The Slayer is an young girl elected to fight the forces of the evil. With each generation, a Slayer news is selected. It is called The Slayer, Chosen or ChosenOne…

It is single, and it is always a girl, old of approximately about fifteen years during its nomination. It has already great faculties which will be used to him to fight the evil as of the birth: a direction of the observation developed, a great agility with the combat, an exceptional force, as well as a trick and a gift have to regulate the enigmas innate.

One does not become Slayer: one is born Slayer.

It is the “Council of the Observers” which deals with forming and explaining to Slayer its role. The Council has a panoply of Observers which are formed to guide Slayer in its combat against the forces of the evil. This one has also great capacities, such as those of speaking, writing and to read many languages, it has great knowledge on the demons and vampires and is able to involve as much physically than mentally its Slayer.

Slayer is single in the fact that as long as Slayer will live, it will fight the evil. As of the second when she dies, the Council names a Slayer news, but this one will be always alone vis-a-vis the occult forces. There is to some extent Slayer “of replacement”, always ready to be named. It is the same thing for the Observer, which is replaced as of its death. The lifespan of Slayers is often tiny, i.e. that it exceeds only seldom the score.

It has in fact only one goal in the life: to eliminate all that is bad. It cannot have life (what Buffy will contradict) apart from its combat. It is supposed being only to know this special function with its Observer, should not have friends, nor of family, and does not have especially to bind friendship with its Observer, in order to avoid any drama at the time of the death of the one of them.

Slayer is, according to its title, Slayer of vampires, but it kills in fact also all kinds of demons. On the other hand, it does not have and cannot in no case to kill out of the human ones. This would be a murder, its function is limited to eliminate the supernatural things.

At the time of its 18th birthday, Slayer passes an aptitude test, aiming at seeing its capacity to be fought stripped of any force: Cruciamentum. Its Observer must dope it without it not knowing it and this one will lose its special capacities progressively. Then it will be locked up with very powerful vampires and will have to make with the means of the edge to leave itself there. This test, must be succeeded by Slayer and the Observer, i.e. that Slayer will have nothing to know of what the Observer made him undergo. But of course, this is very hard for the Observer if it bound of friendship with its Slayer.

Slayers, before being called, like Kendra in particular, follow a code. They are of Slayers potential or Slayers in Training (SIT). They generally have about fifteen years and prepare with being called with head of Slayer in activity. We had of it the presentation in season 7. Annabelle, Molly and Kennedy are SIT which took refuge in Sunnydale because the original evil pursues them and kills them one by one. Other SIT, as that of Istanbul presented in the episode “Injure”, or that of Frankfurt of “Beneath You”, or Laura, in “Sleeper”, did not survive and was killed by Bringers, the disciples of the original evil. Annabelle was killed by Turok-Han, another race of vampires…

As long as there will be demons, there will be Slayer. Only one girl in the world, selected, born with the force and competence to drive out the vampires and other creatures mortals.

First Slayer was presented in the season four, at the time of the final episode “Restless”. One knows few things about this mysterious Slayer but when Buffy the meeting that gives him desire of more on the origins of its duty of Slayer. It however does not seem to have of name in its ritual, Willow calls it “Scénia”. During a spiritual voyage, Buffy the meeting again and this one teaches him that the love is the center of Slayers and that death is “its gift”. In season 7, more precisely the episode “Get It Done” (“Return to the sources”), we discover that first Slayer was created thanks to the gasoline of a demon that of the wizards made enter in it.

Between 1600 and 1800, in Europe, Slayer is called to fight the Lothos vampire and dies in its arms.

In the 13th century, in Jerusalem, Slayer of the name of Shagrat Al-Durr takes part in the crusades of the king Louis IX.

1539, in Florence, Slayer Maria Regina dies killed by the Belphegor demons.

In 1612, to Japan, this Slayer in particular up to now unknown perhaps entered like the “chasseuse one forgotten” the history. One has no information about it.

At the 17th century, in Ireland, Slayer was Erin Randall. With its observer Timothy Cassidy, they fought good number of demons and vampires. Its fight ended vis-a-vis the spirit of Halloween.

In 1692, in Massachusetts, Slayer was Samantha Kane. She was regarded as a witch. She prevented the end of the world but there has any time paid of her life.

In 1817, in England, our information is vague on Slayer of this time if it is not its first name: Justine and the day of her death (28/02/1817). Its existence is revealed only by the files of its observant Claire Silver.

In 1843, Slayer was present in Madrid and fought against Luke.

In 1845, the shipyards of Boston were tormented by murder series horrible. The attacks have cease when a rather calm young woman arrived downtown.

In 1849, Slayer of the name of Sineya was then active, one does not know anything about it.

In 1866, the disappearance of widows of the Civil war shocked the community. These worrying events occurred when Lucie Hanover founded a kind of camp in a nearby cemetery. The spirit of Lucy helped the lost heart of Slayer India Cohen like Buffy, Kendra and Faith. It also returns to warn Buffy of a future danger caused by an error of the latter.

In 1872, in Venice, Angela Martignetti was not only Slayer, but also the mistress of its guard Peter Toscano. The quasi immortal Veronique Vampire because it has the body of its victim killed Lucia, the cousin of Angela, and had its body. Peter Toscano died in a fire. After that, Angela continued Veronique through all Eastern Europe. Each time it found it, it managed to survive by taking a new host. After a long hunting, it succeeds in locking up Veronique on the island of Kefi for more than 100 years. Four months after, it received a new observer: Jason Cromwell.

In 1893, in the territory of Oklahoma, a series of wild attacks took the life of 17 inhabitants. The murders stopped when an young woman blacksmith arrived downtown.

