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Name: Angel (aka Angelus, aka Liam)
Birthplace: Ireland Age: 238 years old

Angel was sired by Darla when he was in his early to mid twenties in Galway, Ireland. He spent the next 150 years causing death and destruction wherever he and Darla went. Angelus was finally stopped by the family of a gypsy girl that he killed. Angelus was cursed with the Restoration spell - it returned his soul to his body. Angelus because Angel. Angel wandered around the world, not wanted by Darla and not able to be around humans without guilt.

It wasn't until Whistler showed Angel the slayer that he decided he wanted to become something. He came to Sunnydale to help Buffy but ended up falling in love with her. In order to save her life he even killed Darla. When two of Angel's fledgling vampires came to Sunnydale the caused havoc throughout town and in Angel's life.

Buffy and Angel stood strong now matter what was thrown at them and when the two consumated their love the Restoration spell was broken and Angelus returned. Angelus tried to bring forth the demon Acathla to swallow the world into hell but Buffy stopped him in time with the help of Spike. She sent Angel and Acathla back to hell.

After a long time in hell, Angel was released and sent back to Sunnydale. Buffy helped nurse him back to health and the two couldn't resist the love the still shared. Angel was haunted by visions of his past and the future he knew he could never have with Buffy. Angel decided to let Buffy have a shot at a normal life and he left Sunnydale.

Now in LA, Angel is sent a messenger from the Powers That Be, a visionary who will help Angel on his quest to redemption. Joined by Doyle and Cordelia, Angel begins a regular stable life. When Buffy comes to LA to confront Angel about being in Sunnydale and not coming to see her, they are attacked by a Moira demon and through a mixture of the demon's blood and Angel's blood - Angel becomes Mortal.

He and Buffy finally have a shot at being together - but the problem is that he is now at risk, his strength is gone and she has to protect him. In order to save both of their lives, Angel asks the Oracles to turn him back. The Oracles turn back the clock as if the day never happened and Angel alone will carry the burden of what could have been. Angel periodically comes to Sunnydale when he feels Buffy needs his help - or in the case of the aftermath caused by Faith - to apologize. Angel made things worse by attacking Riley - the new man in Buffy's life. He tells Buffy that he doesn't like Riley and then leaves Sunnydale again so that Buffy can lead her own life.

Continuing on his road to redeption Angel decides that he has to help wayward Slayer Faith and begin her road to redeption. While everything appeared to be going well, Angel's whole world came crashing down around him when he saw Darla, alive. The evil lawyers of Wolfram & Heart resurrected her and she was now human, but dying. Angel tried to help her, but it was finally Drusilla who made Darla what she once was. Angel has spent the past few weeks preparing for battle with Wolfram & Heart and with Darla and Drusilla. He even set the girls on fire. All of this preparation culmanated into an event that would change Angel back toward good.

He realized that there is no big win where evil is concerned - evil will always be around - it doesn't matter what you do in the big picture - it matters what you do right now - here today for all the little people that need your help. This epiphany came after Angel spent a loveless night of passion with Darla and retained his soul. He is currently trying to regain the group's (Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn) trust. Angel bought Cordelia's love back after getting her a bunch of new clothes. He is currently trying to adjust to life as second in command to Wesley. Angel wrestles with his inner demon in Pylea - successfully to come home and find out that Buffy has died.

Angel comes back from Sri Lanka feeling better about Buffy's demise - but has to face an old friend who opens the wounds of her death all over again - but Cordelia helps it through it and he's ready to fight the good fight one again. Angel's faced with many things - most recently - dealing with the consequences of freeing a man from a demon dimension to save Cordelia. Billy's mere touch drives men insane - it causes them to beat women horribly - most times - killing them. If Angel thought he had a tough thing to deal with involving Billy - wait until the mother of his unborn demon child comes home.

Darla's return forced Angel to face with the consequences of his night of passion with Darla. Out of a night of total despair, Angel is going to recieve the one thing he thought he could never have - a child. A human child with a soul - A Son. Darla sacrificed herself for their son - staking herself so that the child could be born. Now Angel must protect his son from all the different legions of hell trying to take him away, among them: Holtz - the vampire hunter from the past - now in Angel's present. Wolfram & Heart - you know if they want the child - it's not for good reasons. Angel protects everyone as best as he can but it's getting more and more difficult by the day.

Angel recently began to discover he had feelings for Cordelia, but when the Groosalug showed up - he had to put those feelings aside and let Cordelia be happy. He focused on his son - but an evil prophecy has taken even that from him. Holtz has taken his son to a demon dimension and Angel doesn't know if he'll ever see his son again. When he thinks things can't get worse - Connor (now wanting to be called Steven) re-emerges from the Qur-Toth. His mission - to kill his father. After finding Holtz dead - supposedly by Angelus hand - Connor decides that he will learn all he can from Angel - and use it - to get rid of him. He locks Angel in a box and sinks him to the bottom of the Ocean.

Angel spent all summer at the bottom of the ocean - having horrible delusions. He is finally saved by Wesley and brought back to the hyperion to confront his his son. He decides that Connor has to leave the hotel and that the rest of them must find Cordelia.

