“The last demon which fled the ground would have bitten human by poisoning its blood. By doing this, the man became as had, infected by the démoniaque heart. He bit many his congeneric, which traversed the world to appease their hunger or to mix their blood in order to propagate their race, proceeding to the extermination of ours so that theirs reigns on ground.”
Gilles, “Welcome with Sunnydale 2/2”

Characteristics of the vampire

Here some important points on the vampires:

•   A vampire cannot enter a house without to be invited there before. But in the public places or the place of residence of nonhuman, it can. But once you invited a vampire on your premise, it will be able to return to its own way unless you do not follow a very specific ritual cancelling this invitation.
•   The vampires have reflection, neither in a pane, nor in a mirror: not easy to shave! And do not have shade either (finally that depends a little in “Buffy” and “Angel”). Ca it is rather practical to continue its victim discreetly! One can nevertheless photograph and film a vampire.
•   Water bénite burns the skin of the vampires, which, at the time of a combat, the fact of fleeing.
•   A cross also pushes back them. When a vampire comes into contact with a cross, its skin starts to burn and smoke. During a prolonged exposure, the vampire can end up being entirely consumed.
•   A vampire does not age, which explains why the vampires do not change and always have same appearance after 200 years. But it can change mentally obviously.
•   They are not with the mode and rather get dressed style 80 ' S. That depends in fact especially on its creation date, but in general the vampires are not really with before guard of the mode. It is a good means of noticing them in a crowd.
•   Of course, they have canines longer than the average what enables them to bite more easily by leaving small holes in the skin. When they change and take their vampiric form, their teeth take volume, especially the canines, and their face becomes uneven and wrinkled.
•   A vampire does not breathe, it does not have a breath: it is in particular the reason for which Angel could not make of mouth with mouth with Buffy at the end of season 1 of “Btvs”. Despite everything, they can smoke (to imitate the breath) and “be choked”, as Spike in season 7 when he was tortured by the Force which drowned it.
•   The vampires generally use the sewers to move in the course of the day, which enables them not to be exposed in the light of the day. The trick is also to drive a car to the panes tinted in black, but to see there it simple and that is not done a little equivocal. : /
•   Precisely, they fear the natural light, the sun which transforms them into dust in a wink. Despite everything, certain vampires resist better in the light of the day and spend more time (about a few seconds) to disintegrate. If they are exposed right at a place of their body, the skin will smoke but they will not disintegrate.
•   The best method to kill a vampire is to insert a pile to him of wood in the heart. Attention not to be aimed at side! Any other instrument out of wooden can make the deal, like a handle with brush, an arrow or a branch of tree, but a sword, for example, will not kill it. Decapitation is also very a good solution!
•   The vampires are cold, the cold heart, the cold hands, because makes some, they died and deaths do not have any more the same temperature but the alive ones. But this history of temperature is quite relative… As they died, they do not have any more a heart, but some have nevertheless succeeds in recovering it like Angel or Spike, but that remains exceptional. As a nobody dead, a vampire can generate the life thus not to have of child (except special case like Angel and Darla which gave rise to Connor). Moreover, they are immortal in the direction where they cannot die like human and recover easily from their wounds.
•   If one fears to be attacked, the best solution to protect remainder the good olds well-known receipts: garlic, cross, water bénite. The vampires also fear the Bibles.


A vampire can vampiriser human in the corrosive one and drinking its blood (not entirely) then while making him drink its own blood. The human one dies then and is buried then leaves its tomb during the night: here, it became a vampire.

How to kill a vampire?

•   He to plant a pile of wood in the heart (attention be precise!)
•   To decapitate
•   To explode in the light of the sun
•   To soak in water bénite
•   To burn (or rather to ignite it, entirely)
•   To kill with the Scythe of Tueuses (if you are one!)
•   To poison with a special product (like Faith at the end of the season 3 of “Buffy”)

But why…?

