Magic Objects

The head of Janus
Episode (S): “Halloween”, season 2 of “Buffy”
Function: This bust of the Roman god Janus was used by the wizard Ethan Rayne in order to bewitch the costumes of its shop of disguises the evening of Halloween. Its goal: to return any person equipped at his place the personality of which he endorses the costume. Thus, Buffy becomes a timid and innocent young woman 18th century, Alex a soldier, Willow a phantom etc… Gilles discovers who is at the origin of all that, his former friend/enemy Ethan Rayne, with which it bldg. Finalement Ethan is explained that it is necessary to break the head of Janus to break the fate, which Gilles just makes in time because Buffy was about to be used as meal in Spike!

The Ball of Thésulah
Episode (S): “The Ball of Thésulah”; “Acathla 2”, season 2 of “Buffy”
Function: This small transparent ball becomes brilliant when it acts. Its function is to act on deaths, in particular to return its heart to a being strips heart. Jenny Calendar, which is resulting from the tribe of gipsies who returned his heart in Angel several decades earlier, decides to be harnessed with the same spot when Angel loses its heart again by making love with Buffy. For that, it translates on its computer a very old text which will allow the ritual. Associated with the capacity of the ball of Thésulah, this ritual would make it possible to bring back Angel of the diabolic kingdom where is Angelus… but Angelus precisely comes to attack the young woman who is coldly made kill. Several months afterwards, Buffy and Willow accidentally find the diskette on which Jenny had secretly safeguarded her translation and Willow is harnessed to take again the spot of its former teacher of data processing. It succeeds finally at the end of the episode “Acathla 2” but it is too late and Angel must be to sacrifice to save the world of the Acathla demon.

The statue of Acathla
Episode (S): “Acathla 1 & 2”, season 2 of “Buffy”
Function: Acathla was a powerful demon before being made stab and lock up in the stone for eternity. But an archaeologist discovered his stele and Angelus is at the head put to awake the demon, which répendrait the Hell on Earth and would destroy any trace of human life. For that, it must use blood and the répendre on the sword of Acathla, planted in the stone of this one. It tries first once, but it fails. Thereafter, it captures Gilles and by making it hallucinate succeeds in making him say what it wants to hear: how to awake Acathla. It must use its own blood. Angel thus prepares to act when Buffy comes in empécher and a fierce combat follows whereas Willow tries in parallel to return its heart to the vampire. Alas, the alarm clock of Acathla is already started, and whereas Angelus becomes again Angel, Buffy is obliged to sacrifice it with the sword of the demon and to plant it in the statue in alarm clock so that Acathla falls asleep again. Angel disappears thus in an infernal dimension, but will ressucitera thereafter.

The mask of Cordolfo
Episode (S): “The Mask of Cordolfo”, season 3 of “Buffy”
Function: Joyce, the mother of Buffy, which has an art gallery brought back this superb mask at it to decorate, but alas it has a capacity on deaths and thus acts on various zombies which go to Summers to seize the mask crushes the evening when Buffy organized a festival for his/her friends as a forgiveness for his sudden departure the preceding summer. Whereas the house is encircled, just like the poor Gilles who tries to join the house, a friend of Joyce, Patt, puts the mask and starts to attack everyone. Buffy destroys the mask and thus Patt by planting a shovel in the eyes to him: the source of the capacity of the mask of Cordolfo.

The potion of Pete
Episode (S): “The Beautiful ones and animals”, season 3 of “Buffy”
Function: This liquid green fluo whose Pete is accro acts like a drug on him and makes it terribly aggressive, at the point to transform itself physically into an animal without pity. As soon as it is opposed, anger goes up in him and its veins inflate. The young man cannot then control himself any more and can wound, even kill, no matter who…

Chocolate bars
Episode (S): “Chocolate Effect”, season 3 of “Buffy”
Function: These chocolate bars that the purpose of the pupils of the college are to sell are obviously delicious as much for the banked-up beds that for their parents, but they have an incredible side effect on the adults: they fall down during their time teenager and become completely irresponsible! Soon, more no adult of Sunnydale is able to act reasonably, and this charms Ethan Rayne and its new friend Mr. Trick which doped these chocolates so that they have this effect and thus to empty the maternity of the hospital to make offering of the babies to the Lurconis demon. Fortunately, the Scooby-Gang reacts in time and stops this madness which has invades the city.

