden within The Du Lac Cross. As Angel’s blood flowed into Dru, she regained her strength.

    Heidi: bully at Sunnydale High School. Ate Principal Flutie and Herbert whilst possessed by the spirits of hyenas. See also hyena possession.

    Hellhound: demon footsoldier bred during the Makash wars. Vicious. Eat brains. See also Tucker Wells.

    Hellions: Demon bikers. Heavy on the leather, tattoos and body piercing. Pointed teeth and ears. Their leader was called Razor. Overran Sunnydale when they discovered that the Slayer was dead. ‘Killed’ Buffybot, but were defeated by the resurrected Buffy and the Scoobies.

    Hellmouth: A mystical portal between this reality and the next. A gateway to Hell.
    the hell mouth is were Sunnydale Ca. is located it also happens to be the mouth of Hell.


    • The Hellmouth is a place where evil breathes
    • Anything you ever thought not possible or a nightmare lives right here and is ready to come out for a stroll
    • The only thing keeping Sunnydale and its non demon inhabbiants alive is the slayer
    • The Hellmouth has a seal over it.

    Hell’s Offspring: Occult reference book belonging to Giles.

    Hemmery High: Buffy’s previous high school in LA. She was expelled after burning down the gym. (It was full of vampires at the time.)

    Henry, Philip: member of the group that Giles joined in his youth. Was killed by the reanimated corpse of his friend Diedre Page, while her body was possessed by the demon Eyghon. See also Thomas Butcher, Ethan Rayne, Randall and Eyghon, The Mark of.

    Herbert: Piglet mascot of the school football team, the Razorbacks. Eaten alive by students possessed by the spirits of hyenas. See also hyena possession.

    Hit the books: research using books instead of the net.

    Hitchhiker: a creature that sees someone moving between worlds and grabs on. ‘Hitchhikes’ to a new dimension.

    Hobson: Watcher assigned to the Sunnydale Arms to prepare Buffy’s cruciamentum. Was murdered there by Zachary Kralik and Blair.

    Hoelich, Andrew: Used to be on the school gymnastic team. Got turned into a vampire. Willow, Oz and Xander tried to stake him, but he escaped because of his acrobatic prowess.

    Hogan: basketball player at Sunnydale High School.

    Holly Charleston: see Charleston, Holly.

    Holt, Ms Genevieve: ran Lowell Home for Children from 1949 to 1960. Despite winning awards for her work with children, Ms Holt was actually a religious fanatic who brutalized and mistreated the children in her care. See also Lowell House.

    Holy Water: water that has been blessed by a member of the clergy.


    • Can be used as a tool against Vampires
      Can normally be found at any church

    Hootenanny: Oz defined a hootenanny as ‘Choc full o’ hoot. Just a little bit of nanny.’ See also shindig and gathering.

    Hope, Scott: dated Buffy while Angel was in Hell. Best friends with Pete Clarner and Debbie. Scott dumped Buffy shortly after Angel reappeared, as she seemed too ‘distracted’.

    Host: a person a vampire is feeding from

    Hostile Seventeen: name given to Spike by The Initiative.

    Hostile Sub-Terrestrials (HSTs): The Initiative codename for vampires and demons.

    Housapexa: way up there in the hierarchy of she-demons. Her followers built a temple on Kingman’s Bluff, and intended to use her effigy to destroy the world. They all died when the temple was swallowed up in the earthquake of ’32. See also Black Magic Willow.

    HST Containment Area: cells at The Initiative’s base where hostile sub-terrestrials were kept.

    Humes Paranormal Encyclopedia: Gwendolyn Post pointed out that Giles did not have this book.

    Hyena Possession: Xander was one of five students accidentally possessed by the spirits of hyenas. The other four were school bullies Kyle, Tor, Rhonda and Heidi. See also Primals, Herbert, transpossession and Flutie, Principal Bob.

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    Illuminata, The: diamond on loan from the British Museum. Stolen from Sunnydale Museum by the Trio. Rumoured to have quasi-magical powers. The Trio used it to create an invisibility ray. See also Rusty.

    Inca Mummy Girl: see Inca Princess.

    Inca Princess: 500 years ago the Incas chose a teenage girl to become their princess. They then buried her alive as a sacrifice to the Mountain God. A cursed seal was placed in her tomb, and once broken the mummy awoke! In order to stay alive, she drained the life force from those she kissed. See also Rodney Munsen, and Ampata.

    Inhibitor: tiny device like a bug that Warren attached to Buffy. Caused her to experience time shifts. The Trio made it self-destruct as soon as Buffy discovered it.

    Initiative, The: (i nish'i ð tiv): noun: 1. active part in taking first steps in any undertaking 2. readiness and ability to be the one to start a course of action. 3. seceret government orgainization

    A secret military operation run by the government, who had a hidden base beneath Lowell House. Headed by Professor Maggie Walsh, they recruited members of UC Sunnydale as secret soldiers. They planted secret cameras in the rooms of their recruits, and put experimental drugs in their food to make them faster and stronger. Its mission was to capture and experiment on demons and vampires.


    • Spike was captured by The Initiative, but managed to escape. They named him Hostile Seventeen, and implanted a behavioural modification chip in his head.
    • The Initiative’s real mission was Project 314. The creation of Adam. (a super Solider)
    • See also Hostile Sub-Terrestrials, Hostile Seventeen, The Pit, HST containment area, Doctor Angleman, com cam, tracer, Adam and Alpha code blue.

    Invisibility ray: developed by the Trio using The Illuminata. They accidentally shot Buffy with it, and she became invisible. The invisibility ray was unstable, and everything that they it on eventually disintegrated. See also Doris Kroeger.

    Invoked the Great Roofy Spirit: cast a spell.

    Ira Rosenberg: see Rosenberg, Ira.

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    Jack: manager of the on campus bar at UC Sunnydale. Created the beer Black Frost with the aid of his warlock brother-in-law.

    Jack Mayhew: see Mayhew, Jack.

    Jack O’Toole: see O’Toole, Jack.

    James Stanley: see Stanley, James.

    Janna Kalderash: see Calendar, Miss Jenny.

    Janice Penshaw: see Penshaw, Janice.

    Janus: Roman mythical god after whom January is named. Master of Chaos. Had two faces, and represented the two halves of man – male and female, good and evil.

    Jawa: breed of creatures who were Glory’s minions. Fiercely loyal to their God. Buffy described them as ‘Hobbits with leprosy.’

    Jean and Roger, a little: some advice

    Jeff Walken: see Walken, Jeff.

    Jenkins, Anya Christina Emmanuel: see Anya.

    Jenny Calendar: see Calendar, Miss Jenny.

    Jesse: Originally Xander’s best friend at Sunnydale High. The Master made him a vampire, and Xander later dusted him.

    Jetpacks: Inventions fashioned by Two members of the Trio. Used for escaping after obtaining the Orbs of Nevlacon, Warren intended to rob a security van and escape using a jetpack. Buffy foiled the robbery, and Warren used his jetpack to get away. Andrew also had a jetpack as the two had planned to leave Jonathon behind to take the blame. Andrew tried to use his pack underneath a shelter, succeeding only in knocking himself out! He and Jonathon were arrested.

    Jhe, The Sisterhood of: an apocalypse cult. She-demons intents on opening the Hellmouth and bringing about the end of the world.

    Jinx: One of the Jawa. Minion of Glory.

    Joan: name that Buffy chose for herself while under the effects of a Tabula Rasa spell.

    Joan Collins ‘tude: bitchy attitude.

    John Lee: see Lee, John.

    Jonathon Levinson: see Levinson, Jonathon.

    Josh: In the phony vision given to Xander by Stewart Burns, he and Anya had a son named Josh. See also Sara.

    Journal of Desmond Caine, The: see Desmond Caine, The Journal of.

    Josephus du Lac: see du Lac, Josephus.

    Joyce Summers: see Summers, Joyce.

    Judge, The: Big, blue, horned demon brought forth to rid the Earth of the plague of humanity. ‘To separate the righteous from the wicked, and to burn the righteous down.’ An army was sent against him, but most of them died. Eventually they managed to cut him into living pieces, and scatter the parts around the world in metal caskets. Spike and Druscilla reassembled The Judge. His touch could literally burn the humanity out of people, and only a true creature of evil could withstand it. In the Middle Ages it was written ‘No weapon forged can kill him’, but that was then… Buffy blew him to bits with a bazooka!

    Julie: red haired girl who attended a party at Lowell House. Kissed Xander during a game of spin the bottle then cut of all of her hair as penance under supernatural influence.

    Jungle Bob: Competitor in Slayerfest ’98. Trapper. A human who was armed with a shotgun and animal traps. He ended up getting his ankle stuck in one of his own iron traps.

    Justin: dated Dawn on Halloween. She and Janice Penshaw had snuck out to meet with him and Zach. Justin killed Old Man Coltenbach. Dawn had her first ever kiss with Justin, but staked him when she realized he was a vamp.


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    Kaiser Sosayed: tricked into believing the bad guy is really a good guy, and on your side!

    Kakistos: Greek name meaning ‘the worst of the worst’. Kakistos was a vampire so old that he had cloven hands and feet. Lived near a swamp where he kept pet alligators. He killed Faith’s Watcher in front of her, and in the ensuing battle the Slayer blinded him in the right eye. He tracked her to Sunnydale, where Buffy tried to stake him. Kakistos was so ancient that the stake didn’t work, and Faith finally dusted the vamp with really big piece of wood! See also Mister Trick.

    Kalderash: the gypsy tribe that cursed Angelus in 1898, thus restoring his soul – and with it his conscience. See also Curse, Uncle Enias, and Jenny Calendar.

    Karen: besotted with Jonathon Levinson when he cast an augmentation spell to change the world. She asked him to sign a copy of his book for her, and was later attacked by his alter ego monster.

    Kathy Newman: see Newman, Kathy.

    Katie: the name that Jack O’Toole gave to his knife.

    Katie Lumas: see Lumas, Katie.

    Katra: the Mayor left instructions that a katra was to be delivered to Faith in the event of his death. With the aid of this magical device, Faith was able to switch bodies with Buffy. The Watchers’ Council then arrested Buffy for Faith’s crimes, and Faith tricked Riley Finn into a night of passion. Tara alerted Willow to the fact that Buffy was ‘not herself’, and the two wiccas managed to create another katra to reverse the effects of the first. See also Draconian Katra Spell.