1897, in Wyoming, murder series odd shocked part of the community. The murders ceased little time after the arrival of Florence Gilbert downtown.

1912, twenty-two New Yorkeans lose the life during the murders inside a pension. The murders finish abruptly when a named obstinate nurse Arabelle Gish took a housing with the n°6 this pension.

Chicago, 1927. During two weeks, forty and one body was found close to “the union station”. Little time after the arrival of an young woman of right the murders ceases.

Seen for the only time in the episode of season 5 “the Fault” (“Fool for coils”), Slayer on mission at the time of the rebellion of the boxers was Chinese. After a terrible confrontation with Spike at the time of a combat to the sword it is bitten and killed by the vampire.

In 1930, in Korea, there was Slayer. Sid, (the Puppet) the hunter of demon, describes it to us with muscles of steel.

In 1940, Slayer was Sophie Carstensen, born the 31/08/1923. She had just spent 7 years at her observant Yanna Narvik before she has to be Elected. Among his victories, one can count the destruction of Gorm, the chief of the Danish vampires.

The Skrymir demon launched an attack against the Council of the Observers to London. This one killed Trevor Kensington (chief of the Council and Charles Rochemont). In parallel, Sophie fought in Copenhagen against Spike. She succumbed, killed by another vampire. Its death made it possible to push back the attack of the Skrymir demon, because Slayer elected was in the building even the Council. It was Spanish Isabel Cortéz. However, Isabel died a few minutes after its call. Slayer called was Eleanor Boudreau de Lafayette, which put an end the fight victoriously. Marie-Christine Fontaine was intended to be with her Observant.

In the middle of the 20th century, in Japan, Slayer was Mariko-chan and its guard was called Kobo Sensei.

Also seen for the only time in “the Fault” (“Fool for coils”) this Slayer of New York was called in the years 1970. She fights with a free style similar to that of Buffy, but loses her final battle in 1977 against Spike, which bites it with the neck in the subway. Thereafter it will be discovered that it was the mother of a little boy, Robin Wood, who, in 2003, decides to avenge his mother and thus wants to kill Spike in vain…, ouf!

Called the 23/06/1993, died in 1996, India was Slayer whose death activated the arrival of Buffy. It is presented in the book of Nancy Holder, “the book off furnaces”. Its Observer was Christopher Bothwell with which it fell in love. It have a short meeting with Spike and Drusilla in Spain. Lastly, it was sacrificed to save its Observer and beloved. Its spirit was recalled by that of Slayer Lucy Hanover to kill the demon which had taken its life like that of its Observer. It used body Rosenberg the Willow as host and was helped by Buffy, Faith and Kendra.

All Slayers were prepared with their call. But Buffy is an exception. She learned her destiny the day when Merrick sought it at the exit of its college. She destroyed many vampires and had to set fire to the gymnasium of her college, which caused its reference. Thereafter, she moved with her mother with Sunnydale. There, it meets there its new Observer, Rupert Gilles, (Merrick was killed). She was done like friends Alexander Lavelle Harris and Willow Rosenberg. She fell in love with the vampire Angel (which has a heart). Its first enemy was the Master about Aurélius. He made him lose the life but Alex was there to reanimate it. Its brain death was the cause of the call of Kendra. For its 17 years, it slept with Angel what made him lose its heart, and it became again the monster which it was. Angelus made like project make return to the life Acathla. Willow makes a success of the fate of restitution of the heart of Angel but it was too late. Buffy made its duty: it killed Angel and the mouth was closed again carrying Angel with it. Rupert Gilles was made raise of his station of Observer following its failure with the aptitude test of Slayer. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce was indicated to replace it. Buffy made jump the college at the same time as the Wilkins Mayor who had begun his Rise. The following year, Buffy returns to the university, it is not made only friends like Riley Finn, but also of the enemies, in particular Adam. With the vigorous support and the invocation of the spirit of first Slayer, Buffy killed Adam. Buffy faced Dracula and overcame it (finally not really). While returning to it, it discovers that it has a sister: Dawn, which is in fact a key…. Gloria, a goddess, used it to open the door of the hells, Buffy had to be sacrificed to close again it… But it is brought back to the life by her friends and after a hard period, Buffy is become again Slayer beating and inimitable which we all adore!

Kendra was Slayer Jamaïcaine called to replace Buffy after its death. She was entrusted as of her birth to her future Observer Roger Zabuto. They have both summer shocked to note that there were now two Slayers. Kendra was killed by Drusilla in “Becoming, share I”. After its death, its spirit was recalled to help Buffy, Faith and the spirit of India Cohen in the final fight against the demon which killed India Cohen. With that, Cordelia Chase was used like host of the spirit as Kendra.

Invited to replace Kendra, Faith becomes bad after the murder of a man. It escaped following the death of its Observer killed by the Kakistos vampire. It joined malefic forces with the Wilkins Mayor and the assistance in his plots. After the defeat of the Wilkins Mayor, she seeks to be avenged by taking possession for the body for Buffy. The latter finds the means of breaking the magic spell. Faith leaves Sunnydale to leave to Los Angeles where it accepts a Wolfram contract & Hart to kill Angel. It ends up being delivered to the police force and after having purged a good custodial sentence, was called with the rescue to save become again Angel Angelus. Thereafter, Faith returned in Sunnydale for the ultimate combat against the Force.

Melaka Fray is Slayer of the future, a young teenager about to discover that it is chosen, that it is one ChosenOne. Presented in the series of comics “the dark horse” written by the creator of Buffy, Joss Whedon.