The Glove of Myneghon
Episode (S): “Revelations”, season 3 of “Buffy”
Function: This steel glove is the object of desire of the Lagos demon. At the same time, Gwendoline Post, the observant news of Faith, unloads downtown. Buffy puts Angel at the current for the glove and on its Alex side goes to the vault where the glove is hidden but sees Angel leaving with a package which, would seem it, contains the glove in question. Angel brings back the glove at his place where it finds Buffy and the two lovers embrace themselves passionately under the glance of Alex… The following day everyone knows that Angel and Buffy are again together. Faith and Alex decide to kill Angel and recover the glove which will give an incredible power to that which carries it: it is not necessary that it is Angel. Buffy succeeds in killing the Lagos demon before it seizes the glove. Gilles, on his side, found a solution to destroy the glove but Miss Post is a traitor and strikes it. It goes then to Angel which is him also in full preparation of the destruction of the glove. Alas, Gwendolyn puts this one. Both Tueuses unload and fight it then finish by him slicing the arm, killing it. The glove is finally destroyed.

Hypnotic crystal
Episode (S): “Without defense”, season 3 of “Buffy”
Function: Gilles uses this blue crystal split in the center against his own will. Indeed, it is the Council which founded a ritual that any Tueuse which reaches the age record of 18 years must pass. Buffy arrives at this date and must thus hypnotize Buffy by remarking it very attentively this crystal, then to inject a product to him which inhibits all its special capacities of Tueuse to him. Without defense, it will have to then manage to escape a vicious vampire. Gilles decides finally that it cannot let it undergo that and acknowledges all in Buffy, which will be worth to him to be returned by the Council.

The box of Gavrock
Episode (S): “The Box of Gavrock”; “Ceremony 1”, season 3 of “Buffy”
Function: This box belongs to the Wilkins Mayor, and its contents are initially left with the mystery. One evening, Buffy, Angel and Willow leave on mission in order to recover indices on the Mayor malefic and capture the box of Gavrock, but Willow is made captive. The exchange is done little time after to the college, of night, and it is discovered whereas the box contains arraignées grosses that the Mayor must eat before his Rise… In the episode “the Ceremony”, it is carried out and regaled these black and hairy grosses bébéttes… beurk!

The pendentive one of Anyanka
Episode (S): “Better wishes of Cordelia”; “The two faces”, season 3 of “Buffy”
Function: It is in this pendentive that all the capacity of Anyanka resides, the demon avenger of the ridiculed women. Each demon avenger has such a jewel, like Halfrek for example. Anyanka put its collar at neck of Cordelia and when this one made the wish that Buffy never came in Sunnydale, this one was immediately carried out! Thereafter, Gilles includes/understands that to break the fate, it is necessary to break the pendentive one of Anyanka and is carried out, thus withdrawing his capacities to him.

The Jewel of Amara
Episode (S): “Disillusions”, season 4 of “Buffy” and “Pierre of Amarra”, season 1 of “Angel”
Function: This jewel had the gift to make Spike and Angel invincible during a few moments… The stone, the jewel or the ring of Amara were buried in Sunnydale in an underground gallery that Spike was put at the head to discover while returning downtown after being separate of Drusilla and put with Harmony. If this ring is admired so much, it is because it has the capacity to make any vampire insensitive with the sun, the piles, and all the other usual means to kill them. Also, in one moment of anger, Spike inserts a pile in the heart of Harmony which, protected by the magic from the jewel, does not die. Thereafter, the vampire fights in full day with Buffy which succeeds in recovering the ring and entrusts it to Angel which is in Los Angeles, by the means of OZ. But Spike there goes and maltreats its old ally to recover the jewel, that Angel will spend finally a few moments after having killed Marcus, the vampire which helps Spike in its conquest but which is in fact a traitor. After a little happiness for Angel, the vampire realizes that it will be never in peace if it keeps this ring and destroys it so that no vampire can put the hand above.

The house of Halloween
Episode (S): “The demon of Halloween”, season 4 of “Buffy”
Function: A large redécorée house way “film of horror” for Halloween, tens of disguised and unchained students and… a demon of hardly 5 centimetres: here is the receipt of the unforgettable evening of Halloween which the Scooby-Gang passed. It is acted in fact of a pentagram drawn to decorate which, in contact with the blood of OZ, caused to bewitch the house: any person who enters there cannot leave there any more, which is false becomes true, your worst nightmares take life. After moultes adventures, the gang is found vis-a-vis a tiny demon, Gacknar, the demon of the fear, person in charge of all that, which does not frighten them and which Buffy crushes. Here, all returned in the order!