    Katrina: Warren Meers’s girlfriend. Left him when she found out that he had created April. He later got her back by using a magical device to turn Katrina into a sex slave. When the magic wore off, and she tried to escape, Warren killed her. The Trio used more magic to convince Buffy that she had killed Katrina. See also cerebral dampener, Tarvlun flesheater and Rescindi demon.

    Kayless, The Circle of: Circle of people formed when performing a summoning and binding spell on a demon. This trapped the demon in one place – usually a book. See also Moloch and Cortona.

    Ken: pretended to work for a homeless shelter, but was actually recruiting kids to be slave labour in a hell dimension. Buffy killed him during her rescue of Lily. See also Family Home and Rickie.

    Ken, Uncle: father of Geordie, and uncle to Oz.

    Kendall, Harmony: One of the ‘Cordettes’. Was turned into a vampire during Graduation, and had an on / off romance with Spike. Later created her own gang and tried to kill Buffy. Harmony has a tiny brain, and an obsession with unicorns. See also Sirus, Mort and Brad Connick.

    Kendra: has no last name. The Slayer that was called when Buffy was killed by The Master. Kendra’s parents knew that she would become a Slayer, and sent her to her Watcher when she was very young. She had a very disciplined upbringing, and took her duties seriously. Kendra was not allowed friends or boyfriends, and had very few possessions. She called her favourite stake Mister Pointy, and gave it to Buffy as a good luck charm. Kendra was killed by Druscilla, who hypnotized her and then slit her throat. See also Sam Tsebuto.



  • She was from Africa, Unable to be with her parents or have friends
  • She was uninformed of Buffy being alive
  • She was killed by a vampire named Drusilla
  • Her death brought another slayer called Faith


    Kent Preparatory School: just outside of Sunnydale. See also Callie Megan Anderson.

    Kevin Burman: see Burman, Kevin.

    Key, The: noun: instrument that locks and unlocks, thing that turns or opens 2. thing that explains or answers 3. an important or essential person or thing

    Mystical energy matrix vibrating at a dimensional frequency beyond normal perception. Only those ‘outside reality’ can the see the Key’s true nature. I.e. crazy people. Can also be seen by necromanced creatures of canine or serpentine construction. Created to open the gates that separate dimensions. For centuries it had no form, but existed as a green light, looked after by the monks of Dagon. Almost as old as Glory, it was sought for generations by the Knights of Byzantium. Glorificus needed the key in order to return to her own dimension. Once the key is activated, all the gates will crumble. Dimensions will bleed into each other and the universe will become chaos. In order to keep the key from her the monks gave it form. They turned it into a fifteen-year-old girl called Dawn, and made her the Slayer’s sister in the hopes that Buffy could protect her from the Beast.


    • Unlocks the portal to Glory's and other demenions
    • The key is presently in human form and is the slayers sister
    • Portals open when the keys blood is spilt
    • Will only stop once its been drained

    Killer of the Dead: Poison used to kill vampires. Causes extreme pain, and a lingering death. Faith shot Angel with an arrow dipped in this poison. The only known cure is to drain the blood of a Slayer. Buffy was unable to bring Faith to Angel, so forced him to drink from her instead.

    Killer snot monster: Xander’s name for the Queller demon.

    Kingman’s Bluff: the followers of Housapexa built a temple to her here. It, and they, were swallowed by the earthquake of ’32. Black Magic Willow raised the temple in 2002 to end the world, but Xander stopped her.

    Kitten poker: demons and vampires play for kittens instead of money.

    Knights of Byzantium, The: see Byzantium, The Knights of.

    Kokopeli: fertility god. Buffy had a statue of him in her house. It was a favourite of Joyce and Dawn.

    Kralik, Zachary: vampire used in Buffy’s cruciamentum. Was given painkilling pills every few hours by Hobson and Blair, the Watchers assigned to prepare the test. Kralik killed Blair, and sired him. They both then fed on Hobson. As a human, Kralik was abused by his mother, whom he later killed. He went on to torture and murder more than twelve women, and was committed to an asylum before he became a vampire. Vamp Blair helped him escape and Kralik kidnapped Joyce in order to lure Buffy to the Sunnydale Arms. Buffy killed him by tricking the vampire into drinking holy water with his pills.

    Kroeger, Mrs Doris: social services lady assigned to Buffy and Dawn after Joyce died. She was going to file a report stating that Buffy was an unfit carer. Buffy got accidentally hit by an invisibility ray, and went to Doris’s office where she convinced people Doris was crazy.

    Kulak of the Miquot Clan: orange demon with a spiny head. Had long, jagged knives hidden within each forearm. Took part in Slayerfest ’98, and was blown up by the Germans.

    Kyle: A bully at Sunnydale High School. Ate Principal Flutie and Herbert whilst possessed by the spirits of hyenas. See also hyena possession.


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    Labyrinth maps of Malta, The: Gwendolyn Post mocked Giles for not having this book in his library.

    Lagos: demon who came to Sunnydale to find the Glove of Mynnigon. Buffy decapitated him with his own sword.

    Larry: Sunnydale High School student. Turned into a pirate on Halloween after hiring a costume from Ethan’s Costume Shop. Confessed to Xander that he was gay.

    Laura: Sunnydale High student badly beaten and hospitalized by The Ugly Man.

    Le Banquet d’Amelia: movie that Angel took Buffy to see. Neither of them realized just how sexual it would be. was showing at the Sun Cinema in Downtown Sunnydale.

    Lee, John: Sunnydale High School student, and member of the football team. A real jerk.

    Legend of Olukai: see Olvicon, The Legend of.

    Legend of Olvicon: see Olvicon, The Legend of.

    Lenny: vampire that used to be one of Spike’s gang, but challenged him when Spike returned to Sunnydale. His former boss won the fight and staked Lenny.

    Leoff demon: Long hair, white faces, red noses, and suppurating sores. Like to suck marrow. Glory recruited some to kill the Slayer.

    Lethe’s bramble: used for augmenting spells of forgetting and mind control. Willow used it to make Tara forget that they had argued. She also used it with potentially fatal consequences for a Tabula Rasa spell.

    Levinson, Jonathon: short student with a talent for magic. Asthmatic and anaemic. A nerd. Was going to shoot himself with a rifle once, but Buffy stopped him. Presented Buffy with the Class Protector award at the ’99 Prom. After his suicide attempt, Jonathon was sent to counseling. There he met a kid who taught him how to perform an augmentation spell. Jonathon formed The Trio with Andrew Wells and Warren Meers. He had more magical ability than the other two, and they bullied him. Jonathon wanted to leave the group after the death of Katrina. He was often disturbed by some of the plans that Warren made, but didn’t have the courage to stand up to the other two.

    Lilac One: Riley Finn’s call sign.

    Living flame: the only thing that can destroy the Glove of Mynnigon. Angel conjured it using herbs and Latin incantations.

    Liam: Angel’s human name. He took the name ‘Angel’ because his little sister believed he had returned from the dead as an angel. He slaughtered her and the rest of his family when she invited him in.

    Lily: name Chanterelle called herself after she left Sunnydale. Her boyfriend, Rickie, chose it for her. Ken tricked Lily into joining Family Home after Rickie went missing. See also Anne.

    Livin’ entirely large: One of Faith’s expressions meaning that life is good right now.

    Lizette: friend of Cordelia. Had a botched nose job at Sunnydale Hospital.

    Lohesh: four winged soul killer. Pure demon. Massive. 800 years ago in the Cosca Valleys lived a sorcerer who gained ascension. He became the living embodiment of the demon Lohesh, and decimated the village in which he lived within hours.

    Lorraine Ross: see Ross, Lorraine.

    Lothos: a powerful vampire able to munipulate the mind with music.


    • He was very ancient and had killed many vampire slayers
    • He was killed by a slayer name Buffy Summers

    Love makes you do the wacky: you do crazy things when you are in love.

    Love Spell: Amy Madison tried to put a love spell on Cordelia for Xander. It backfired, and every woman in Sunnydale except for Cordelia fell for his charms. Unfortunately they all became homicidally jealous as well. After Druscilla left Spike, he kidnapped Willow to make her perform a love spell to get Dru back.

    Lowell House: Fraternity House directly above The Initiative’s secret base. From 1949 to 1960 it was a home for children run by Ms Genevieve Holt. Ms Holt was a religious fanatic who mistreated the children, meting out cruel punishments for what she perceived as sins. She cut off girls’ hair to ‘cure’ vanity, and half-drowned children in the bath in bizarre baptisms. When Buffy and Riley (who resided at Lowell House) went into sex overdrive, the spirits of these children began to recreate their misery. See also Julie.

    Lucius Temple, The Diary of: Lucius was an expert on demons and … er… gardening. Giles has his diary in the library.

    Lucky Nineteen: see Billy Palmer.

    Luke: Vampire. Member of The Order of Aurelius. The Master’s right hand man. Including Buffy, only two people ever fought him and lived. During the ritual The Harvest, Luke was The Vessel.

    Lumas, Katie: Student at UC Sunnydale. Parker Abrams tried chatting her up after he ditched Buffy.

    Lurconis: Huge, snakelike demon that lived in a tunnel in Sunnydale’s sewers. It demanded a tribute of live babies every thirty years. The Mayor was due to make the tribute, and had Mister Trick hire Ethan Rayne to keep the adult population out of the way. Lurconis means ‘Glutton’. Buffy torched it by lighting an exposed gas pipe in the sewer. See also Band candy.

    Lyle Gorch: see Gorch, Lyle.

    Lysette: blonde who went for a drive with Xander because she liked his car. (Xander had borrowed it from his Uncle Rory.) Was obsessed with automobiles. Lysette ran off when she saw Jack O’Toole ‘raise’ one of his long dead friends.


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    Machida: demon worshipped by members of Delta Zeta Kappa. Half man, half snake. Lived in a tunnel in the basement of DZK. His followers sacrificed teenage girls to him every October 10th, and in return he blessed them with good fortune, power and riches. See also Tom Warner, Richard Anderson and Callie Megan Anderson.