He meets a young woman with electricfying powers (literally) and even though they have chemistry all he can think about is Cordy - he's now trying to help her get her memory back after she returned from the other plane of existance.
In order to stop the Beast that is running rampant through LA - Angel must become Angelus.
Imporatant Episodes:

Buffy Season I: Welcome to the Hellmouth, Angel, Prophecy Girl
Buffy Season II: Becoming I & II, Suprise, Innocense, Lie to Me, Passion, I Only Have Eyes for You
Buffy Season III: Beatuy & The Beasts, Enemies, The Prom, Graduation Day 1 & 2
Buffy Season IV: Pangs, The Yoko Factor
Buffy Season V: Fool for Love

Angel Season I: City Of, I Will Remember You, Five by Five, Sanctuary, To Shansu in LA

Angel Season II: Judgment, Darla, Dear Boy, The Shroud of Rahmon, The Trial, Reunion, Redefinition, Happy Anniversary, Reprise, Epiphany, Dead End, Belonging, Over the Rainbow, Through the Looking Glass, There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb.

Angel Season III: Heartthrob, That Vision Thing, Carpe Noctem, Fredless, Billy, Offspring, Quickening, Lullaby, Dad, Provider, Waiting in the Wings, Couplet, Loyalty, Sleep Tight, Forgiving, The Price, A New World, Benediction, Tomorrow

Angel Season IV: Deep Down, Ground State, Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Rain of Fire, Habeas Corpses, Long Day's Journey, Awakening Darla sired Angelus - and they spent over 100 years together. Destroying anything that crossed their paths. When Angel was cursed by the gypsies he could no longer kill with her. He tried to stay with her - but she shunned him. When she came back to life after he staked her - she tried to rekindle that romance - but he didn't want her anymore until he was at his worst and he slept with her - retaining his sole - and gaining a child.
Angelus sired Drusilla. He was infatuated with her. It's unclear exactly what kind of relationship they had since Darla was around at the time - but one can assume it was father/daughter with a little bit of sex and torture thrown in for fun. Not my kind of fun - or any other human's - but - vampire fun!
Angel thought he had found his soulmate when he found Buffy - but because of his curse - they can never be together because she is the one thing that will cause him to loose his soul forever - through a moment of True happiness. He is hoping that when he becomes Mortal maybe they'll be together again.
Angel has started to develop feelings for his friend Cordelia- but he has not told her. He knows that she loves Groo and he's willing to put aside his feelings to make sure that she's happy. Ecept recently she broke it off with Groo and wanted to tell Angel it was mutual but then dissapeared.

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Name: Anya Emerson (aka Anyanka) Mrs Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins... Harris Birthplace: Unknown Age: Over 1000 Years Old

Anya came to Sunnydale as a new transfer student who befriends Cordelia after Harmony and Cordettes are mean to Cordy. Anya however, is actually Anyaka, the patron saint of scorned women. She has come to Sunnydale to get Cordelia to make a wish. To exact revenage upon Xander.

What Cordelia wishes for is that Buffy never came to Sunnydale, creating Bizzaro Sunnydale. Anya lost her power center when it was destroyed in the alternate Sunnydale that Cordelia's wish created. She tried to get the necklace back, but the spell was botched and instead of the necklace it brought forth the Evil Willow from the Alternate Sunnydale.

Anya returned to the Sunnydale scene when she told Xander that the only way to stop thinking about him was if they were to have sex. In the afterglow when Xander doesn't respond the way she wants him to, Anya storms off. She continues to see Xander and the two become a couple.

Recently, Anya has started working with Giles at the Magic Box and has become a solid part of the scooby gang. After another argument with Willow - the two end up releasing a troll on Sunnydale - a troll that Anya used to date. After getting rid of the troll - Willow and Anya make a little understanding about each other. Xander recently admitted to Anya exactly how she makes him feel. How much he loves her and how she makes him feel like a man.

Anya recently had to encounter the painful realness of death. The sudden death of Buffy's mom Joyce, forces Anya to ask tough questions and face tough realizations that life is short. People die, without the aid of monsters or vampires. Sometimes, people just die. Anya gives the suggestion for the plan that defeats Glory. She gets engaged to Xander. Anya finally has the two things she wants most - Xander and she is now the owner of the magic shop - when Giles left he signed over the store to her. She and Xander have recently - and finally - announced their engagement.

All the plans for the wedding were going smoothly - until the big day when Xander got cold feet and left Anya at the alter. Her old boss D'Hoffryn has offered her powers again - to become a vegence demon. She accepted the offer and has begun trying to get everyone to wish harm on Xander. After her tryst with Spike, she doesn't feel the need to hurt Xander anymore than she already has. She's exposed as a demon when she tells Xander she can feel Willow's vegenance after Tara's death.

She is still continuing on her vegenance path - even though her heart is no longer in it. She's very saddended by the loss of her relationship with Xander and becomes vengence demon again - but her heart just isn't in it anymore. After causing a really nasty wish to come true - Anya begs D'Hoffryn to reverse it - which he does, but kills Halfrek. Anya is now human again and she's trying to keep up with the demons that D'Hoffryn has started to send to kill her. She isn't back with Xander but she does want to help and be part of the Scoobies.