The bewitched beer
Episode (S): “The beverage of the devil”, season 4 of “Buffy”
Function: Alex finally found a job on the campus: barman. But the beer “Black Frost” that it is used for the customers, of the students, has the funny ones of side effects… it transforms them into cave men! In fact, it is the owner of the bar which poisoned beer so that it gives a lesson to the young people who attend the bars, and the effect would be temporary. But the drunk young people start with all to break and endanger the inhabitants of the city. Oh, I was going to forget: parmis these students of the caves, there is Buffy!

The talisman of Hoffryn
Episode (S): “The Marriage of Buffy”; “Crisis of identity”, season 4 and season 7 of “Buffy”
Function: When Willow makes an incantation to comfort departure of OZ, the demon D' Hoffryn sees in it a very good candidate at the station of demon avenger and thus makes him the proposal engage it. But Willow refuses, also D' Hoffryn accepts its choice and its talisman offers to him, left calling card, which will enable him to call upon its services when good seems to him. Besides willow uses this talisman in the episode “Crisis of identity” of season 7 so that D' Hoffryn comes to take again its capacities with Anyanka and repairs a murder which it made.

The box of the Gentlemen
Episode (S): “A Deathly hush”, season 4 of “Buffy”
Function: The Gentlemen used this small box of wood to capture and lock up the voices of the inhabitants of Sunnydale in order to withdraw their hearts easily to them. The voices, in the form of fog, thus moved towards the box which, once closed can release the voices only if it is broken, and only a surpuissant cry can explode the heads of the Gentlemen.

The exchanger of body
Episode (S): “One Returning 1 & 2”, season 4 of “Buffy”
Function: There exist two “exchangers of body”. The first (photo the top on the side) is a metal object which one places in his hand offered to Faith by the Wilkins Mayor, a gift made before the death of this one while Faith was in the coma if it would lose against Buffy and when Faith would awake. It is the case, and Faith learns that this object will be used for to him exchanging its body with other Tueuse, Buffy, and thus living quiet. During their dispute, Buffy and Faith thus come into “manual” contact and the tool makes its effect: both Tueuses exchange their bodies. Buffy is thus in the body of Faith and vice versa. But Faith ends up being wearied to live the life of Buffy and flees almost, while Buffy is made capture by the council but escapes and manages to prove with his/her friends who it is really. Willow and Tared meanwhile included/understood trickery and created a second exchanger of body (photo of bottom on the side), a small green magic stone that Buffy used same manner as the tool of Faith to take again its body. What a ventures!

Charts of tarot
Episode (S): “Final stage”, season 4 of “Buffy”
Function: This card deck of tarot was used by Gilles, Willow, Alex and Buffy - by procuration during the ultimate combat against Adam and the Initiative. These charts represent: Spiritus: the spirit, Anémus: the heart, Sophus: wisdom and manus: the hand. Each member of the gang being carries it word of the one of them. This fate is accompanied by an incantation pointing out the capacities of the line of Tueuses and especially of Sénia, first Tueuse, in Buffy. This fate gave him the force to fight and destroy Adam.

The heart of uranium Adam
Episode (S): “Final stage”, season 4 of “Buffy”
Function: This would be connected more with one scientific object than magic, because it is quite simply about a uranium battery which is used as heart in Adam, the demon a human third, a third cyborg, a third demon. Funny of mixture… Buffy, helped by the force of the line of Tueuses and in particular of Sénia, first Tueuse, can finally fight the demon manufactured by the Initiative and put it K.O by withdrawing its energy source to him.

The stick of Thor
Episode (S): “Double”, season 5 of “Buffy”
Function: This magic stick was plunged in a potion of the creation of Thor which, when it touches a person, causes to duplicate it! The purpose of this demon was to divide Tueuse into two entitées distinct: strong and weak, and to kill the weak one, which would also put immediately fine at strong. But it is Alex who was finally touched! The demon was then put out of state to harm and Willow has ends up gathering both Alex in only one. We do not know what became the stick, surely one of the many magic objects available in the reserve of Magic Box!

Dogon of the Fairies
Episode (S): “Enemy Sisters”; “Apocalypse”, season 5 of “Buffy”
Function: This small luminous ball intrigued Buffy at the beginning of the episode “enemy Sisters”, whereas she discovered it in front of an unused factory. The gang sought one moment to know for what it was used then believed that it made people insane because the guard who had given it to Buffy became in one night. Thereafter, Gilles discovered that it was about an object of protection against an old creature “which cannot be named”. This creature proved to be Glory, a Goddess surpuissante. In the last episode of the season, “the Apocalypse”, it is Anya which proposes to make use of the dogon of the fairies to push back the Goddess but alas it does not function.