    Maclay, Donny: Tara’s older brother. Small-minded, sexist asshole!

    Maclay, Mister: Tara’s father. Raised her to believe that her magical abilities were evil, and that all of the women in her family were born half demon. The only way to control their demon side was to stay at home and be docile, and care for men of the family. This was all a lie a keep the female family members submissive.

    Maclay, Tara: met Willow at UC Sunnydale’s on campus wiccan group. Soon after, the two became lovers. Tara was a shy, nervous person, whose mother had died when she was seventeen. Her father had brought Tara up to believe that women in her family were half demon, and should therefore stay at home where they could be controlled. This proved to be a lie designed to keep the women submissive. Tara had a strong natural affinity for magic that she inherited from her mother and grandmother. She was accidentally shot and killed by Warren, when he tried to murder Buffy. See also Miss Kitty Fantastico, Mister Maclay, Cousin Beth, Donny Maclay, and doll’s eye crystal.

    Madison, Amy: daughter of the evil witch Catherine Madison. Amy followed in her mother’s footsteps in mastering the art of magic. She performed a love spell on Cordelia for Xander, but it went wrong. Turned herself into a rat in order to escape being burned at the stake by the members of M.O.O. She stayed that way for three years until Willow was strong enough to turn her back. Amy introduced Willow to Rack.

    Madison, Catherine: nicknamed ‘Catherine the Great’ because of her cheerleading ability. Mother of Amy, and a powerful witch. She used black magic to steal her daughter’s youth in a vain attempt to regain her glory days. Now magically bound inside the figure on the cheerleading trophy.

    Maggie Walsh: see Walsh, Professor Maggie.

    Major Ellis: see Ellis, Major.

    Making with the funny: making a joke.

    Malcolm: online persona of Moloch..

    Maleus Malificarum: according to Giles this is a book about demonic possession. In actual fact it was written in the fourteenth century as a ‘how to’ manual for The Inquisition. The Maleus gave details on how to spot witches, and the most effective methods of torture. The guy who wrote it clearly had unresolved issues with his mother!

    Mall, Blayne: abducted by Miss Natalie French, the substitute teacher. She intended to mate with him and then kill him. (It’s not as gross as it sounds – it’s even ickier! Check out She Mantis.)

    Manhattan: Angel was living in Manhattan when Whistler found him in 1996.

    Manny: manager of the Double Meat Palace until the wig lady ate him. His motto was ‘Levity is the time thief that picks the pocket of the company.’

    Marc: was practicing to be a magician in the school talent show. Marc was actually the last of The Seven. He killed Morgan Shay and Emily, and tried to decapitate Giles.

    Marcie Ross: see Ross, Marcie.

    Marinschtadt Text, The: kept on the top shelf of Giles’ filing cabinet. Contained a section on genocide that dealt with ascension, and a reference to the Journal of Desmond Caine.

    Mark: magician in the school talent show. Turned out to be one of The Seven.

    Mark of Gachnar, The: see Gachnar, The Mark of.

    Margaret: maid at a party in the nineteenth century. Begged Angelus not to kill her for the sake of her little son, but he killed them both. Margaret was one of the spirits conjoured by The First to haunt Angel.

    Marvin: geeky nerd who was part of Billy Fordham’s vampire worshipping cult. Wanted his vampire name to be Diego.

    Master, The: An ancient and powerful vampire. Sire of Darla. He was mystically trapped for sixty years beneath Sunnydale when his attempt to open the Hellmouth went wrong.

    Maureen, Aunt: mother of Geordie, and aunt of Oz.

    Maxi wig: major freak out. Overreacting to something.

    Mayhew, Jack: voted Class Clown ’99 at the Prom.

    Mayor, The: Named Richard Wilkins III. The Mayor built the town of Sunnydale for demons to feed on. Had offices at City Hall. Obsessed with hygiene, and over one hundred years old, the Mayor looked human but wasn’t. He married once, in 1903. Although impeccably well mannered, The Mayor had an ominous presence, and his staff were always terrified of him. He recruited Mister Trick to help with ‘the Slayer problem’. After the death of Mister Trick, Faith came to work for him. He protected her, and bought her a nice apartment and expensive gifts. The Mayor gave the commencement address at Graduation, and then turned into a pure demon. He ate Principal Snyder, and Buffy and the Scoobies had to blow up Sunnydale High School in order to kill him in his demon form. See also Ascension, Lurconis, Edna Mae Wilkins, Rusty, Box of Gavrok, The Dedication, Alan Finch and Balthazar.

    McAlvey, Dodd: tattooed member of the swim team. The best swimmer on the team, and consequently the first to turn into a sea beast.

    McCarthy, Doctor: in charge of the mental ward at Sunnydale Hospital.

    McCarthy, Mister: head recruiter for the world’s leading software concern. Came to Sunnydale High School to interview Willow and Oz after the results of the ‘career aptitude’ tests.

    Melinda: short girl that lives across the street from Buffy’s house. A friend of Dawn.

    Mengas Tripod: position used in exorcisms. One person chants on the ‘hot spot’, and three others chants at the same time in places nearby, forming a triangle around it. This is supposed to bind the bad spirit and prevent it from doing harm. The Scoobies tried unsuccessfully to perform this ritual on James Stanley. See also wasps.

    Meredith Todd: see Todd, Meredith.

    Metz, David: friend of Tucker Wells.

    M’Fashnik: demon sent to distract people at the bank so that the Trio could rob it. Very strong. From a long line of mercenary demons that perform acts of violence for money. The Trio hired him to create havoc in Sunnydale, and promised him the Slayer’s head in return. Warren gave M’Fashnik Buffy’s address, but she beat the demon unconscious with a copper pipe, and he drowned in her flooded basement. See also Carl Sevinsky and Tito.

    Michael Czajak: see Czajak, Michael.

    Michelle Blake: see Blake, Michelle.

    Mike: Sociology teacher at UC Sunnydale.

    Miller, Miss: teacher at Sunnydale High School. Almost asphyxiated by Marcie Ross, the Invisible Girl.

    Minion: noun, servent or follower willing to do whatever he/she is ordered


  • Minions are most commonly vampires that are servents to the Master of vampires but in other cases serve powerful demons or higher evil beings
  • They will die to protect their leader
  • Also called henchmen,lackeys and slaves/servents on some occasions

    Miss Kitty Fantastico: black kitten with white socks bought by Tara to be her and Willow’s familiar.

    Mitch: Sunnydale High School student who dated Cordelia for a while. Was beaten with a baseball bat by the Invisible Girl.

    Mok-tagar: race of transdimensional demons. The Mok-tagar are able to assume any form but can always recognize one another by their lack of a soul. See also Kathy Newman, Taparrich, and the Ritual of Mok-tagar.

    Mok-tagar, The Ritual of: Used to steal a person’s soul. The ritual involves the forced ingestion of animal blood while the victim slumbers. Kathy Newman performed this ritual on Buffy.

    Moloch: The Corruptor. Very seductive demon. Lured followers with promises of love, power and knowledge. Trapped inside a book, he was freed into the Internet when Willow scanned the book. He romanced Willow online using the pseudonym Malcolm. See also Cortona, Dave and Fritz.

    Monkey: Wesley’s codeword when contacting the Watchers’ Council.

    MOO: acronym of Mothers Opposed to the Occult. Set up by Joyce to combat witchcraft in Sunnydale. Under the influence of a demon, the members of MOO ordered a raid on the school lockers, confiscated most of Giles’s books, and tried to burn Willow, Buffy and Amy as witches. See also Hansel and Gretel.

    Mootville: ‘It’s all mootville to me’. It makes no difference to me.

    Moran, Miss: teacher of Contemporary American Heroes. Buffy’s favourite teacher.

    Morgan Shay: Sunnydale High student, and ventriloquist. Owner of Sid. Was killed by one of The Seven, who removed his brain. Morgan suffered severe headaches and was dying.

    Mort: the most aggressive of Harmony’s minions. He led them to mutiny against her. Staked on a fairground unicorn by Buffy.

    Mother Bezoar, The: Vast, icky blob that lived beneath Sunnydale High School basement. Laid thousands of eggs containing infant bezoars, which were distributed to the children by Mister Whitmore. The Mother Bezoar had tentacles with which to grab assailants. She killed and ate the vampire, Tector Gorch.

    Mucking up the works: spoiling the plans.

    Mummy: see Inca Princess.

    Munsen, Rodney: used to bully Xander at school. Broke the cursed seal of The Inca Princess while trying to steal it, and became her first victim!

    Murk: one of the Jawa. A minion of Glorificus.

    Mynnigon, The Glove of: steel gauntlet buried in Sunnydale in the Von Hauftman family crypt. Once you put it on the glove can never be removed, but it gives the wearer the power to command lightning. Angel recovered the glove, and tried to destroy it with living flame, but Gwendolyn Post attacked him and put the glove on. It was severed from Posts hand. Thus she was destroyed by the power.It was destoyed by the living Flame afterwards.See also Lagos.


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    Nancy: In Bizarro land Nancy was one of the students who fought the vampires with Giles. She was killed shortly after the arrival of Cordelia.

    Nevlacon, The Orbs of: two red orbs that imbue their possessor with strength and invulnerability. The Trio stole them from their demon owners. Warren used the orbs to beat up Frankie and Xander in a bar. He then used them to try and rob a security van, but Buffy foiled his plan and smashed the orbs. See also jetpacks.

    Newman, Miss Grace: teacher at Sunnydale High School in 1955. Had an affair with one of her students, James Stanley. He shot and killed her on the night of the Sadie Hawkins Dance when she tried to break up with him. In 1998 their spirits began to possess people and re-enact the tragedy. See also Miss Frank.

    Newman, Kathy: Buffy’s first roommate at UC Sunnydale. Kathy was obsessively neat and loved pop music. She was actually a 3,000-year-old Mok-tagar demon who had fled her own dimension to escape her controlling father, Taparrich. Kathy tried to steal Buffy’s soul using The Ritual of Mok-tagar. Taparrich eventually tracked her to the college and took her home.

    Niblet: Spike’s pet name for Dawn.