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Name: Buffy Anne Summers Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Age: 21

Buffy Summers came to Sunnydale after being kicked out of her high school in LA. Her mother opened up an Art Gallery in Sunnydale and Buffy thought that she was going to start a whole new life. Unfortunately on her very first day in Sunnydale she is faced with her past. It is time again to start her slayer duties and Sunnydale happens to sit on hellmouth, bringing tons of creatures that Buffy would have to fight night and day.

In her first year in Sunnydale, Buffy survived life in a new school and was brought back to life after being killed by the Master. She gained best friends in Willow and Xander as they helped her along with her watcher Rupert Giles, to face the evil that came on a weekly basis to Sunnydale High.

She's faced witches, demons, vampires and more. Her biggest foe was The Master - the oldest living vampire in history. He plagued the slayer at every turn - waiting for the day when he could rise to the surface and rule all. He brought the annointed one - a child vampire who would led the slayer to her death - and did. Only, Buffy isn't like other slayers - because of her connections to the world - Xander performed CPR and brought Buffy back to life.

Buffy spent the summer with her father and when she returned she didn't deal well with the Master and her death. She took it out on her friends and when she learned the Annointed one was trying to bring the master back to life - she almost got her friends killed. Her junior year at Sunnydale high would be a horror filled time - but the worst was yet to come for this slayer.

With the master gone, and the annointed one soon to follow - Buffy found herself up against a new "Big Bad," Spike and Drusilla. Vampires who came to the hellmouth looking for a cure for Drusilla sickness. Turns out Angel knows these vampires - he made Drusilla - and he taught Spike everything he knows.

When Buffy and Angel flee from Spike and Drusilla - they end up in each others arms - and confess their love - by spending the night together. This one act rips Angel of his soul and reverts him back into Angelus.

Now, Buffy has to fight the person she loved most in the world. All the while protecting her friends and family. After Angel stepped up his harrasement of her - Buffy had to tell her mom something - just enough to keep her safe.

Buffy managed to do an "uninvite" spell on her house to keep him out - but it didn't stop Angelus from kililng Ms. Calendar. Even then, it was too hard for Buffy to kill him. It wasn't until she had no other choice that she was able to make the decision. To save the world Buffy had to kill Angel. She'd been kicked out of her house, school and lost the man she loved. Buffy left Sunnydale and went to LA.

While in LA Buffy was living under a different name and working as a waitress. Her role as a slayer was not to be forgotten when some area teens needer her help because they were being used as slaves. Buffy realized after that, that she had to go home and deal with her pain.

She was in for the biggest surprise in her life when he came back from hell and even though they fought it, they couldn't help falling in love again. Buffy's heartbreak from Angel wouldn't stop as he realized they had no real future together and left Sunnydale.

Buffy's senior year in high school was no picnic either. She faced demons, a new slayer with a penchant for killing and more heartbreak with Angel. Her toughest fight would come from the team of Sunnydale's Mayor and Rogue Slayer Faith. In order to save Angel - Buffy let him feed on her - after she nearly killed Faith. She also blew up the school to stop the mayor's acension at graduation.

Buffy moved on from Angel and Sunnydale High and emerced herself comepletely in UC Sunnydale. She met Riley Finn, the new man in her life and was on the road to happiness, but things in Sunnydale are never as they seem.

Her first week of school she had to fight a vampire who had been feeding off the students for quite a few years and adjust to a new roommate. She soon learned that her "fun" loving roommate was actually a demon from another dimension that was sucking Buffy's soul in order to stay and attend college as a human.

Spike returned to cause trouble for Buffy and she also made her first college mistake by sleeping with Parker, who was only interested in her to get her in the sack and move on. Buffy spent a while moping about Parker until she was transformed into a cave girl by drinking some tainted beer.

Buffy's relationship with Riley starts out slowly - she's a little caught up in trying to console Willow after Oz's departure. Things get even stranger for Buffy and Riley when she finds out that he is a government demon hunter and that his boss, is her Psych Professor. Buffy joins forces with the Initiative but after Walsh tries to kill her - she decides to bring them down.

As if she didn't have enough to deal with after finding out about Riley and the Initiative - Buffy had to deal with a newly awakened Faith who is out for revenge. Which she gets after she switches bodies with Buffy and manages to cause some havoc with her and Riley's relationship.

In order to stop A.D.A.M. the creation of Maggie Walsh - Buffy and Friends combine their essences and create a super slayer in Buffy. She stops A.D.A.M. and the Initiative closes it's doors for good.

Buffy and her friends are stalked in their dreams by the spirit of the first slayer as a result of the spell they did to stop A.D.A.M. They dreams make no sense to them - the only thing Buffy knows is that she is not a killer, and she's not alone - she's a slayer with friends and family - and that's what makes her good.

Buffy is currently working on becoming a stronger slayer and learning more about the slayers that came before her. She is dealing with the fact the her sister, is not really her sister (or even human.) Not to mention the fact that her mother has a brain tumor. After the successfull surgery for her mother's brain tumor - things were looking up in the life of the slayer. Her mom was healthy; Dawn was safe and Riley was her boyfriend.

Spike felt Buffy had a right to know where her corn-fed Iowa boy was spending his nights - so he took her to the nest that Riley had been frequenting and showed Buffy how Riley enjoys getting bit by Vampires. After Riley told her to give him a reason to stay or he was rejoining the military on a top-secret undercover mission - Riley left town.