The hammer of Olaf
Episode (S): “Triangle”; “Apocalypse”, season 5 of “Buffy”
Function: This hammer is very heavy and devastator. It belongs to Olaf, an enormous green troll accidentally appeared at the time of a missed fate and that with transformed Anya during its life of human, being Aud. Olaf was at the time his/her boyfriend, human, and misled it, which displeased Aud then much to him transformed it into troll. It is after this first revenge that of Hoffryn recruited it like demon avenger. According to Anya, all the force of Olaf resides in its hammer, then when Buffy succeeds in putting it at the variation, it thinks that he does not have any more a force… error, he still has its force of troll! Finally Tueuse, in anger because the troll wants to separate Alex and Anya, puts all its energy in the combat and strikes it. Willow then sends it in a parallel dimension and Tueuse decides to keep to remember it its hammer. Besides this one will be used for the ultimate combat against Glory in the episode “the Apocalypse”.

The Ballot box of Osiris
Episode (S): “Chaos 1 & 2”, season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: This ballot box was used by Willow with an aim of ressuciter Buffy among deaths following its sacrifice in “the Apocalypse”. This object is a single model throughout the World and was recovered by Anya which bought it with the biddings on Internet. During the very complex and dangerous magic spell, the demons of the band of Razor attacked and the Ballot box was broken. Our friends then believed that Buffy would never return to the life, but in fact its ressurection had already taken place…

The chip which disorientates
Episode (S): “All against Buffy”, season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: Warren uses this very small chip which it hangs to the jacket of Buffy by hustling it to disorientate it. Indeed, whereas Tueuse decided to take again the FAC, it is unceasingly disturbed by an odd and sudden noise of large absences which are worth to him to change opinion and to give up the University for good.

The harmonica invoker of demons
Episode (S): “All against Buffy”, season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: Andrew decides as for him to call upon several demons which come to waste the efforts of Buffy on the building site where Alex work and where it was taken with the test. Indeed, a combat in full day and in front of the employees with several supernatural creatures, that passes badly…

The bone of the temporal loop
Episode (S): “All against Buffy”, season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: Our poor Buffy passes really a room day: here is now that Jonathan also makes it turn in she-ass, or rather in loop, with its bone and its magic formula. Tueuse which makes a test to work as saleswoman in Magic Box finds thus blocked in a temporal loop which it is not able to be left. Unceasingly, she revives the same scene where a customer asks for a hand of mummy to him. Finally, it manages to stop the loop while rusant and by ordering the hand of mummy.

The formula of rat extermination
Episode (S): “Misdemeanour”, season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: Willow, which Tara has just left, only feels and sad. Suddenly, it realizes that from now on, it has rather powerful capacities to return its human form in Amy and reveals an Italian formula who dératise the young woman.

The freezing ray
Episode (S): “Misdemeanour”, season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: The Trio uses this ray of its manufacture to freeze literally keeps it museum of Sunnydale which has surprised them in full flight of a diamond. The weapon is found instantaneously covered with ice. Obviously, the effect of congelation is only temporary.

The Lethe bramble
Episode (S): “To kiss mortal”; “That the spectacle starts!” & “Tabula Shaved” season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: This pink dried flower is not that a simple plant, but it has the capacity to erase the memory of people. Willow uses it initially to erase memory of Tared an argument on the abuse Willow magic, and that functions very well. But guard the flower Tared when it finds it by making the bed the next morning and carries out its survey to discover for what it was used. Feeling betrayed by her friend, it decides to break with Willow. But Willow cannot accept this decision and re-uses the Lethe bramble for a more powerful formula. (cf “stone of the lapse of memory”)

The talisman of Sweet
Episode (S): “That the spectacle starts! ”, season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: This talisman that Dawn could not be prevented from flying in Magic Box, it would have better done to leave it where it was! Indeed, when it threads the collar around its neck, let us undermine them of Sweet, the demon of the song and of the dance, kidnap it and bring it to their Master. Sweet decides to make of Dawn its queen since she called upon it, but the young girl swears that she did not make of such thing. Finally, it is learned that it is Alex who used the talisman and called upon Sweet in order to change the ideas of the band, hoping to see their life becoming a gaillerette musical comedy.