•   … the vampires bleed if they do not have blood circulation? How do they digest the blood which they ingurgitent? For what is used the blood which they drink since their muscles and bodies died? And existential question: how can they have an erection?
•   … the vampires can smoke or be choked if they do not breathe? Why are they blown sometimes? And if they can imitate breathing to smoke, they must be able to make similar to breathe?
•   … Spike likes onions, Angel rail in connection with the taste of the coffee, Harmony likes to put spices in its blood if the vampires do not have the direction of the taste?

Vampires of “Btvs”

The oldest vampire that we know in “Btvs” is the Master, also called Heinrich Joseph Nest, he was found locked up in the basements of Sunnydale but after having briefly killed Buffy (ressucitée by Alex), it ends up killing it.
The Master generated Darla in particular, it is devoted to his creator. He taught us that it had more than 400 years. It was killed by Angel at the time of the first season. Thereafter, it returned from the hell thanks to a magic formula in the series “Angel” under an human form but Dru the revampirisa and it remade the evil in Los Angeles while in particular trying to find Angelus. Finally pregnant of Angel of small Connor, human, the heart of the baby made it more human, but of fear of making him evil once it would not be any more in it, it planted a pile in the heart to put it at the world.
Darla generated Angelus, and they were together during two centuries in order to sow chaos. Until Angelus finds its heart. This vampirisation occurred to Galway, to Ireland approximately 240 years ago. Angelus being at the time a drunkard without much reason to live and named Liam. It fell then in love with Buffy and ends up losing its heart by making love with it. It found it thereafter but decided to leave Sunnydale. It fights the evil in Los Angeles now.
For its démoniaque period, Angel tracked Drusilla, an young woman having visions which it made insane while killing its family and finally vampirisée it. It also killed a young gipsy and as a revenge, its people launched a fate to Angelus so that it becomes aware of his crimes while returning his heart to him.
Drusilla is thus the “little girl” of Darla. She has visions and is a little - euh, much insane.
Drusilla then vampirisé William, a young rather poor poet, feeling too only. This one had at the time the patronym of “William the bloodthirsty man” because it - known as one made bleed the ears of people with his so bad poetry. It then became Spike.
Spike killed two Tueuses and sowed chaos with Drusilla, Darla and Angel during several centuries.
Other vampires were seen in “Btvs” and “Angel”: Luke, subject of the Master; Mr. Trick; Harmony; Jess; heaps of other unknown vampires… As well as special races of vampires, of which Turok-Hans, “vampires that the vampires fear”. Very robust and ugly. Buffy fought them during season 7 whereas the Force had succeeds in recreating them thanks to mythical Sceau of Danzalthar and with a great quantity of blood of Spike.

Some definitions

HEART: The vampires lose it while passing from the statute of human to that of vampire. Some have the chance - or bad luck to find it, like Angel or Spike.
CRYPT: General place where the vampires live.
DESTINTEGRATION: When a vampire “dies”, i.e. that it falls in dust, it is also said that it disintegrates.
TO GENERATE: The term “vampiriser” is not regarded as correct in the seventh season of the series, Buffy employs the term rather to generate.
FORGERY: This tool forged by women for Tueuse is very powerful in the hands of the latter and can decapitate or pieuter several vampires at the same time.
PILE: Arms in form with stake with wood intended to be planted in the heart of a vampire to reduce it in dust.
SHANSHU: Prophecy saying that the vampire having a heart will play a central role in the Apocalypse and will become again definitively human.
LORD: Titrate that which vampirise human. Angel is the Lord de Drusilla, for example.
TRANSFORMATION: Change of appearance of the vampire, which passes from human appearance to vampiric appearance.
TUEUSE: Tueuse is an young woman with the supers capacities whose mission is of éradiquer the vampires of the Earth.
TUROK-HAN: Special race of wilder and monstueuse vampire still that the vampires which we have the practice to see. The Force in created an army by nourishing the Seal of Danzalthar of blood to make them leave ground. They have very difficult to kill. It is said them that they are “the vampires which the vampires fear”.
VAMPIRE: Died which leaves its tomb to go to drink the blood of alive into corrosive its victim in the neck thanks to its very developed canines. They fear light of day, do not have a reflection and can be killed by a pile in the heart.

The diagrammatic family tree