Soon after Riley's departure, Dawn found out that she was not human - but the Key - the one thing that Glory is looking for. She discovers that Joyce is not her mother and Buffy is not her sister - she's not real. Buffy convinces her that she is her sister no matter what happens. The next big diaster in Buffy's life - Dawn tells Buffy that Spike is totally in love with her. Confused and sickened by the thought - Buffy confronts Spike, only to hear the same thing straight from the blondie bear's mouth.

He does love her and believes that they have heat and desire. He is not giving up on her. He's going to make sure she admits her feelings as well. The final devasting event that has occured to Buffy is the sudden death of her mother, Joyce. Complications involving the brain surgery took Joyce away from Buffy with very little pain and quietly in the Summer's House. It is now up to Buffy to figure out where she must go from here. Will the grief eat her alive - or will she get comfort from an unlikely source?

After the funeral for Joyce, Buffy spends the night in the cemetary with Angel, who comforts his one and only true love. The embrass in a kiss and remember why they can't be together so he leaves. Buffy arrives back at the house just as Dawn is completing a resurrection spell and they have a huge fight. Dawn thinks that Buffy doesn't even care that they have lost their mother. Buffy hits Dawn and then breaksdown in her arms after Dawn breaks the spell.

Buffy leaves Sunnydale with Giles to discover why her emotions are so hard and why she thinks she can't love anyone. While she's gone everyone in Sunnydale is convinced that the Slayer has lost her mind when they all see her with Spike. It turns out that the love sick vampire had Warren make him a BuffyBot. After Spike is captured and tortured by Glory for the whereabouts of the Key and he won't tell her - Buffy thanks Spike with a gentle kiss.

Buffy is warned by Dawn's prinicpal that if she can't make Dawn come to school and do her homework, then Buffy will be found unfit to raise her - and Dawn will be taken away from her. After saving Willow from Glory, Buffy sits in the basement of Stevenson Hall with Willow, Tara and Dawn - when Glory rips off the face of the building. Tara exclaims that Dawn is the most beautiful green energy - causing Glory to realize that Dawn is the Key. Buffy must take Dawn and leave Sunnydale.

Although she did her best to protect her Dawn is taking by Glory and Buffy goes catatonic and retreats into her own mind. Willow goes in and manages to bring her out - just in time to find out that the only way to stop Glory is to kill Dawn. Buffy makes the ultimate sacrifice by jumping into the portal instead of Dawn. Thus saving the world again - as her tombstone reads - She Saved the World. A Lot.

After being ripped out of Heaven by her friends, Buffy is trying to deal with her new life in Sunnydale - one of the people making it easier for her is Spike. He listens, and he knows what she went through in order to get out of her grave. Buffy has gone through a lot - being nearly broke, being tested by an unknown enemy and now trying to save Dawn from vampires on Halloween night.

Buffy has been trying to feel ever since she's come back from Heaven. The only thing that makes her feel - Spike. She's been having illict smoochies with him and just recently had sex with him. He told her that she'd come back wrong and that he could hurt her now - and during a vicious battle the two go from the verge of killing each other to very passionate sex while a building crashes and crumbles down around them.

Buffy's gotten a job at Doublemeat Palace so that she can provide for her and Dawn - but her burgeoning relationship with Spike and her late hours combined with the slaying - she hardly sees Dawn. After a visit from Riley, Buffy breaks things off with Spike and tries her best to stay away from him. When he confronts her at Xander and Anya's wedding - she tells him that it does hurt - but she has to be strong.

Buffy is trying to mend things with Dawn, but she doesn't really have time to deal with it when a demon injects her with poison, confusing Buffy as to which world she truly lives in - Sunnydale - or a mental institution with her family. After trying to kill all of her friends - Buffy has to repair her relationships once again - but the one she's not intersted in mending in the one with Spike - she still doesn't love him and after seeing him sleep with Anya and attempting to rape her - she's even more sure that she doesn't want him in her life.

When Spike leaves town without telling her - she is visably shaken and wonders when he's coming back. She doesn't have time to worry about Spike though - because she now has to stop Willow from killing everyone in Sunnydale after she goes Bad-Ass Wiccan after Tara's death.

Buffy wasn't strong enough to save WIllow from herself, it took the return of Giles and the pure love of Xander to bring down the Wiccan. The one thing Buffy did learn was that Dawn is a lot stronger than she looks as they fought side-by-side against some hell demons. Buffy is excited to get back to a normal life and show her sister the world.

She begins training Dawn in the ways of the slayer and even gets a new job at Sunnydale High. She's going to be a peer counselor - helping the students when they need her - and helping keep demons from munching on the schools populus.

Before she can do all that she has to cope with the fact that Spike is being tortured by something - and dealing with the fact that he got his soul back - for her - and that it is the cause of a lot of his current pain. Plus she is having dreams of Slayers in Training - being killed off - around the world.

