Sunnydale is the city where the series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Located south of California, Sunnydale has not less than 38,500 inhabitants. It was founded by one of the ancestors of the former Mayor of the city: Mr. Richard Wilkins III and was colonized centuries ago by the Spanish, who bequeathed him a typical architecture and the "Boca Del Infierno" nickname. In 1812, it was shaken by a mysterious earthquake destroying many buildings. The world of the night is known for its peculiarity that is to be located on the mouth of hell (Boca Del Infierno).

But despite this peculiarity, its inhabitants live in Sunnydale as elsewhere, roam, go to bronze, in high school... Sunnydale is located in California, and under normal circumstances it is rather nice and warm, but not to mention the snow storm that is seen in the city at Christmas 1999. This is never seen!

Sunnydale, during Christmas, as everywhere in the world, goes to the taste of the day with fabulous decorations on the festive streets of the city. Night, perched on the hills of the city, one can enjoy the many illuminated houses.


Sunnydale has all the comforts of a charming city California. There is therefore a hospital, open 24 hours, with many rooms and services where patients are supported by prominent doctors. Fresh blood is delivered every month but can only rarely to good port due to hold-ups of vampires.

The Police Station of the city, also open 24 hours, often overloaded due to investigations into the many murders that occur every night, is among the best in the region. Commissioner Bob, Winslow or Stein inspectors will be at your service.

The Mayor of Sunnydale, including the previous Mayor, Mr Richard Wilkins III, finished burned in high school while he had done his 'rise', that is to say its transformation into a demon serpent; now has a new mayor elected in 1999. This large white building shows the supremacy of this Californian City. The Town Hall is open to the public from 8 h to 12 h and from 13 h to 17 h, Monday to Friday.

The "Sunnydale Securities Bank", Bank of the city, is open from 8 h to 18 h for all withdrawals, loans... Carl Savitsky, banker of Buffy, not ready step easily... beware.

Sunnydale has also a fire station, a large shopping center with all the services you need, a military base led by Colonel Newsome to perform your preparation for defence or military service. This database includes a Museum of arms open Saturday from 13 h to 15 h. The city also has an airport for various flights and a train station and a bus station. Is a coastal city with several beaches and a port.

A sudden desire to pray, to go to mass, you marry, baptize your child..., well you will have the choice of the place because the city has 43 churches!


This impressive clock tower was used as a hideout to the Gentlemen when they made the city silent in order to steal the hearts of the inhabitants.

This inca temple is the famous refuge of the Guardians of the Scythe of Slayers in which Buffy fought and killed Caleb and met Angel.

In addition to these 43 churches, 12 cemeteries are established in Sunnydale! Most famous are Restfield Cimetery and Shady Hill Cimetery.

The “Boca Del Infierno” would not carry this nickname without its famous Bouche of the Hell!


Among the many shops of clothes of the city, you can find lovely chic ensembles and fashion in April Fools. This is that young students dress on the festivities or of prom.

A magic shop is also located in Sunnydale. This is the "Uncle Bob's Magic Cabinet". You will find everything to offer to your lover on Valentine, as well as all the ingredients available to make a potion, a spell, a filter... Another shop by the name of "The dragon's cave" you will also. Here are a few photos that will inform you on the atmosphere of this kind of places.



The "Magic Box" is the magic shop that resumed Giles in the death of its owner - killed by the gang of Harmony - at the beginning of season 5. This allowed him to indulge in his passion, reading, since it sells books, but also to free his home became the headquarters of the gang during the s4, now it is the "Magic Box", and the room from behind even workout room helps Buffy. Anya quickly became his employee, loving and being especially clever with money. The store has survived two years before it was totally ravaged by Dark Willow, and more reopened since...

Sunnydale has also a hardware of the name of “Decker Hardware” located not far from “Uncle Bob' S Magic Cabinet”.

Sunnydale has its own skating rink where one can involve oneself, to have fun or see spectacles.

There is also a public swimming pool which is used to the pupils of the college for the courses of sport and with the team as swimming for their drive.

There is also the famous bar of Willy: “Willy' S places”, a sordid place where will rather trail “equivocal” people like the demons, the vampires, or the lost ones. Buffy and its gang there often will find infos on the malefic creatures.

If you want to make you a fabric, go to Sun Cinéma, one of these old American cinemas which pass by again traditional the most famous.


Sunnydale also has another place much frequented by students and demons: the Bronze. Trendy nightclub, the Bronze is the Scooby gang meeting point. Here, have fun, it watches for evil things, dancing... The Bronze was destroyed during the fifth season by Olaf the Troll. It has since been completely redone in a style much more 'space'. You can listen to many different styles of music including the famous group 'Dingoes ate my' baby, the singer Michelle Branch, K's Choice... During the evenings "Cockroach", you win a free drink for every cockroach reported at the bar. There is another rival bar of Bronze but well less reputed, "Fish Tank".

It re-opened in season 7. with many renovations.

Sunnydale also counts among its “strange” places a bar-restaurant of the name of “Espresso Pump” to the connected and accessible style which feels by its original decoration: the best table of the restaurant is in fact an old cap! Covers are also same style because they resemble spare parts of cars!

During season 6, Buffy which is very indebted must find a job and then becomes worker at the Doublemeat Palace, a chain of American fast food. Their recipe: meat of poultry mixed with beef... but in fact, Buffy discovers that the real secret is in the "Doubelemeat", not only there is not two meats, but there's no meat at all: it is completely vegtable! She worked there until the end of the season.

The HighSchool (Before rebuilding)

The most known college of the city is Sunnydale High School, but there is a second, baptized Fondren High.