    Nigerian mask: Joyce brought it home from a collection at the gallery, and used it to decorate her bedroom. It held the power of a zombie demon called Ova Mubani. At night the mask’s eyes glowed red and it reanimated the dead. If a zombie put the mask on it then became the demon incarnate. See also Pat.

    Norman Pfister: see The Bug Man.

    North Western University: one of the universities to which Buffy got accepted.

    Nurse Greenleigh: see School Nurse, The.


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    Octarus: member of The Order of Teraka. Has one eye. Looks like a Hell’s Angel who has lost his bike! One of three hired by Spike to eliminate The Slayer. Tried to assassinate Buffy at a skating rink, but she killed him by kicking him in the throat with her skate. See also The Bug Man and Patrice.

    Olaf: Anya’s boyfriend when she was human. He cheated on her and she turned him into a troll as penance. Olaf came to enjoy being a troll, but was trapped inside a crystal by some witches. He stayed imprisoned until Willow and Anya accidentally let him out. Willow later banished him to a troll dimension. See also troll hammer.

    Old Man Coltenbach: see Coltenbach, Old Man.

    Old Ones, The: name for the demons who used to inhabit the Earth before human beings.

    Olivia: old friend of Giles’s from England, and temporarily his lover. Olivia knew Giles in his ‘Ripper’ days. She came to stay with him for a while when Buffy started college.

    Olvicon, The Legend of: legend of a pure demon that was killed by a volcanic eruption. Also known as the Legend of Olukai.

    Orb of Thesula: spirit ball for the rituals of the undead. Looks like a little ‘crystal ball’. Jenny Calendar bought one to use in the Ritual of Restoration. Most of the orbs are now sold as paperweights, as the liturgy on how to use them has been lost for years.


  • Willow used this in the Ritual of Restoration to restore Angelus back to Angel
  • This orb is a key element in restoring a vampires soul.
  • See also Transliteration Annuls for the Rituals of the Undead.

    Orbs of Nevlacon, The: see Nevlacon, The Orbs of.

    Order of Teraka: see Teraka, The Order of.

    Orlando: One of the Knights of Byzantium. Ended up in a mental ward after being brain sucked by Glory. There he encountered Dawn, and told her she needed to be killed. Orlando was freed from the mental ward by some of the other knights, but was later stabbed to death by Dante Chevalier.

    Osborne, Daniel: see Oz.

    Osiris, The Urn of: Anya got the last known urn on ebay from a dessert gnome in Cairo. Willow needed it to perform the resurrection ritual on Buffy.

    O’Toole, Jack: killed in a drive-by shooting, but his Grandfather brought him back as a zombie within ten minutes. Reanimated three of his dead friends, Parker, Bob and Dickie, and wanted to initiate Xander into their gang by killing him! Xander single-handedly stopped them from blowing up the school. Jack was eaten by werewolf Oz. See also Katie.

    Ovu Mobani: A zombie demon whose power was in its eyes. Literally translated it means ‘evil eye’. See also Nigerian mask and Pat.

    Owen Thurman: see Thurman, Owen.

    Oz: Real name Daniel Osborne, Oz is a man of few words, but uber cool. Played lead guitar in the band ‘Dingoes Ate My Baby’. Became part of the Scooby Gang after seeing Buffy dust a vamp at her 17th birthday party. He had gone there on a first date with Willow. Oz became a werewolf after being bitten on the finger by his infant cousin Geordie. Afraid that he would harm Willow, Oz eventually broke off his passionate romance with her. He traveled the world searching for a way to control his werewolf side, but by the time he found it Willow was happily involved with Tara. Oz was kidnapped and tortured by The Initiative before leaving Sunnydale again, as they mistakenly believed him to have killed Willis. He escaped with the aid of Riley and the Scoobies. In Bizarro land, he was one of a small group who fought the vampires. See also werewolf cure.


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    Page, Diedre: member of the group that Giles belonged to in his youth. Killed and possessed for a time by the demon Eyghon. Whilst possessed, she murdered her former friend Philip Henry.

    Palmer, Billy: child coma victim, beaten and hospitalized by his Little League coach for missing a ball. The coach nicknamed him Lucky Nineteen. Whilst comatose, Billy somehow made everyone’s nightmares become a reality. See also The Ugly Man.

    Parallel Dimension: there are many Parallel Dimensions out there they are believed to be just like our world but with slight differences.They are also referred to as other Worlds. If it on Earth,then it is a Parallel Dimension. If it is on another planet than it is called "World of".Then it is not considered a Parallel Dimension.


  • They can open using a demensional portal or be conjured by a witch
  • Each one is different and mysterious.
  • For an example:There is a Parallel Dimension without shrimp.
  • See also Bizzaroland.

    Pargo demon: red skin. Helluva lot of teeth! Can only be killed by drowning.

    Parker: killed when he was thrown off of a bridge by a gang called the Jackals. Brought back as a zombie by Jack O’Toole. Xander accidentally decapitated him with a mailbox. See also Bob and Dickie.

    Parker Abrams: see Abrams, Parker.

    Pat: irritatingly patronizing woman. Pat met Joyce at a book club during the time when Buffy ran away from home, and the two became good friends. Pat was killed by zombies during Buffy’s welcome home party. Revived by a Nigerian mask, she became the demon Ova Mubani. Buffy then killed her by ramming a garden spade into her eyes.

    Pathetic much: that’s pathetic.

    Patrice: Gun heavy, flame haired member of The Order of Teraka. Pretended to be a policewoman when she tried to assassinate Buffy. One of three hired by Spike to eliminate The Slayer. See also Octarus and The Bug Man.

    Penshaw, Janice: a friend of Dawn. The two of them snuck out on Halloween to meet up with some boys. The boys turned out to be vampires, but Janice was saved by Giles. Janice’s sister is a lawyer. See also Zach and Justin.

    Pentacle: A five pointed star. Powerful symbol of magic. A symbol most used by pagens & wiccans. Also see Pentagram.

    Pentagram: Five pointed star in a circle. Drawn on the floor during certain magical rituals. Powerful symbol.

    Percy West: see West, Percy.

    Pergamum Codex, The: book containing the most detailed prophecies about The Slayer’s role in the end years. Lost to mortals in the fifteenth century. Angel recovered it for Giles from The Master. It predicted Buffy’s death at the hands of The Master.

    Pete Clarner: see Clarner, Pete.

    Petronzi, Gage: member of the school swim team, and the third to turn into a sea beast. While still human, he was attacked by Angelus. The vampire let him go because he didn’t like the taste of the drugs in Gage’s blood.

    Pfister, Norman: see The Bug Man.

    Philip Henry: see Henry, Philip.

    Pit, The: the part of The Initiative where experiments were performed on vampires and demons. See also xenamorphic behavioural modification.

    Plant, The: Set up by The Master in Bizarro land. The Plant was a factory to process people, and mass produce fresh supplies of blood.

    Platt, Mister: Sunnydale High School counsellor. Assigned to Buffy after she ran away from home. Mister Platt was also counselling Debbie, and was murdered by her jealous boyfriend Pete Clarner.

    Pointy, Mister: stake belonging to The Slayer, Kendra. She gave it to Buffy shortly before she died.

    Polgara demon: when threatened, bone skewers jut from its forearms during battle. Polgara demons have keen eyesight but low IQs. They need to eat every two hours. Adam’s right arm was that of a Polgara.

    Portal: noun: door, gate, or enterance usually an imposing one to another place of existance.


  • Can appear anywhere especially in Sunnydale
  • Can led to any dimension
  • Any thing can transport from either side
  • It can be conjured up
  • Can be opened by powerful majicks or by a temporary rip in the fabric of time

    Portents: signs or omens.

    Post, Miss Gwendolyn: pretended to be Faith’s new Watcher in order to obtain the Glove of Mynnigon. In truth, she had been expelled from the Watchers’ Council for misuses of dark power. She put Giles in hospital, and tried to fry Willow and Faith with the glove. As there was no way to remove the glove once she had put it on, Buffy severed Mrs Post’s arm. Gwendolyn was then killed by magical lightning.

    Post-fumigation Party: party at The Bronze after the annual cockroach fumigation has been completed. According to Xander, the only difference between this and the Pre-fumigation Party is ‘hardier cockroaches’!

    Power Circle: circle formed by the members of a show in order to get ‘revved up’ before a performance. Giles formed one with the students before the school talent show.

    Power Girl: the super heroine Buffy pretended to be when she was little.

    Pre-fumigation Party: party at The Bronze just before the annual cockroach fumigation begins. See also Post-fumigation Party.

    Primals: sect of animal worshippers who used transpossession to draw the spirits of animals into themselves. See also Hyena Possession, Herbert, and Flutie, Principal Bob.

    Primo assignment: attractive job.

    Principal Flutie: see Flutie, Principal Bob.

    Principal Snyder: see Snyder, Principal.

    Professor Gerhard: see Gerhard, Professor.

    Professor Lester Worth: see Worth, Professor Lester.

    Professor Maggie Walsh: see Walsh, Professor Maggie.

    Project 314: a secret government plan known only to Professor Maggie Walsh and Doctor Angleman. Professor Walsh had designed Adam, a warrior created from human, demon and mechanical parts. The final phase of 314 was to release the creatures being held in the holding cells of The Initiative into the base itself. (The soldiers there had all been fed drugs to make them stronger and faster.) When the inevitable battle was over, Professor Walsh and Doctor Angleman would have plenty of human and demon bodies from which to create a new army of super warriors. See also enjoining spell.

    Pulling a Carrie: kill everyone at the Prom.

    Pull the curtain back: trance-like state induced to allow the sorcerer to see a spell. Buffy discovered that Dawn was not ‘real’ by doing this. See also Sorcerer Clutier.

    Puppy, The: In Bizarro land Angel had been captured by the vampires, and was kept chained in The Master’s lair. Willow called him the puppy, and was allowed to torture him for fun.

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    Queen C: the license plate of Cordelia’s first car. She traded the car with her Grandmother because she had once given Angel a lift in it. Cordy believed that this meant Angelus could enter her car whenever he liked.

    Queller demon: called to Earth to ‘quell’ plagues of madness since medieval times. It vomited a protein alkaloid onto its victim’s face to suffocate them. About three feet long, with a black, bug-like body and red eyes. It had tiny little arms, but no apparent legs. Capable of slithering across walls and ceilings. The Queller demon was summoned by Ben to quell the tide of crazies created by Glory. It tried to kill Joyce, but Buffy stabbed it to death with a carving knife. See also Major Ellis.