Important Episodes

Buffy Season I: Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest, Angel, Nightmares, Prophecy Girl

Buffy Season II: When She Was Bad, Halloween, Reptile Boy, School Hard, Ted, Becoming I & II, Suprise, Innocense, Lie to Me, Passion, I Only Have Eyes for You

Buffy Season III: Anne, Faith, Hope & Trick, Revelations, Helpless, Bad Girls, Consequences, Enemies, Choices, Beatuy & The Beasts, The Prom, Graduation Day 1 & 2

Buffy Season IV: The Freshman, Pangs, Something Blue, Hush, This Year's Girl, Who Are You, Superstar, The Yoko Factor, Primeval, Restless

Buffy Season V: Buffy vs. Dracula, No Place Like Home, Fool For Love, Listening to Fear, For Your Love, Into the Woods, Blood Ties, Crush, I Was Made to Love You, The Body, Forever, Intervention, Tough Love, Spiral, The Weight of the World, The Gift

Buffy Season VI: Bargaining 1 & 2, Afterlife, Flooded, Life Serial, All the Way, Once More with Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Smashed, Wrecked, Gone, Doublemeat Palace, Dead Things, Older and Far Away, As You Were, Normal Again, Entropy, Seeing Red, Villians, Two to Go, Grave

Buffy Season VII: Beneath You

Angel Season I: I Will Remember You, Sanctuary

The only other guy Buffy dated while she was in high school - that didn't try to kill her. Owen was the sweet sensitive guy that all girls loved - and he choose Buffy. They went out on one date - but when her world mixed with his - he almost got killed - which he loved - and wanted more of - but Buffy couldn't risk putting him in danger - all the time - so she broke it off before it could become anything.

Angel is the first love Buffy has ever known - and if he had been human - he would have been the love of her life - but his curse and his immortality kept him from being that for her. He couldn't bear hurting her and not allowing her to have a normal life so he left Sunnydale and moved to LA.

Buffy's one big college mistake. She hung out with Parker a couple times - thought he was really into her - and even slept with him. Turned out he was just looking for a good time and that was it - he didn't want a relationship - and he didn't want Buffy.

Riley was supposed to be Buffy's Joe Normal. He turned out to be a military demon hunter - and the love of her life - only she didn't know it in time to keep him around. He thought that she didn't love him - so he went back to the military and left Sunnydale - he recently came back - with a wife.

Spike is everything Buffy hates. Ever since Spike was given the chip in his brain that prevents him from killing - he's had a love for the slayer that rivaled his love for Drusilla. She has tried to stay away from him - but since she came back from the dead the only time she feels alive is when she's with him. She feels guilty because she's just using him and she doesn't want to do that - so she calls it all off.

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Name: Cordelia Chase
Birthplace: Sunnydale, California Age: 21

Cordelia Chase spent her life being the prize possession of everyone at Sunnydale High. Her life began to change once Buffy Summers arrived in Sunnydale. Cordelia began to realize that there was more to life than shopping and boys. While Cordelia was never very fond of Buffy, she did start to hang out with her and the rest of the Scoobies. Against her better judgment she even fell in love with Xander Harris.

Cordelia began to change her ways and become a better person with her love for Xander. Xander's uncontrollable feelings for Willow destroyed his relationship with Cordelia and she was hurt in the process. While trying to escape the vision of Willow in Xander's arms, Cordelia feel threw a flight of stairs and was skewered by a metal rod. Soon after her accident, she met Anya who granted Cordelia's wish that Buffy had never some to Sunnydale. Cordelia has no knowlege of this alternate world, which is a good thing because she was killed by Evil Xander and Evil Willow.

After graduating from Sunnydale High, Cordelia moved to LA to become an actress. She met up with Angel and began working for him. She helped him in his quest to redemption. She was even about to start a relationship with Doyle, who also worked for Angel. Doyle sacrificed his life in order to save a group of demons. In his final kiss with Cordy he passed along his visions.

Cordelia was one of a group of women who got involved with a men who in exchange for wealth and more, go them pregnant with a demon's child. She became obsessed with protecting the child and it was Wesley and Angel who came to her rescue and stopped the birth from happening.

Cordelia is now Angel's link to the Powers That Be and has joined him and Wesley in their crusade against evil. After Angel's descent into darkness resulted in the loss of her job - Cordelia, Wesely and Gunn formed their own Agency and have been helping citizens of LA. Most recently, Cordelia had the hatchling of a Skilosh demon in the back of her head - it was a third eye.

Cordelia had a visit with vamp Harmony - who after some good times realized that Harmony is evil and let her leave LA - and told her to never come back. Cordelia's visions are getting stronger and more painful and lasting for a longer period of time. It is unknown if a human can survive the visions. Cordelia has forgiven Angel (since he bought her clothes) and landed a National commerical. The commercial wasn't as great as she thought it would be - she had to wear a skimpy bathing suit and work wtih slimy director. Cordelia was just sucked through a portal and into the Host's home dimenion of Pylea.

Cordelia has become a princess in Pylea and is loving the power. She soon discovers that she must mate with the ruggedly hansome Grusalug and during the mating - he will absorb her visions - but she's not ready to give them up. She helps free the slaves and makes Gru the leader of Pylea. She returns home with Angel and crew to find Willow on the couch in the hotel - and Angel realizes that something has happened to Buffy. Cordy's visions are getting worse and she's begun taking pain pills. She helps Angel remember that he's a good man.