The college of Sunnydale - Before rebuilding.

Speaking of school precisely, the famous high school of Sunnydale has hardly lived after the arrival in town of Buffy Summers: 3 years, and yet, with many of the difficulties because the demons have decided to hunt down the killer at all times. Nevertheless, our friends did their years of second, first and Terminal. In addition, high school library is located on the mouth of hell itself, which, moreover, was open again and again, this has facilitated anything for our killer. The Scooby Gang spent his time at the library, where Giles the librarian and * ancillary * Buffy observer, are discreetly stored his books dealing with the supernatural. Also, as soon as a meeting was to take place, she was there, and most of the research also. So for 3 years it was the HQ of the Scooby Gang.

The library of the college - HQ of the Scooby-Gang.

The college in ruins after its explosion.

The college (After rebuilding)

The high school was rebuilt during 2002 by the construction company whose Alex is part. Dawn was able to make its first re-entry in the same high school as Buffy, Alex and Willow had known! Sunnydale High School is back! Its headmaster is Robin Wood and the mouth of hell is now under his desk.

University (CPU)

The University of Sunnydale was introduced to us in 2000, when entering in the Faculty of Buffy, Oz and Willow. This complex Recalling the Californian UCLA University, brings together amphis, dormitories, cafets... There is particular "Lowell House, where are many festivals held and where you can find students from Sunnydale. But...

.. .in "Lowell House" below hides the Initiative, a military Institute to capture, explore, kill or inhibit the destructive impulses of the demons and vampires inhabiting Sunnydale. It is by an elevator secret that members (students day, military night) initiative joined their leader, who is none other than Maggie Walsh, the so-called prof of psycho.


If you seek a place not too expensive where to sleep in Sunnydale, you will really have the choice between two motels not expensive. The first is called “Motel Sunnydale Motor Inc”, it is a small hotel with the modest but clean rooms. The second, it is “Downtower Appartments Motel”, with the cheap rooms. It should be noted that Faith resided one moment in this one.

Faith was then seen offered by Mr. Mayor, her new boss, a superb apartment of blue dressed with all the comfort needed a young girl and a large bay window at the top of a building overlooking the city.

The Summers family has a lovely villa in a quiet area of Sunnydale. It is the 1630 Revello Drive, Sunnydale, CA 90211 that lies the killer since 1997, year of arrival in the city. The House has an entry, a kitchen, a lounge and dining in the basement, as well as 3 rooms (Buffy, Joyce - and Willow and Tara - Dawn) and a bathroom upstairs. From the kitchen you can go down to the cellar which served "extra bed" to Spike during season 7. Front of the House are a firm no green space and a patio. A fairly large garden is located on the side of the House, a door is connects with the kitchen.

I carried out a plan of the house (the proportions are approximate):

Actually, this house belongs to an unknown, and is located at the 1313 Cota Which occurred, Torrance, California. The production turned some outsides over there, then rebuilt a counterpart of the frontage in studio in order to simplify the things.

The house seen of outside.

The DRC: the entry, the living room, the dining room and cook it. The cellar is with the basement.

The stage: Rooms of Buffy and Dawn, the corridor and the bathroom.

Mr Rupert Giles, Buffy's watcher and Librarian of the school before its demolition, has a charming apartment in a residence in the city. This quiet and relaxing corner quite fits this passion for reading. This was also the HQ of Scooby Gang during the year 2000. Address: 523 Oakpark Street, Apt. B, Sunnydale, CA 90211.

While arriving at Sunnydale, Spike and Drusilla chose this old factory closed down like residence. Angel, become again Angelus, joined them to reform their old trio of Hell. They lived there until the day when Gilles, insane of rage after the murder of Jenny, its loved well, by Angelus, put fire at it.

Angel, Spike and Drusilla lived in this manor which belonged to a star of the silent film which bequeathed it to the city with its death. It inhabited forever thereafter and it is thus there that our three vampires found refuge after the destruction of the factory.

In season 4, Spike settles in a crypt with the cemetery, after having lived at Gilles, imprisoned, then at Alex, the poor boy was forced there! Become “nice”, it decides to transform this morbid place into home cosy in season 5, and installs there all kinds of pieces of furniture and decorations. The crypt was abandoned when it left for Africa, offering its home to Clem, its pal demon. It did not live again any more there after its return.

In season 4, Alex moves in the cellar of the house of his parents in order to have a kind of underground apartment to him.

Alex moves finally of the cellar of in his parents in “the Double”, season 5, to live in a very new apartment located in a modern building of the city. Anya settled thereafter here then left when the couple broke. Spike also lived in the apartment of Alex during some episodes of season 7, in a small part (a “wall cupboard” according to Alex).

The Glory Goddess settled in a sublime residence when it came in Sunnydale to find her Key. Between velvet and luxury items, the Goddess felt with her ease! At side, here a photograph of the famous tower which it made build and on which the Key, alias Dawn, poured its blood to open the gates interdimensionnels.

The parents of Warren Mears live in Sunnydale. The young man was there when his robot April has created discord in the city to find, then this House, especially its basement, served as a hideout to the trio that he set up with Jonathan and Andrew.

This house was that of Summers when Buffy had hardly 5 or 6 years. She was in Los Angeles and much more modern and was coloured that which the family lives in Sunnydale, moreover!

In season 7, we discover part of the house of the main thing Robin Wood: its garage. Very special besides: his computer there is found but especially… the walls are covered with cross! Robin there had trailed and locked up Spike with an aim of killing it.

While arriving at Sunnydale, Caleb elected residence in the vineyard “Shadow Valley Vineyard”.