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    Rack: warlock who traded in highly addictive magic. Willow was introduced to him by Amy Madison. She quickly became an addict. Rack was killed by Black Magic Willow when she drained him to recharge her power. See also Strawberry.

    Randall: member of the gang that Giles joined in his youth. Having induced possession by Eyghon one night, Randall lost possession of the demon and it killed him. Years later, in 1996, Eyghon tracked down the rest of the group and began killing them one by one. See also Philip Henry, Diedre Page, Ethan Rayne, Thomas Butcher, and Eyghon, The Mark of.

    Randy: under the influence of a Tabula Rasa spell, Spike believed that he was called Randy, and was Giles’s son.

    Rat: Amy Madison temporarily turned Buffy into a rat while under the influence of her own backfiring love spell. She later turned herself into a rat to escape being burned at the stake by members of M.O.O. Amy stayed that way for years until Willow was powerful enough to change her back.

    Rayne, Ethan: warlock dedicated to Chaos. Used to be part of a gang with Ripper in his youth. See also Ethan’s Costume Shop, Band candy, Eyghon, and The Mark of Eyghon.

    Razor: leader of the Hellions. Had retractable blades on the end of each finger, and red eyes. Tara killed him with an axe in the back.

    Razorbacks, The: Sunnydale High School football team.

    Reasonably dollsome: quite attractive.

    Reliquary: used to house items of religious significance. ie. the fingers of saints, etc.

    Rescindi demon: very rare. Its presence in our dimension causes temporal fluctuations. Being around them for more than a few seconds can give people hallucinations. The Trio used these demons to make Buffy think that she had killed Katrina. See also cerebral dampener.

    Resurrection ritual: the resurrection spell that Dawn used on Joyce would not work on Buffy. This is because the Slayer died a supernatural death. This ritual required the Scooby gang to form a sacred circle around Buffy’s grave, each holding a black candle. Willow anointed herself with Vino de Madre from the Urn of Osiris, and poured the rest onto Buffy’s grave. She asked Osiris to return Buffy, and was tested by having her arms slashed by invisible knives, and being forced to vomit snakes. The urn was broken by marauding Hellions, and Buffy was brought back to life still in her coffin. She had to claw her way out of her own grave.

    Resurrection spell: Dawn performed this spell to raise Joyce from the dead. She needed dirt from Joyce’s grave, a photo of her mother and a Gorrah egg. Doc told Dawn how to perform the spell. She panicked when ‘Joyce’ knocked on the door, and destroyed the photo – sending her mother back to her grave.

    Retrieval Team: special ops unit that works for the Watchers’ Council. Carry out assassinations and other unsavoury jobs.

    Reversal spell: a spell to undo another.

    Review: The Watchers’ Council tried to do a review of Buffy’s work as soon as they found out what Glory was. This involved interviewing her friends and Watcher, and putting Buffy through physical tests.

    Revivification spell: ritual to bring a ‘dead’ vampire back to ‘life’. Requires the blood of the humans nearest to the vampire when it was dusted. On the instructions of The Anointed, Absalom tried to perform this ritual on The Master, but was foiled by Buffy.

    Rhonda: bully at Sunnydale High School. Ate Principal Flutie and Herbert whilst possessed by the spirits of hyenas. See also hyena possession.

    Richard: friend of Xander’s who worked with him at the building site. Xander invited him to Buffy’s birthday party in an attempt to set them up together. He was nice, but his romantic advances were thwarted by Spike. Richard was trapped in the house by Halfrek, and stabbed in the gut by a demon. Xander and Anya eventually got him to a hospital.

    Richard Anderson: see Anderson, Richard.

    Richard Wilkins: see The Mayor.

    Rickie: Boyfriend of Lily. Taken to a hell dimension by Ken where he was worked until he was an old man, and had forgotten his own name. Rickie was then released back into our world, where only two days had passed. He killed himself. See also Family Home.

    Riley Finn: see Finn, Riley.

    Ripper: Giles’s nickname in his rebellious youth. At twenty-one he was studying history at Oxford by day, and the occult by night. Weighed down by the pressure of his destiny, he joined a small group that practiced magic for pleasure or gain. Ethan and Ripper discovered the demon Eyghon, and the group used to induce possession for the high it gave them. See also Philip Henry, Diedre Page, Randall, Ethan Rayne, and Thomas Butcher.

    Ritual of Mok-tagar, The: see Mok-tagar, The Ritual of.

    Ritual of Restoration: spell to restore a vampire’s soul. Performed on Angelus by Kalderash gypsies after he killed one of their clan. If the vampire has one moment of true happiness afterward the spell will be broken. The ritual requires an Orb of Thesala. See also Transliteration annuls for the Rituals of the Undead.

    Robot: see Buchanan, Ted.

    Rocket Café: UC Sunnydale’s on campus café.

    Rodney Munsen: see Munsen, Rodney.

    Rory, Uncle: Xander’s uncle. Taxidermist by day, drunken stud by night… Let Xander borrow his car for a while.

    Rosenberg, Ira: Willow Rosenberg’s father.

    Rosenberg, Sheila: neglectful mother of Willow. A psychiatrist so wrapped up with her work that she pays little or no attention to her only child. Whilst under the spell of Hansel and Gretel she joined the movement ‘MOO’, and was prepared to burn Willow as a witch.

    Rosenberg, Willow: Buffy’s Jewish best friend, and the gang’s computer genius. Willow began as a lovable geek, and went on to become a very powerful witch. Her parents are Ira and Sheila. She originally dated Oz, but later decided that she was gay when she fell in love with fellow wicca Tara. Willow became addicted to magic, and almost destroyed the world through her grief at Tara’s murder. Willow has ‘frog fear’, and is afraid of horses after a bad pony experience at her fourth birthday party. See also Black Magic Willow.

    Ross, Lorraine: took over as manageress of the Double Meat Palace after Manny got eaten. Gave Buffy her job back.

    Ross, Marcie: The Invisible Girl. Sunnydale High School student who played the flute in band. She became invisible because everyone ignored her.

    Rusty: Irish setter owner by the Mayor at some point. Also the name of a security guard at Sunnydale museum. The Trio hit him with a freeze ray, and the hospital defrosted him with hairdryers!

    Ruth Greenleigh: see School Nurse.

    Ryan: little boy who Buffy saved from Der Kinderstod when they were both in hospital with the flu type of virus.

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    Sack it: go to bed / sleep.

    Sacrifice of Three, The: ritual to open the Hellmouth, and bring about the end of the world. Performed by three Vahrall demons. The ritual required three of the demons to throw the bones of a child and the Word of Valios into the Hellmouth, and then jump in themselves. Buffy jumped in after the third demon and brought it out again.

    Sadie Hawkins Dance: annual dance at Sunnydale High School where the girls have to ask the boys for a date, and get to foot the bills. See also James Stanley and Grace Newman.

    Salamander eyes: spell ingredient. Just as good as newt eyes, but cheaper!

    Sam Tsebuto: see Tsebuto, Sam.

    Sanderson, Mister: used to work at the bank until he became a vampire. Attacked Joyce on the one and only time she joined Buffy on patrol.

    Sandie: female vampire that tried to seduce Riley Finn at Willie’s Place. He later staked her.

    Sara: in the phony vision given to him by Stewart Burns, Xander and Anya had a daughter named Sara. Sara was half demon, and the product of an affair that Anya had shortly after their marriage.

    Scapula: pouch of herbs, etc worn around the neck as protection against evil spirits. Smells pretty bad.

    School counsellor, The: see Platt, Mister.

    School lunchlady, The: tried to kill the students by putting rat poison in the school meals. She also attacked Xander with a meat cleaver.

    School nurse, The: Real name Ruth Greenleigh. Ruth helped the swim team coach to experiment on members of the swim team. She tried to stop him when she realized that the drugs were turning the boys into sea beasts. Coach Marin fed her alive to the creatures.School nurse at Sunnydale High School in 96-99.

    Scoobies: members of the Scooby Gang.See also A Scooby and The Scooby Gang.

    Scooby, A: More than one is called Scoobies, a member of the Scooby Gang.See also The Scooby gang.

    Scooby Gang, The: a name that Buffy’s friends adopted, due to their similarity with Mysteries Inc.
    Also this is what the slayerettes later change their name to


  • They help Buffy
  • The main scoobies are: Giles, Xander, and Willow.

    Previous Scoobies:Angel, Oz, Cordelia, Riley and Tara

  • Were sometimes considered as a Scooby at some point.Dawn,Faith, Kendra, Principal Wood, Andrew,Joyce, Jenny, Wesley,and Spike.

  • What they contribute to the group:
    Willow and Tara are witches
    Giles and Wesley are watchers
    Spike and Angel are good vampires
    Oz is a werewolf, Cordy has visions and Xander has done just about everything
    Dawn is the key
  • See also Slayerettes.


    Scott Hope: see Hope, Scott.

    Sea beasts: large, green, scaly, amphibious creatures with violent tendencies. Lived in a pack, and fled to the sea. See also Swim Team.

    Seven, The: brotherhood of seven demons who take the form of young humans. Every seven years they need to harvest a brain and a heart in order to maintain their human form. All killed by Sid. See also Morgan Shay, Marc and Emily.

    Sevinsky, Carl: loan officer. Turned Buffy down for a loan even after she saved him from a demon.

    Sharpesville: town destroyed by an ascension in 1723. See also Desmond Caine, The Journal of.

    Shaun: last of the swim team to become a sea beast.

    Sheila: Sunnydale High School student almost expelled for stabbing a horticulture teacher with pruning shears. Turned into a vampire by Druscilla.

    Sheila Rosenberg: see Rosenberg, Sheila.

    She Mantis: A giant preying mantis. She assumes the form of a beautiful woman in order to lure virginal youths back to her lair. There she mates with them before biting off their heads.

    Shindig: Oz defined a shindig as ‘Dip, less mellow song stylings, and large amounts of malt beverage’. See also gathering and hootenanny.

    Shy: Veruca’s band.