Cordelia has begun standing up for herself - by training with Angel - learning how to fight - so he doesn't have to save her all the time. She also becomes part demon when faced with the choice of die from the visions or live a life without them. Groo comes back for his princess and Angel send her on a vacation to spend time with him. When she returns, everything at AI has gone to hell. The baby is gone - Wesley is a traitor and Angel is shambles. She also learns she has some funky new powers and uses them well - even removing the anger from Connor - but she must now leave this plain and ascend to a higher one, just as she realilzed her feelings for Angel.

Cordy spent the summer and few plus months on the higher plan until she was brought back with no explanation. She didn't have any memory of who she was and refused to come back into the fold - opting to stay with Connor instead. She finally got her memory back but still stayed with Connor.

She is working with Angel and the others trying to stop the Beast and earn Angel's forgiveness for sleeping with his son.
Imporatant Episodes:

Buffy Season I: Welcome to the Hellmouth, Out of Mind, Out of Sight

Buffy Season II: When She Was Bad, Reptile Boy, What's My Line I & II, Becoming I & II, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, Go Fish,

Buffy Season III: Anne, Homecoming, Lover's Walk, The Wish, Doppelgangland,

Angel Season I: City Of, Room w/a Vu, Hero, Parting Gifts, Expecting, To Shanshu in LA

Angel Season II: Judgment, First Impressions, Refefinition, The Thin, Dead Line, Epiphany, Disharmony, Dead End, Belonging, Over the Rainbow, Through the Looking Glass, There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Angel Season III: Heartthrob, That Vision Thing, Billy, Birthday, Waiting in the Wings, Couplet, Forgiving, The Price, Benediction, Tomorrow
Xander and Cordelia had a sweet high school romance - but it ended when he cheated on her with his best friend. She didn't forgive him and she went back to being cruel to him until he bought her prom dress and then she was a little nicer to him.
Cordelia never dated Doyle, not because she didn't want to, but because they didn't have the time. Doyle sacrificed himself to save her and a bunch of other demons from a Nazi-Like Pure Demon gang. He kissed her before he left and passed his visions unto her.
After Cordelia is sucked into the dimensional portal and placed in Pylea; she becomes a princess. The role of the princess is to mate with the Groosalug - which Cordelia doesn't think is such a bad thing once she gets a look at him. She doesn't though - because it would mean losing her visions - and she can't have that. She loves Groo and he loves her - which is why he came to LA recently - to be with his princess. After watching her with Angel - Groo realizes that his princess is in love with another and he departs for places unknown.
Cordelia used to have a thing for Angel in high school - but one word kept them apart - Buffy. When she moved to LA - she didn't even think of him in that way - and he didn't think of her in that way - they were recently possessed by ballerina dancing spirits - and had a little make out and more session - Angel knows he has feelings for her - but she is clueless to them - her attention is focused on Groo. When Groo clues her in on her feelings for Angel - Cordelia rushes to tell him how she feels - but is called to a higher plain by the Powers That Be.
After returning from the higher dimension, Cordelia didn't trust anyone - except for Connor. She stayed with him until her memory returned and even after. When the Rain of Fire began she decided that if the world was going to end, she was going to be the one to give him something real. They have only slept together once and told him that it can't happen again.

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Name: Dawn Summers Birthplace: Los Angeles, California or the Monks Monestary Age: 16

Dawn Summers is your typical teenage girl. She's into boys, diaries and hating her older sister. What makes Dawn different is that her sister is a vampire slayer. Dawn thinks that everyone makes a deal over Buffy just because she has all these special powers. Dawn thinks that once everyone realizes what she has to offer, no one will even think Buffy is anything special.

Dawn has a crush on Xander that gets the best of her when Harmony comes looking to kill Buffy. While trying to stick up for Xander she accidentaly invites Harmony in the house. When she overhears Buffy telling Xander and Riley how stupid she is, she runs out of the house and is kidnap by Harmony's minions. Of course, Big sister Buffy saves the day.

Not only has Dawn had to put up with being second best all her life, but now, her mom is sick and she doesn't know what to do to help. Joyce's tumore causes her to tell Dawn that she is nothing. Which isn't the first time that someone (especially people a little out of their minds) has said this to her. She doesn't understand why everyone tells her she doesn't belong.

Dawn has always had a crush on Xander, but now someone new has caught Dawn's eye - Spike. She thinks he's cool and he's the only one that doesn't treat her differently. She found out that she is what Glory is searching for - she is the "Key," not human, but an energy source. She likes the way that Spike just looks at her as Dawn. Not the Key. Too bad he's got it bad for Buffy and can't see anything but that conquest. Which Dawn promptly tells Buffy about.

Poor Dawn's life could not get more tragic - she just found out that she isn't a Summers - that she is the "key" and now has to deal with the sudden loss of her "mother." Joyce was the only mother that Dawn knew and now she's gone - she has to figure out where she goes from here. Dawn performed a resurrection spell with the help of Spike and Doc (a creepy man) but decide to reverse the spell at the last minute.

Dawn tells Spike that she feels responsible for all the pain that is ripping through her friends lives. His wounds and limp, Tara's mental state - all the pain is her fault. Spike tries to comfort her. Glory finally figures out that she is the key when she tears the front off Stevenson Hall and Tara says that Dawn is the most beautiful green energy.

