Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)

Sarah raises four tattooings. She made its first tattooing at the 18 years age. She states to like tattooing and regards that as a variation of painting. She says not to regret any of its tatoos.
The first tattooing of Sarah is on its ankle right, inside the foot. It represents a dagger with the top of a heart but is not very visible on the photographs because one seldom photographs it under this angle! Sarah did it after being herself separate of one of her lovers because its heart was then fragile and was threatened to be transpierced… before it finds the love in Freddie. It is a symbol for the religion taoist which means “patience”. It was its first tattooing.
Second is placed on its hip, it represents the Chinese symbol of the integrity. Sarah sought it in a dictionary and then went to be made it tattoo at “Sunset Strip Tattoos”, in Los Angeles.
The third tattooing of Sarah is in the bottom of its back. It is in fact two dragonflies represented in folding, identical on each side. By far, one with the impression to see a face. It does not have special significance, but Sarah loving these small insects, she wanted to be made them tattoo. Apparently Sarah made this tattooing around February 2002. She was also made it tattoo at “Sunset Strip Tattoos”.
The fourth is inside its ankle left. Sarah seems to be herself to it made make in 2006 and one has Pu to discover it at the time of the Cannes festival. It represents a flowered branch of petals and pink buds and two Chinese characters meaning “femme fatale, “beauty” or “imperial concubine”. Any Sarah, all in all;)

Alyson Hannigan (Willow)

Alyson has 3 tattooings. Two of those are on its ankles.
On ankle left, Alyson was made tattoo… a tortoise! How it is mimi!
On ankle right, inside, it raises tribal dolphins.
In the bottom of the back, Alyson carries Japanese the Kanji symbol which means joy and happiness that it shows proudly.
It appears that Alyson has another tattooing in the nape of the neck, but not having no photograph to prove it, one waits to see…

Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia)

Charisma carries two very visible tattooings and was recently made make the third tattooing. She likes much to show them, just like Alyson.
Thus, one distinguishes very well a splendid sun with a face and the moon encrusted in bottom from his back. Let us tons orange, yellow and red give cheerfulness to this pretty small sun. Charisma explained why this tattooing represented its astrological sign, the lion, but also which she sought a tatoo to make when she saw this sun on the body of promised in marriage sound (husband from now on!), Damian Hardy, and she said herself that it was exactly what she wanted. She made it make during the preceding summer the beginning of season 1 of “Angel”. This tattooing is not covered when Charisma plays Cordelia in “Angel”, one thus could on several occasions see it during the episodes of the series.

Charisma raises also a beautiful rosary to its left wrist. The cross is with the hollow of this one and the chain surrounds its wrist. It did it for always remembering to make confidence with spirituality. Zen…! Charisma adopted this rosary during season 2 of “Angel”. This tattooing was made up when Charisma interpreted Cordelia in “Angel”. The make-up men explained this by the fact that Angel is a vampire and that Cordelia has a cross tattooed with the hollow of the wrist would be incoherent.
After birth on its son Donovan (it is supposed that it did it about April 2003), Charisma decided to mark its right wrist of “D ²” meaning Donovan X Damian, the two men of its life.

Nicholas Brendon (Alex)

On the left shoulder, Nick was made tattoo a large cross with a diamond with the crossing.
Nick was made tattoo the biceps! Indeed, this very discrete tattooing is straightforwardly indefinable so much it is tiny. But it would seem that it is a dagger surrounded by something. It is inside its right-hand man. One could foresee it the one moment space during a scene of the episode “the Beverage of the Devil” of season 4 of “Buffy”.

David Boreanaz (Angel)

In order to symbolize on his skin his love for his Jaime wife, David and it were made tattoo after their marriage the interior of their wrists. On its right wrist, it has the Chinese symbol which represents the heart (photo of right-hand side). Jaime has as for it the sign of the “destiny” on the left wrist. In the same way, Jaime with the “heart” tattooed on the right wrist and David the “destiny” on the left wrist (photo of left). Also, when the two lovers are held by the hand, their heart and their destiny are sealed.

Mercedes McNab (Harmony)

Mercedes raises a discrete and original tattooing. Indeed, it is on its left big toe that one can admire a pretty tattooed star.

Eliza Dushku (Faith)

The actress decided to be made tattoo the symbol present on the flag Albanien, an eagle with double-head, at the time of her recent voyage on the native soil of her father. This tattooing is for it a return to the sources because its roots are in Albania. Its site? In top of the back of the young woman, just in lower part of the nape of the neck. Eliza is from now on proud of exhiber this part of its body for its special significance.

For what is remainder of the cast, it would seem that they do not carry tattooings, or at least, those were never revealed…

Angel (David Boreanaz)

As for the famous tattooing of Angel, located in its back, will know that it is a forgery! And yes, 100% fake! It is a décalco of which here the image…
Here the origin of this tattooing…

Griffon by Marion.
The griffon is a fabulous bird with nozzle and wings of eagle, and the body of lion. The griffon of emblematic medieval evokes the double divine quality of force and wisdom, which are acquired during the years by Angel. The force, once it is changed by Darla into vampire, and the wisdom which it gains by its age and the fact that it found its heart. If one compares the symbolic system specific to the eagle with that of the lion, one can say that the griffon connects the terrestrial power of the lion to the celestial energy of the eagle. It fits thus in the general symbolic system of the forces of the hello. Angel seeks its redemption indeed. Moreover, the griffon symbolizes for the Hebrews the Good (Angel) and the Evil (Angelus). However, the griffon is interpreted in an unfavourable direction according to a Christian tradition, its hybrid nature removes to him the frankness and the nobility of the one and other (the eagle and the lion)… It represents the cruel force rather. In Christian symbolic system, it is the image of the demon, and synonymous with Satan. But it also indicates the major force, the imminent danger (E. Gevaert, the Heraldic one, in DROD, 90). These characteristics as for them describe with Angelus wonder. Among Greeks, let us scratch them are compared to the monsters guards of treasures. They symbolize the force and vigilance, but also the obstacle to cross to arrive at the spoils. This symbolic system is not without making think of episode 07, of season 03, entitled “Treason” during which Angel protects the glove from Minégone vis-a-vis the old observer Gwendolyn Post.
During an interview of Todd McIntosh, in connection with this tattooing. “In the beginning, that was to be a clover sheet (emblem of Ireland), but I said “One minute, this vampire there has two or three hundred years, it cannot have a clover sheet on the shoulder. One started to discuss various tribal symbols, of family armorial bearings, like signs of recognitions during the battles, to identify the bodies, which belong to which clan. I drew many of these armorial bearings, but that did not function. One ended up going in a completely different direction, and we fell from agreements on a Celtic reason, a cat, marked letter A.I went to prepare the transfer, which took an insane time because it was rather elaborate. The come day I pose tattooing and everyone panics on the plate: “They is well too large! One wanted a whole small!”. Result of the races, one adopted a griffon after another series of long research. “

Faith (Eliza Dushku)

Famous tattooing that Faith raises around the right biceps is a forgery! Eliza Dushku did not have at the time of the turning of the series any tattooing itself, but to give the corrosive one to her character, the actress agreed to be made some make a forgery for the scenes requiring it. But Eliza went further: she even raised the tattooing of Faith at meetings photographs in order to give more credibility to her role. For this reason it happens that Eliza has this tattooing on photographs which, obviously, do not represent Faith.

I drew these tattooings in order to better study them. Ci below: That of Alyson Hannigan and that of David Boreanaz.