Stone of the lapse of memory
Episode (S): “Tabula Shaved” season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: Willow uses this kind of diamond as well as Lethe bramble to make forget in Buffy and Tara their concern and enable them to be happy again. With this intention, Willow makes burn branch Lethe a bramble in the chimney, then recites a formula while burning the transparent stone which, until the fate acts, will blacken until shining of green color. But all skids when sachet Lethe the bramble takes fire and multiplies by ten the power of the fate which reaches all the band and makes everyone amnesic. Finally, it is Alex who, by chance, crushes the magic crystal fallen from the Willow pocket and breaks the magic spell of lapse of memory and everyone finds the memory.

The gun of invisibility
Episode (S): “The invisible Woman”, season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: Still an invention of the Trio! This time, it is about a gun whose energy is in a diamond that they flew to the museum of Sunnydale. This weapon has an astonishing capacity: it makes invisible and again visible what one wishes! After having carried out a test, the 3 gugus are on the point of being made invisible and to go to observe the naked girls without they not knowing it but by accident they draw on Buffy which leaves in the hairdresser and make it completely invisible. Tueuse benefits initially from this total freedom but realizes suddenly that it is being reduced out of pulp thanks to a message of Alex and runs to save Willow, taken as an hostage by the Trio. Willow, which included/understood how the gun worked, makes visible again Buffy and the Trio, but those flee without the police force not being able to act.

The ramolissor of brain
Episode (S): “Slave of the directions”, season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: It is about a small steel ball which magiquement was magiquement faked by the Trio thanks to a gland of demon and magic powder in order to make it able to make become its slave the person of his choice. Only possible protection is a pair of glasses. The effect lasts only a few hours and with her alarm clock the person is likely very badly to take the fact of being used against her liking… As Katrina has reacts when Warren used the ramolissor of brain on it to make his sexual slave of it. The poor one is from now on with the sky…

The magic sword
Episode (S): “Without Exit”, season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: This sword belonged to a demon that Buffy fought a banal evening of patrol. Alas, Tueuse did not notice that the demon in question was not flees but had been imprisoned in its sword, and brought back the weapon at it. When in parallel Dawn makes the wish which his/her friends cannot leave its house to a demon avenger without wanting it, everyone is found locked up with the demon! Tared, while wanting to release them, then releases the demon of its sword which attacks our friends and can hide in the walls and grounds. After a baited battle, Buffy succeeds in planting to him its own sword in the belly and the breeze, putting it definitively out-race.

The ball of the false future
Episode (S): “The Cord with the neck”, season 6 of “Buffy”
Function: That magic ball (called “clipboard malefic” by the team of the series) was used the day of the marriage of Alex and Anya by mysterious an old man who says Alex being of the future. Alex who is intrigued leaves embobiner and its spirit enters this brilliant ball which then shows to him a horrible future in company of Anya. Shocked, Alex flees of the marriage and the man then proves to be a demon victim of Anyanka in the past which decided to be avenged for it while showing a false catastrophic future with its ex-future-husband. Alex learns the news and the demon out of state to harm, Anya thinks of finally being able to marry that which she likes, but Alex reflected and decided that he was too early to launch out. The ball of the false future will have finally made its effect…

The talisman of the zombies
Episode (S): “Redemption”, season 7 of “Buffy”
Function: A new college rebuilt on the ruins of the precedent where did without odd things so much, to say as much immediately that this college will see the green ones and steps wall! Indeed, as of the first day of the re-entry, of the odd events arrive at Dawn which has hallucinations and sees zombies, just like Buffy which accompanied it on the campus. Kit, a coed, also saw deaths, and the two girls find themselves quickly trapped in the basements of the college: a true labyrinth. On the spot they meet Carlos, also lost to him. Buffy leaves to their research and is attacked just like the three banked-up beds by the zombies which reproach them their deaths. Finally, it is Spike, with half insane, which will learn in Buffy that it is about a diabolic talisman and Alex who will destroy the object of the crime: an assembly of bone and sticks located in the toilets of the girls. The broken talisman, the zombies disappeared!

The jacket of football
Episode (S): “Insane of him”, season 7 of “Buffy”
Function: This jacket of football belonged to the base with the big brother of RJ which gave it to him at its entry with the college. This dress is not a dress like the others: it is bewitched and returns all the girls nutcases of that which carries it, therefore RJ! Initially Dawn, then his/her girlfriends of class, then Buffy, Anya, Willow… whereas it is gay! The girls became so insane of the young man who they were prètes with all to have it, but fortunately Alex and Spike have succeeds in putting an end to this torment in love and making all the girls normal by burning the famous jacket.