    Sid: ventriloquist’s dummy possessed since the 1940s by the soul of a demon hunter. Responsible for killing all of The Seven. See also Morgan Shay.

    Silver Bullets: a bullet made of melted silver.


  • Silver Bullets can kill a werewolf
  • Silver Bullets are hard to find because they have to be specially made normally by the people who use them
  • However it is in great opinion you never try to kill a werewolf they're just humans who get to live a normal life a but one day a year.

    Sir Robert Caine’s Twilight Compendium: book belonging to Giles.

    Sire: noun. A Sire is a vampire’s maker. The one who ‘turned’ them. Can also be used to describe any vampire in that lineage. i.e. Darla and Angelus are both Druscilla’s sire. verb. To sire someone is to make them a vampire.

    Sirus: one of Harmony’s minions. Staked with an arrow by Buffy.

    Sisterhood of Jhe, The: see Jhe, The Sisterhood of.

    Sisters, The Three: female vampires that reside with Count Dracula. Highly seductive.

    Skyler: Demon black marketeer with small horns, pointed ears and yellow eyes. Tried to sell the Books of Ascension to Buffy and Faith for $5,000, but Faith later stabbed him to death and took the books to the Mayor.

    Slayee: vamp that is about to be slain!

    Slayer, The: (noun) Root word is slay which means to kill with violence.

    One girl in all the world born with the strength and skill to hunt vampires. And demons. And bizarre science experiments. Oh, and sometimes Gods. Basically she kicks evil ass! When one Slayer dies, another is ‘chosen’ to take her place. Also called The Chosen One. Each Slayer is given a Watcher – a member of the Watchers’ Council who will help, advise and train her.

  • One is chosen in every generation
  • Works for the watchers council in England
  • If one dies another is called in to take her place
  • The slayer is always a female
  • The slayer kills demons vampires and other monsters the world seems to think don't exist.
    See also Buffy Anne Summers.

    Slayerettes: noun Group of friends to the slayer. An affectionate term used to describe members of The Scooby Gang.


  • Call themselves the Scooby gang
  • Help the slayer do research to fight the emeny
  • Are friends of the slayer (only ones she has!)
  • See also Scooby Gang

    Slayerfest ’98: a competition devised by Mister Trick. Competitors paid him money to enter, and then raced to be the first to kill the two Slayers, Faith and Buffy. Unfortunately they mistook Cordelia for Faith. See also Kulak of the Miquot Clan, Candy Gorch, Lyle Gorch, The Germans and Jungle Bob.

    Slayer Lore: writings and prophecies pertaining to The Slayer.

    Slayer’s Handbook, The: book that sets out the ‘rules’ by which a Slayer must abide, and gives suggested study material. Giles decided not to bother with one for Buffy as soon as he met her!

    Sleepwalker, The: see Eyghon.

    Slice and dice: noun. A fight involving knives or swords. verb .To cut up.

    Snoopy dance: Happy dance performed by Snoopy on ‘Charlie Brown’s Christmas’. Xander performs the Snoopy dance to entertain Willow.

    Snyder, Principal: strict disciplinarian who took over from Principal Flutie. Hated children. Was eaten by The Mayor at Graduation.

    Social leper colony: unpopular group.

    Some kind of a whack: it’s stupid.

    Sophie: employed at the Double Meat Palace, where she became a friend of Buffy. Sophie is not too bright. She is allergic to chocolate, peanuts, barley, eggs, and most dairy food. She was on of those trapped at Buffy’s birthday party by Halfrek.

    Sorcerer Clutier: see Clutier, Sorcerer.

    Soul: noun: 1. the part of a human that being that thinks; feels and makes the body act the spiritual part of a person. 2. energy of the mind or of feelings; spirit 3. cause of inspiration or energy 4. spirit of a dead person.


  • A vampire loses their soul when they are changed
  • It is possible to use powerful magic to give vampires back their souls
  • Angel is one of the only vampires cursed with a soul.

    Speed is of the serious essence: we need to hurry.

    Spellcasters anonymous: group that Willow joined to help her overcome her magic addiction.

    Spells: noun: 1. words or set of words having magical powers. 2. fascination; charm 3. cast a spell on; put under the influence of a spell 4. under a spell; controlled by fascanation


  • They are mainly used by witches
  • Spells can be used for good and bad
  • Depending on the witch and where they let the magic take them is how to determine if it is good or bad

    Spider sense: reference to Buffy’s heightened ability to sense trouble.

    Spike: Sired by Drusilla in London in 1880. She then became his mate. Used to be known as ‘William the Bloody’ because of his bloody awful poetry as a human. Earned the nickname ‘Spike’ through a penchant for torturing his victims with railroad spikes. Had a brief fling with Harmony (after she became a vampire,) before falling in love with Buffy. Spike has killed two Slayers. A Chinese Slayer in China in 1900, and another in New York City in 1977. This one he killed on a subway train by breaking her neck, and then stole her black, leather duster that has become his trademark apparel. He recently underwent terrible trials at the hands of a cave demon in order to win back his soul. Manchester United supporter.See also The Big Bad, Cecily, Behavioural Modification Chip, and The Gem of Amarrah.

    Spontaneous combustion: the act of bursting into flames and being incinerated for no apparent reason. See also Sweet.

    Stake: noun, verb: 1. stick or post pointed at one end for driving into the ground. 2. the stake; a stake to which a person accused of being a witch was tied to and burned to death.

    Driven through the heart of vampires to kill them. An essential weapon for a Slayer. See also Mister Pointy. verb. To stake a vampire is to drive a wooden stake through its heart, thus destroying it. See also dusted.


  • Stakes are the best way to kill a vampire
  • By breaking anykind of wood you can make a stake
  • Kendra's stake was named Mister Pointy. See also Mister Pointy.
  • Willow, Micheal and Amy were almost burned at the stake thats how amy became a rat.


    Stanley, James: Sunnydale High School student in 1955. Had an affair with his teacher, Grace Newman, and accidentally shot her when she tried to break up with him on the night of the Sadie Hawkins Dance. James then went into the Music Room and shot himself. Years later, in 1998, their spirits began to possess people at the school and re-enact the tragedies. See also George, Miss Frank, Mengas Tripod, and wasps.

    Stein, Detective: the detective who investigated Ted’s apparent death at the hands of Buffy.

    Stevens, Principal: female Principal of Dawn’s school at the time of Joyce’s death.

    Stevenson Hall: When Buffy lived on campus at UC Sunnydale, she was in Room 214 Stevenson Hall.

    Stewart Burns: see Burns, Stewart.

    Strauss, Hans and Greta: see Hansel and Gretel.

    Strawberry: Rack’s pet name for Willow. When he shared magic with her he said that she tasted like strawberries.

    St. Vigeous: led a crusade of vampires.

    St. Vigeous, Night of: the night when the vampires’ powers are at their greatest.

    Suckfest: plenty of vampire activity.

    Summers, Buffy Anne: born in 1981. Became the Slayer in 1996. Buffy’s first Watcher was Merrick, but he was killed by a vamp. She was expelled from Hemmery High School for burning down the gym (which was full of vampires), and earned a reputation for being troublesome. After her parents divorced, Buffy moved to Sunnydale with her mother. Here she encountered her new Watcher, Rupert Giles, and her first love, Angel. Buffy was drowned by The Master when she was sixteen, but Xander resuscitated her. Gave her life to save new sister Dawn in 2001, but Willow used a resurrection ritual to bring her back in 2002. (She has cool friends.) Buffy is currently having an on/off relationship with reformed vampire Spike. See also Riley Finn, Scott Hope, Parker Abrams, Joyce Summers, Hank Summers, Celia and just about everything else in this encyclopedia!

    Summers, Hank: Buffy’s father. Divorced from Joyce in 1995. Lives in LA.

    Summers, Joyce: Buffy’s mother. Divorced Hank Summers when Buffy was fifteen, and moved from LA to Sunnydale. Single mother. Ran the Sunnydale Art Gallery. Joyce had an operation to remove a brain tumor. It had seemed to be a success, but she died of a haemorrhage a few weeks later. See also Brown Brothers Mortuary.

    Sunday: leader of a group of loser vamps. They lived in an abandoned theatre on campus at UC Sunnydale, picking off weak freshmen and stealing their belongings. Sunday kicked Buffy’s ass during their first encounter, but the Slayer staked her and her gang the next time they met.

    Sunnydale: The town in California that Buffy moved to in 1996. Relatively small, yet still manages to contain twelve graveyards, an art gallery and an airport! See also Boca Del Infierno.
    Also see Hellmouth.

    Sunnydale Arms: abandoned boarding house in Prescott Lane. The Watchers’ Council bricked up the windows and used it as the site for Buffy’s cruciamentum on her eighteenth birthday.

    Sunnydale High School: school that Buffy transferred to in 1996. Was burnt to a cinder in an explosion on Graduation day in 1999.

    Sunnydale Mission: in 1812 an earthquake caused the mission to sink below ground. Xander accidentally unearthed it during the building of a new anthropology department, causing the spirit of Hus to be released upon the community.

    Sunshine: When Spike was confined to a wheelchair, Druscilla brought him a dog to eat. He declined and Dru kept the dog, calling it Sunshine.

    Sven: exchange student that stayed at Cordelia’s house.

    Sweet: red skinned, bald, pointy chinned demon. Invoking Sweet meant that life became a musical, with everyone bursting into song and sharing their feelings. Secretly summoned by Xander to ensure a happy ending to his relationship with Anya. Xander didn’t realize that the singing eventually led to spontaneous combustion, or that whoever summoned Sweet would be expected to marry the demon…

    Swim Team, The: the school swim team became State champions, but their success was due to experimental drugs administered through the steam in their steam room. It improved their performance, but ultimately turned them into sea beasts. Xander became a member of the swim team in order to find out what was going on. See also swim team coach, Shaun, Cameron Walker, Dodd McAlvy, Gage Petronzi, and Ruth Greenleigh.

    Swim Team Coach: real name Carl Marin. Adapted Soviet research to dose his swim team with fish DNA. Although the drugs did improve their performance, the boys eventually turned into sea beasts. The Coach then kept them in a sewer beneath the school. When the school nurse tried to stop him, he fed her to the sea beasts. When Buffy tried to stop him, he attempted to make her the beasts’ sex toy! Big mistake… he fell into the sewer himself, and was devoured by the creatures.