Dawn and Buffy flee Sunnydale with the rest of the Scoobies - but Dawn is still taken by Glory and prepared for the bloodletting. Buffy manages to stop Glory - but she doesn't get there in time to stop Doc - who's begun the bloodletting ritual. Dawn knows what she must do - but Buffy won't let her. Buffy takes Dawn place and uses her own life to close the portal and save the world. Dawn must know face life - without a mother and a sister. After adjusting to life with the Buffy-Bot - Dawn finds the real Buffy - and saves her from killing herself - making her see that she needs Buffy.

Dawn continues to steal things when no one and is looking. She also lies to Buffy so that she can go out on the town with a couple of boys and a friend - which ends badly - the boys are vamps and they try to make Dawn and Janice their eternal girlfriends - but Dawn is the sister of the slayer - and she knows about vamps - and she dusts him. She is hurt pretty bad by Willow - when Willow's magic gets out of hand.

Dawn's petty theft is found out and she's on thin ice with everyone - but she is put aside when everyone worries about Buffy - and it seems that Dawn isn't a part of Buffy's perfect familyi delusions. She is patching things up with Buffy and is very happy about Tara and Willow's reunion - but she gets another hard blow when she finds Tara's lifeless body after the incident with Warren.

She tries to reason with a vengeful Dark Willow - but to no avail. She does get to fight with her sister and show Buffy that she's not a little kid anymore.

Dawn is getting some slayer training from big sis - and dealing with starting at the newly (aka finally!) renovated Sunnydale High School. She feel in love with the quarterback because of a Love Spell involved with his jacket. She had to fight for his love with Buffy, Willow and Anya.

After realizing what a stupid thing almost killing herself for RJ was, Dawn finally feels like she's important - that is until the Slayer's in Training start showing up and Dawn has to take a back seat yet again.

She thought for a minute that she was an SIT, when Willow's spell told them she was. Turns out the real SIT was outside the door and Dawn just happened to be in the way, yet again. When she realized she wasn't an SIT - she gave her power to Amanda. Xander saw all of this and told Dawn that no one else but them can know what it's like to be a normal person and fight this fight. He made her feel good about herself.
Imporatant Episodes:

Buffy Season V: The Real Me, No Place Like Home, Shadow, Listening to Fear, Blood Ties, Crush, The Body, Forever, Tough Love, Spiral, The Weight of the World, The Gift

Buffy Season VI: Bargaining 1 & 2, Afterlife, Flooded, All the Way, Older and Far Away, Normal Again, Entropy

Buffy Season VII: Lessons, Same Time, Same Place; Help, Him, Coversations with Dead People, Potential.
Dawn lied to Buffy to go out on the town with her friends - and she met Justin. He seemed like such a nice boy and he gave her the first kiss of her life. The bad news was he turned out to be a vampire and he wanted to turn her into one as well. She had to kill him to stay alive. Like sister, like sister I guess.
Dawn fell under RJ's spell and decided that it was okay to push guys down stairs and fight with Buffy and Willow adn Tara for his affection. She almost killed herself to show him how much she "loved" him.

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Name: Faith (Last Name is Unknown;never mentioned)
Birthplace: Boston Age: 21 years old at least