The seal of Danzalthar
Episode (S): In several episodes of season 7 of “Buffy”
Function: This seal is enough large to contain the body of a man, and is located in the basements of the college of Sunnydale, precisely with the top of the Mouth of the Hell and in lower part of the office of the Wood main thing. This seal opens when a great quantity of blood is poured there, it shines then and its triangular corners are raised so that a pyramid returns then in the ground, thus opening the passage towards the Mouth of the Hell. The Force initially tried to push Andrew to kill Jonathan above but this one did not give enough blood, then it tried to make it kill a piglet but without success either. After having tried to buy several liters of blood of animal in the butcher, Andrew was made choper by Willow which brought back it to Summers. The Force made then capture Spike by its Bringers and used the blood of the vampire to open the seal and to make some leave a powerful vampire a terrifying race, Turok-Han. The seal then started to act on the pupils of the college and the people who approached some while making them bad, also Buffy tried to close again it and the solution seemed to be: to make run the blood of the first assassin above, is Andrew. But the young man, terrified, started to cry above and the seal magiquement was magiquement closed again! Thereafter, Buffy, Faith and all the potential ones opened the hands and makes run their blood on the seal in order to open it to enter the Mouth of the Hell for the last combat. At the conclusion of the combat, the city as well as the seal were destroyed.

Businesses of Nikky Wood
Episode (S): “Return to the sources”, season 7 of “Buffy”
Function: It is Robin Wood who gives a bag to Buffy containing several objects having belonged to his mother, Tueuse Nikky Wood killed by Spike. The band discovers inside several ustensils of which a book of magic in sumérien and a kind of cast iron theatre which, assembled according to the dires of the black book, gives an animation telling the creation of 1st Tueuse. Buffy will be thrown then in a magic gate in direction it passed to revive this rather wild and painful creation. It will return from there with an outline of the imminent Apocalypse organized by the Force and its army of Turok-Hans.

Procaryotic stone
Episode (S): “Heavy passed”, season 7 of “Buffy”
Function: This small magic stone is used by Gilles with the assistance of a fate pronounced by Willow to liquify themselves and enter the brain of Spike in order to find which is the trigger which the Force uses on him. It enters by its eye a such small worm and then makes him have painful flashbacks of its past as William, simple human poet and a his Anne mother. Spike discovers thus that it is about the song “Early One Morning”, than this one sang to him that the Force makes it malefic.

The Scythe of Slayers
Episode (S): “Counter-attack”; “End of time 1 & 2”, season 7 of “Buffy”
Function: The Scythe is a kind of axe with a red blade and whose handle of wood is prolonged in a stake. This weapon is intended for - and meant for “Chosen One” should one said weapon was forged thousands of years ago by women, guardians. Caleb kept it in a hiding-place in the basement of his vineyard within Sunnydale and Buffy finally discovered it at the end of season 7, a needed miracle. This weapon has an enormous power and can decapitate several turok-hans in a quick dispatch. Only Slayers feel its energy by holding it, but Willow also felt it by using it to activate all Slayer potentials of the world of future chosen ones and even became powerful for the one moment casting the spell.

The Amulet
Episode (S): “A True family”, season 4 of “Angel”; “End of time 2”, season 7 of “Buffy”; “Convictions” & “Right rewards”, season 5 of “Angel”
Function: It is Angel which receives this amulet of the hands of Lilah whereas it has just agreed to take the Wolfram direction “& Hart”. The amulet is accompanied by a file on the Force. Angel thus goes to Sunnydale to propose its assistance to Buffy to fight this very old Evil but she refuses that it does not help it. Only problem: this amulet, to function, must be carried by a Champion, but not human. Thus only Angel can use it. Buffy explains to him why Spike also can, now that it is good side. It will be thus in Spike that Buffy entrusts the amulet. This one revet this large collar at the time of the final combat against the Force and its army of Turok-Hans in the Mouth of the Hell and the object appears by making it suffer and by procurrant an extraordinary force to him. A light surpuissante leaves there, plating Spike against the wall, destroying the army of Turok-Hans a such gigantic sun ray and boring the ceilings of several stages of the building. Alas, Spike is also victim of this amulet and ends up falling in ashes in its turn, after having achieved its mission and to be themselves sacrificed to save the World. But the history of the amulet does not finish here: 19 days later, Angel receives a mysterious mail from which fall the amulet which is illuminated and revealed Spike in a swirl. Indeed, the object being the property of Wolfram & Binder, Spike also became by using it. A jewel worship all in all!