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    Tabula Rasa: ‘Clean slate.’ Spell to make people forget bad events. Involved burning a little lethe’s bramble, and dipping a crystal into the flame. When the fire burned out, the crystal turned black, and memories were erased. Willow tried to perform this spell, but a spark from the fire set light to a large bundle of lethe’s bramble. The result was that Willow, Tara, Dawn, Buffy, Xander, Anya, Giles and Spike all forgot who/what they were. The spell was broken when the crystal got crushed. See also Joan and Randy.

    Tachicardia: Overactive heart. Racing pulse. Potentially fatal. Riley suffered from it as a withdrawal symptom from the drugs that The Initiative had been feeding him.

    Taparrich: a Mok-tagar demon. Father of Kathy Newman.

    Tara McClay: see McClay, Tara.

    Tarnis: founded the Monks of Dagon in the twelfth century.

    Tarnis, The Book of: book belonging to Giles.

    Tarvlun flesheater: demon that eats human flesh. Warren wanted Andrew to summon one to dispose of Katrina’s body, but Andrew refused, as the Tarvlun are very difficult to control.

    Tattoo:A permanent body art technique that creates marks, symbols, and pictures by inserting color under the skin with fine needles.

  • Angel has a large tattoo of a bird on his back within its talon is The Letter A.

  • Faith has a bold tattoo of a tribal design band with 96 intertwined into it, in the middle of her right arm.
  • Giles has the mark of Eyghon tattooed on his left inner-upper arm.
  • Cordelia has a tattoo of the sun and a moon entwined, in oranges, yellows & some darker pigments.It is located on her lower back right above her crack.

    Others: Knights of Byzantium , Colonel McNamara , Dodd McAlvy , Ethan Rayne , Lily ,Rickie , and Veruca.

    See also Eyghon, The Mark of.

    Technopagan: member of an online coven.

    Ted Buchanan: see Buchanan, Ted.

    Tector Gorch: see Gorch, Tector.

    Telekinesis: the power/ability to move things with one’s mind.

    Telepaths: scabby demons with no mouths that communicated telepathically. Live in pairs. Buffy killed one, and its blood infected her with its mind reading ability. Soon she was unable to cope with her new power, and it began to drive her mad. Angel had to kill the second of the pair, and harvest its heart to make an antidote. Giles found reference to a man in Equador who had been infected by demonic telepathy. The man was driven insane, and had to live in isolation because he couldn’t shut it off.

    Teleportation spell: used to transport something instantly from one place to another. Conjured by Willow and Tara to temporarily get rid of Glory.

    Teraka, The Order of: Society of deadly assassins dating back to King Solomon. Wear rings to identify themselves. Members have no earthly desires except to collect their bounty. Each one works alone, and in their own way. Some are human, some are not, but no matter how many you kill they will keep coming until the job is done. Spike hired three of the assassins to kill Buffy. See also Octarus, Patrice and The Bug Man.

    The hills are not alive: (with the sound of music). Things are not good/happy.

    Theresa Clusmeyer: see Clusmeyer, Theresa.

    Thesalan Orb: see Orb of Thesala.

    Thomas: The first vampire slain by Buffy in Sunnydale. He tried to take Willow as an offering for The Master.

    Thomas Butcher: see Butcher, Thomas.

    Three, The: Warrior vampire trio enlisted by The Master to kill Buffy. Executed by Darla for failing to do so.

    Throwing down: ‘I’m throwing down.’ ie. throwing down the gauntlet. Challenging someone to a fight.

    Thurman, Owen: Buffy’s first boyfriend in Sunnydale. Carried an Emily Dickinson poetry book as a ‘security blanket’. Buffy reluctantly ditched him after their first date when he admitted that he was with her for the danger and excitement.

    Tiberius Manifesto, The: book of prophecies about The Slayer. Lost for centuries.

    Timothy: employee of the Double Meat Palace. Promoted from grill to counter after Gary disappeared.

    Tina: little girl killed by Der Kinderstod while Buffy was in hospital with the flu.

    Tito: plumber friend of Xander’s. Performed a full copper repipe in Buffy’s house.

    Todd, Meredith: One of three high school girls who died in a car accident together. Chris Epps and his friend Eric Gittleson dug up their bodies in order to ‘create’ a girlfriend for Daryl Epps.

    Tom Warner: see Warner, Tom.

    Tombagenesis: when doing a spell creates a demon to balance whatever you have done. A demon was created this way when Buffy was resurrected. Having no form of its own, it borrowed people’s bodies – temporarily possessing them. It could only become flesh if it killed the subject of the original spell. If unable to do so, the demon would eventually dissipate. When the demon tried to kill Buffy she was unable to fight back because of its lack of substance. Willow and Tara performed a spell to make it solid, and Buffy decapitated it.

    Tor: bully at Sunnydale High School. Ate Principal Flutie and Herbert whilst possessed by the spirits of hyenas. See also hyena possession.

    Toth: Demon. Very strong. Last surviving member of the Tothric Clan. Uses tools or devices instead of fighting barehanded. Toth had dark, cracked skin with a kind of green luminescence. He forged a ferula gemina with which to defeat the Slayer.

    Tracer: electronic tagging device used by The Initiative. It is shot at the target like a bullet.

    Transliteration Annuls for the Rituals of the Undead: Liturgy on how to use the Orb of Thesala. An encrypted document, the translation had been lost for years until Jenny Calendar deciphered it using a computer program. Angelus murdered Jenny before she was able to use the spell, and it was several weeks before the disc containing the ritual was found.

    Transpossession: drawing spirits from one place into another.

    Trick, Mister: Sidekick of Kakistos. Recruited by The Mayor after creating Slayerfest 98. Mister Trick was a vampire, and very much into modern technology. He was staked by Faith when he tried to kill Buffy.

    Trio, The: a group of three geeks who got together after Graduation and decided to take over the world. Warren Meers, Andrew Wells and Jonathon Levinson. Their HQ was in the basement of Warren’s mother’s house. They had a big, black van with surveillance and audio equipment, the horn of which played the Star Wars theme. See also Freeze ray, The Orbs of Nevlacon, Jetpacks and Inhibitor.

    The Troika: see The Trio.

    Troll: looks like a Viking would if your TV colours were all messed up! Big. Green. Horns. Very strong and violent. Trolls like to fight, drink, and eat babies. See also Olaf and Troll hammer.

    Troll hammer: a troll’s weapon of choice. Extremely heavy. Buffy used Olaf’s hammer to batter Glorificus. A troll’s power is in his hammer.

    Tsebuto, Sam: Kendra’s Watcher. Well respected within The Watchers’ Council.

    Tsuvolti: a very rare, almost extinct demon. The Tsuvolti are breeders. They set up nests, lay lots of eggs and multiply like crazy. (So how come they’re almost extinct?!) They mature fast and start to kill as soon as they hatch. Seven or eight feet tall, gray, with loads of teeth, they are surprisingly agile. Riley and Sam Finn tracked one to Sunnydale. See also The Doctor.

    Tucker Wells: see Wells, Tucker.

    Twinkie defense: pathetic excuse.


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    Ufta: Goddess of childbirth.

    Ugly Man, The: nightmare manifestation of Billy Palmer’s Little League coach. A hideously deformed man with a club for an arm.

    Uncle Ken: see Ken, Uncle.

    Uncle Rory: see Rory, Uncle.

    Undead, The: Human beings who have died yet their bodies are still capable of thoughts and actions. These can range from imbecilic zombies, to cool and calculating vampires.

    Uninvitation spell: ritual to revoke an invitation to a vampire so that it may not enter in future.

    Unscheduled slayage: unexpectedly having to fight vampires.

    Urn of Osiris, The: see Osiris, The Urn of.


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    Vahrall demon: three metres tall, with long talons and great strength. They carve their symbol, a stylized eye, upon their victims. See also The Sacrifice of Three, and The Word of Valios.

    Valentine’s Day: Cordelia chose Valentine’s Day to break up with Xander (the first time), even though he had just given her a heart necklace which she loved. Angelus’s gift to Drusilla was a freshly ripped out heart.

    Valios, The Word of: Fifteenth century talisman belonging to Giles. He bought it at a sorcerer’s estate sale without realizing what it was. Stolen by a Vahrall demon to perform the Sacrifice of Three.

    Vampires: noun 1. A corpse supposed to come to life at night and suck the blood of people while they sleep. (Vam'pïr)
    Characterstics of Vampires:

    The last demon to leave the Earth fed off a human, infecting him. He was cursed to drink blood, thus infecting others. Vampires are the undead, and have no souls. They drink blood to survive, do not age, and have no reflection. A stake through the heart, decapitation, fire or sunlight can kill vampires. They are repelled by garlic, and burn when touched by holy water or crosses.

    Feed on blood of the living
    Like just like humans until time to feed
    If there is an exchange of blood between a mortal and a vampire the mortal becomes human
    Vampires are immortal

    Ways of Killing a Vampire:

    1. Putting a wooden stake through it's heart
    2. Direct Sunlight will kill a vampire
    3. The Slayer
    4. A vampire is truly dead if it turns to dust


    Vamp Willow: from Bizarro Land. Called into our reality by mistake when Anya and Willow performed a spell to retrieve Anya’s necklace from the alternate reality. In her reality, vamp Willow was dating vamp Xander. She was a favourite of The Master, and was staked by Oz. See also Bizzaro Land, Parrallel Dimensions,the Puppy,bored now and Vamp Xander.

    Vamp Xander: from Bizarro Land. Vampire Willow and Vampire Xander were The Master’s favourites. They killed Cordelia in this world. See also Bizzaro Land, Parrallel Dimensions,and Vamp Willow..

    Vampyr: Ancient spelling of vampire.

    Vengeance demon: ruled over and chosen by D’Hoffryn, the vengeance demons used to be mortal women. Their job is to avenge people who have been wronged by granting them one wish. Sometimes the vengeance demons are summoned, and sometimes they simply appear in human form, only to reveal their true selves after a wish has been made. Anyanka was the vengeance demon for women, and Halfrek avenged mistreated children. Each demon has a necklace that is their power centre.

