As long as their has been vampires, there has been the Slayer.One girl in all the world, to find them where they gather and stop the swell of their numbers. She is the slayer.
This time it is Buffy Summers,and together with her friends and her watcher, she's out to save the world from vampires, demons and forces of darkness. She has loved, died and risen with grief.
She alone faces life on the hell mouth of her hometown Sunnydale. She has faced such incredible villians and emotional struggles that makes her by far the greatest slayer of her time.The enemy's of the slayer is
endless.Her opponets are usually the ones who is usually a some sort of demon or vampire and occasionally human as well as mystical evil forcess. She has defeated many grand darkness foes only to learn that some come in friendly familiar individuals. The juicy and dramatic relationships on this show are of all types. The
has loved Angel(us) a vampire with a soul,a one night stand by a creep named Parker,also has been with a commando from the Initiave
named Riley Finn and on a few occasions had relations with a vampire called
Spike also known as William the Bloody. As for her friends; Willow Rosenburg was interested in her younger years to Ale(xander)Harris than gave up and went with a band member of Dingoes ate my baby guitar player Osbourne better known as Oz, she became interested with a fellow Wicccan (Practicing modern witch)named Tara in time they began to have a secret lesbian relationship where Oz found out and left.Willow recently found
vengeance through black magic after her beloved Tara was shot dead by a stray bullet in front of Willow's eyes. She now resides in the Summers home.
Ale(Xander) Harris befriended Buffy on the first day of school and had a huge crush on her than moved on and had a tight closet space relationship with Cordelia Chase which ended
with a basement fiasco of catching him and Willow having a moment kiss, later on had a one night stand with Faith a slayer whom turned bad, and is Ex-engaged to a Vengeance demon named (Anya)nka who was human at the
time, he left her at the altar. He always manages to attract the wrong women like a preying mantis, Inca mummy, and a demon who wanted to reopen the seal under the newly built Sunnydale High...which is on top of the Hellmouth!
Now the ending has happened...
Buffy and her friends continue to battle forces of darkness...
the true battle will never end...
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