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Fan Disclaimer

This site is completely made by a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel series.
This is not in any way connected to any of the shows or creator Joss Whedon.
This is an indepentent site made by a fan,
whom has used and altered images given from the networks
such as Fox,WB,FX and UPN. Also All Media and Images are altered in someway to show their possesion is not of my own but of the fans.
Please feel free to take and use images but please I remind you to use it for fan purpose and not personal gain. Not all images are mine.
Many images are not sited due to unknown sources. To any extent I live in America where we are free to asemble organizations.
I repeat I am just a Fan!

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Contact Me

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My E-mail slayeralicia@gmail.com

Out of the mist she came like a dark angel upon Sunnydale secretly & now she stands ground face to face with evil in Phoenix. She gazed into the eyes of the innocent and struck fear in the presence of evil. She would avenge the deaths of all whom stand for good and where their death were not in vain. She brought with her the strength, as well as skill to hunt and kill vampires
she is the slayer.........Alicia. 

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