    Ventriloquist: see Morgan Shay.

    Ventriloquist’s dummy: see Sid.

    Veruca: lead singer with the band ‘Shy’. Bewitching to men when she sang. Veruca was a female werewolf who was fully aware of everything that she did as a wolf. Rather than reject her feral side, she reveled in it. She wanted to make Oz her man, and tried to kill Willow so that he would be free. Oz arrived just in time to save his girlfriend by wolfing out and killing Veruca.

    Vessel, The: During The Harvest, the Vessel was supernaturally linked to The Master. Every time the Vessel fed, The Master grew stronger.


  • The Vessel bears a three pointed symbol on their head.
  • The Vessel feeds during the harvest to give their master power.
  • The master chose Luke to be the Vessel.

    Vincent: member of El Eliminati. Vampire minion of Balthazar.

    Vino de Madre: ‘wine of the mother’. Blood taken from a sacrificed fawn. Willow killed it herself to obtain the blood for Buffy’s resurrection ritual.

    Vision Quest: After Joyce died, Giles took Buffy into the wilderness on a quest to discover more about her slayer self. Here she encountered a guide in the form of the First Slayer, who told her that death was her gift.

    Vlad the Impaler: human name of Count Dracula. Vlad was a prince who saved his country from a Turkish invasion despite being greatly outnumbered. He gave instructions that all Turkish captives were to be impaled alive on thirty-foot poles. Terrified by the sight, the Turks left his land. Last name is Tepes. Pronounced Tepesh.


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    Walken, Jeff: friend of Oz. Mauled to death by a jealous Pete Clarner because he was friends with Pete’s girlfriend, Debbie. The Scoobies originally suspected that Oz had killed Jeff during one of his werewolf turns.

    Walker, Cameron: member of the school swim team. Had one date with Buffy, which ended in him getting a sprained wrist and bloody nose when he tried to grope her. Second member of the team to turn into a sea beast.

    Walsh, Professor Maggie: psychology teacher at UC Sunnydale. Tough teacher whose TA was Riley Finn. Maggie was also joint head of a secret government organization called The Initiative. She designed, and was in charge of Project 314. Professor Walsh invited Buffy to join The Initiative, but tried to have her killed when the Slayer asked too many questions. Maggie was skewered through the heart by Adam, who later reanimated her body to work in his secret laboratory. See also Doctor Angleman and behavioural modifier.

    Warlock: noun.1.male witch.2.An oath breaker.

    Warner, Tom: seemingly pleasant senior at Cresswood College. Member of Delta Zeta Kappa fraternity house. Actually the leader of a sect that worshipped Machida. Invited Buffy and Cordelia to a frat party where he intended to sacrifice them.

    Wasps: When the Scoobies tried to perform an exorcism on James Stanley at Sunnydale High School, he sent a vast swarm of wasps to chase them from the building.

    Watcher, A: The person sent to watch over the Slayer


    It is the Watcher’s job to train and prepare The Slayer.
    An expert in the occult and paranormal.
    Member of the Watchers’ Council.


    Watchers’ Council, The: An ancient, powerful and mysterious organization based in England. They exist to monitor paranormal evil the world, and to train girls mystically chosen to become The Slayer.

    Watcher’s Journal: Every Watcher keeps a journal that must be surrendered to The Watchers’ Council. Other Watchers use these as reference material.

    Watchers’ Retreat: An event held annually in The Cotswolds. There are lectures and other activities including riding, hiking, punting, and kayaking. It is a great honour to be invited to the Retreat. Giles has never been, but would dearly like to.

    Wells, Andrew: a closet gay, and the brother of Tucker Wells. One of the Trio. Whilst still in High School, Andrew trained flying monkeys to attack the school play. A nerdy little geek, it is doubtful that Andrew ever had an original idea in his life. In the Trio, Andrew’s talent was summoning demons. He had a crush on Warren, and did anything he was told. Completely without conscience, Andrew thought it was ‘cool’ that they got away with Katrina’s murder. Although unable to stand up for himself, he bullied Jonathon when Warren was around.

    Wells, Tucker: raised a pack of hellhounds, and fed them on cow brains ordered once a week from the butcher. Tucker trained them to attack people in formal wear, and planned to use them to kill everyone at the Prom. His only reason was that he couldn’t get a date. LOSER!! Tucker had a younger brother, Andrew Wells. See also David Metz.

    Wendell: Sunnydale High student who was attacked by tarantulas in class.

    Werewolf : (wêr'wûlf') noun, a human that becomes a huge wolf-like creature during a full moon, and the nights directly following and preceding a full moon.


    They are usually unaware of anything they do during this change.
    Can stop the transformation if they hold innerpeace
    Can live a normal life all but a few nights a month
    Has to be bitten by a werewolf in order to become one
    See also Oz, Cousin Geordie, Veruca, and Caine.

    Werewolf cure: Tibetan monks taught Oz to control his werewolf side with some herbs, chanting, a couple of talismans, and ‘keeping his cool’.

    Werewolf Hunter: see Caine.

    Wesley Wyndam Pryce: see Wyndam Pryce, Wesley.

    West, Percy: basketball player who was flunking history. Principal Snyder told Willow to tutor him. Percy refused to study, and made Willow do all of his homework until vamp Willow beat him up one night at The Bronze. Believing that it was Willow herself, Percy became a model student until Graduation.

    What’s the what: what’s going on?

    Wheelchair: Buffy thought that she had killed Spike after collapsing a church organ on him, and burning down the building. Druscilla saved him from a fiery doom, but he spent several weeks recovering in a wheelchair.

    When you’ve visited de-caf land: when you’ve calmed down a bit.

    Whistler: Immortal demon sent down to even the score between good and evil. Looks human. Responsible for bringing Buffy to Angel’s attention in 1996, and dragging him out of his decades of brooding by giving him a purpose.

    White hats: the good guys. Used in Bizzaro Land. See also Bizzaro Land.

    Whitmore, Mister: ‘Teen health’ teacher who gave the class an assignment to look after an egg. Was under the control of the Mother Bezoar, and the eggs actually contained bezoar offspring.

    Wicca: witch that follows the Wiccan faith.

    Wiccan group: Willow met Tara at the on campus wiccan group. The other members were not interested in magic or spells, and spent their time arranging bake sales. Willow referred to them as ‘a bunch of wanna-blessed-bes’.

    Wicked jumpy: On edge. Jittery.

    Wicked rowdy: boisterous.

    Wig: ‘Wig out’ - freak out or go crazy. See also ‘Wiggins’.

    Wiggins: ‘Having a wiggins’ – going nuts about something.

    Wig lady: regular customer at the Double Meat Palace. Seemed to be simply a little old lady in a bad wig. The wig really concealed a large, snake-like (OK. Penis. It looked like a really big penis. With teeth.) demon that grew out of her skull. The snakey thing paralyzed its victims so that it could eat them slowly. It paralyzed Buffy, but Willow killed it before it could do more than nibble her shoulder. Freud would have a field day with this one…

    Wilkins, Edna Mae: married Richard Wilkins in 1903. Died old and senile, and cursing her husband for his eternal youth.

    Wilkins III, Richard: see The Mayor.

    Wilkinson, Doctor: Female doctor who tended to Buffy when she was hospitalized with flu.

    Willie’s Place: name of the demon bar run by Willie the Snitch.

    Willie The Snitch: human who runs a bar frequented by demons and vampires. Willie overhears a lot of things in the bar, and usually knows who is doing what. Regularly bribed or ‘roughed up’ to get him to reveal information. See also Willie’s Place.

    Willis: member of The Initiative’s beta team. Killed by a werewolf while out on patrol. See also Oz.

    Willow: see Rosenberg, Willow.

    Witch, A: noun woman supposed to be under the influence of spiritsand to have magic powers. 2.An ugly woman


    They practice witchcraft.
    Technopagans are witches who use the internet to pratice spells and chants
    Can not be defined as good or evil

    Witchcraft: noun, what a witch does or can do; magic power or influence

    Witchcraft, a History of: book belonging to Willow and Tara. Dawn read about resurrection spells in it.

    Wolf-out: to transfigure into the werewolf state.

    Word of Valios, The: see Valios, The Word of.

    World Cultural Fair: a multi cultural event that Tara attended alone after arguing with Willow. Glory found her there and sucked her brain.

    Worth, Professor Lester: Lifelong bachelor, and expert on volcanoes. Headed an expedition in Kauai digging through the old lava beds of a dormant volcano. Found the carcass of a true demon that had been killed by the eruption. Faith stabbed the professor to death on the Mayor’s orders.

    Writings of Drameus, The: see Drameus, The Writings of.

    Wyndam Pryce, Wesley: A bespectacled Watcher sent to replace Giles after he was fired. Partly responsible for Faith going bad, although he acted on good intentions. At first an idiotic dweeb, Wesley later proved himself to be a good Watcher and loyal friend. He and Cordelia had a crush on each other, but this quickly went away when the couple kissed and found the experience lacking! Wesley was fired from the Council over his poor handling of the situation when Faith killed a human. He became a ‘rogue demon hunter’ for a while, before working with Angel Investigations in LA.


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    Xander: see Harris, Alexander Lavelle.

    Xenamorphic behavioural modification: experiment performed on Spike by The Initiative. It involved implanting a chip in his brain that would cause him acute neurological pain if he tried to harm a human being. Spike was able to use this fact to prove that Tara was not a demon. At first Spike wanted to stake himself, but recovered his lust for ‘life’ when he realized that he could still fight demons.


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    Yak cheese: very stinky. Willow kept some in her bra for undisclosed magical purposes.

    Yawnworthy: boring.

    You were my Yoda: you were my mentor. I looked up to you.


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    Zach: Janice Penshaw’s date on Halloween. Turned out to be a vampire, and was dusted by Giles. See also Justin.

    Zachary Kralik: see Kralik, Zachary.

    Zeppo, The: expendable member of the group.

    Zombie: A reanimated human corpse. Zombies are brought back to life by black magic, and the spell caster then controls them. Zombies usually have IQs to match their shoe size, and move awkwardly due to being… well, dead! See also Undead.

    Zomboids: insulting term to describe those who just follow orders, and cannot think for themselves.


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