Faith grew up in Boston with an unhappy childhood. She was activated as a Slayer when Kendra was slain by Drusilla.
Faith had a female Watcher who trained her in Boston. It was unclear whether Faith had been trained before or after she was called. They encountered a Big Bad Vamp by the name of Kakistos, preying on a community in Missouri. The battle that ensued cost Faith her Watcher. She fled, but not before she struck Kakistos' face with an axe.
Fearing for her life (after witnessing her Watcher's demise), she turned to the only person she knew who had the experience, strength and ability to defeat Kakistos. Buffy, the other Slayer. Her Watcher must have explained to her about Buffy, and presumably Kendra. With Buffy's help, Faith managed to destroy Kakistos.
Since her Watcher is dead, Faith was assigned to Giles and Sunnydale had two Slayers guarding the Hellmouth. However, Buffy found that Faith was too much of a wild card. She is a thrill junkie who gets her high slaying. Faith was also too unpredictable (and unstable).
Faith was just putting up a front, telling everybody that she's tough and she didn't need anybody. However, she was a little bit upset when she found out that the Scoobies were meeting without her (courtesy of Gwendolyn Post). After the Gwendolyn Post incident, she became a loner.
Her turn to the other side was when she accidentally staked a man in battle confusion. According to Giles, it was normal, a bystander got caught in the crossfire. However, it was up to Faith to confess and to rehabilitate her growing darkness.
Faith appeared to be turning over a new leaf when Wesley Wyndham-Price came in and spoiled everything. Faith had refused to trust anybody anymore. She went to work for the Mayor when she dusted Mr. Trick. She did lots of horrible things while in the Mayor's service without remorse. Buffy always stalled to bring in Faith for rehabilitation because she believed that Faith was redeemable (plus she had to worry about the Mayor's Ascension).
The final straw broke when Faith poisoned Angel. The cure was the blood of a Slayer. Buffy went after Faith. The two of them fought hard. Ultimately, Buffy stabbed Faith. She ended up in a coma for eight months.
She awoken and vowed vengeance against Buffy. Using a device left for her by the Mayor, she switched bodies with Buffy. Buffy (in Faith's body) was being taken away by the police and the Watcher's Council. Faith (in Buffy's body) was living Buffy's life and buying her ticket out of the country using Joyce's credit card.
However, something happened to Faith while she was in Buffy's body. She experienced love, respect and adoration from Buffy's family and circle of friends. She had never truly experienced this, and it changed her bit by bit. Now she knew how Buffy's moral code and ethics made people respect her. She completely turned around when she was in the airport. She saw on the news that several vampires were holding a church hostage during the day.
The old Faith would have pffft that away and just boarded the plane. This Faith actually rushed to the church and telling the vamps that it was wrong (with conviction). Buffy also came to the church and they fought. Faith was beating up Buffy while verbally abusing Buffy. The truth was that the verbal abuse was directed to herself. Buffy finally managed to switched them back and Faith fled.
She ended up in L.A. where Angel, Cordelia and Wesley are helping out troubled souls. Wolfram & Hart hired her to kill Angel. She accepted. She went around, taunting Angel to be ready for their showdown. She kidnapped Wesley and tortured him. Angel showed up and they fought. Faith is yelling at Angel to kill her because she was bad. After a good fifteen minutes of fighting, she broke down. Her plan was to have Angel kill her so that she would not have to endure the guilt that was eating away at her.
Angel gave her the choice of staying and rehabilitation herself. She accepted, and even asked Angel to help her. However, with the police, the Watcher's Council and Buffy on her tail, she would not have a smooth rehab. Buffy found her, and a fight almost broke. But when they realize the Council's assassins were there for her and Angel, all of them worked together to get out of the mess.
Buffy and Angel fought the assassins on the rooftop while Wesley handled one in the basement. Faith fled once the battle was over. Angel was arrested for hiding a known murderer. Everybody ended up at the police station and found Faith there, confessing to her murders and giving herself up to the police.
Faith is in jail marked the first time in history that a Slayer had been judged by human laws and was sentenced.

She returned to Sunnydale for the last battle, the potentials looked towards her as a leader and seldomly made peace with Buffy and had a nice little chat of being repenty with Spike. She also bonded with Principal Wood in the naked sort of way and she could also feel the power of the Sythe. She fights to the end and comes out smelling like a rose!

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Name: Rupert Giles Birthplace: England Age: 40-50

Rupert Giles came to Sunnydale to perform the duties of Watcher. What he found was a slayer unlike any other. His slayer had a life seperate from that of her slaying and he soon found that he cared for her as a father, not just a slayer.

Giles had a rebellious youth, which included invoking demons for personal pleasure with friend Ethan Rayne. Giles left that life behind and became the "tweed clad defender of the innocent." While Giles has been an excellent watcher, his personal life has definately been without.

Giles fell in love with Computer Science teacher Jenny Calendar, only to have her killed by Angel and left in his bed to find. Soon after he was kidnapped by Angel and tortured for several hours. The women in Giles life after Jenny have been few and far between. During a spell by old friend Ethan Rayne, Giles and the rest of the adults in Sunnydale experienced a second childhood. Giles and Joyce (Buffy's Mom!) got to know each other VERY well! After Joyce, Giles was alone again.

After interfering with the Council Test on Buffy's 18 birthday, Giles was fired from his post as watcher. He reamined in Sunnydale as Librarian and watched over Buffy and Faith as the new watcher Wesley, consistantly made mistakes. Giles found a little love with a friend from England, Olivia. She has come to visit him in Sunnydale during his Gentleman of Leisure days. She has not been back since the Gentleman came to Sunnydale.

After a year spent doing hardly anything and the increasing feeling that he was no longer needed, Giles decided to return to England. Until Buffy told him that she needs him to be her watcher again as she begins her quest to understand her slayer powers. Giles bought the magic box and finally has a career again. He has turned the back of the shop into a training area for Buffy.

Giles was recently reinstated as Buffy's offical Watcher. He's helping her with Glory - but more importantly he's helping her cope right now with the sudden loss of her mother. Giles is speared in the side during a battle with the Knights. Giles takes it upon himself to kill Ben - thus killing Glory! He is heartbroken by the loss of Buffy! After losing Buffy, Giles decides that he is no longer needed in Sunnydale - but after she is resurrected he returns to Sunnydale but for how long - no one knows. Well it seemed - not for long - after a few weeks in Sunnydale - Giles realized he was holding his slayer back - and that in order for her to stand on her own to feet - he had to leave - so he returned to England - for good. He returns just in time to help Buffy fight Willow.

Giles took willow back to England with him - and he's helping her to harness her powers. He is guiding her - instead of jailing her -and helping her accept what is inside of her now.
Imporatant Episodes:

Buffy Season I: Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest, Prophecy Girl

Buffy Season II: When She Was Bad, Dark Ages, Passion, Becoming I & II

Buffy Season III: Amends, Revelations, Helpless, Graduation Day 1 & 2

Buffy Season IV: The Freshman, Pangs, Something Blue, Hush, The Yoko Factor, Primeval, Restless

Buffy Season V: Buffy vs. Dracula, No Place Like Home, Checkpoint, The Body, Spiral, The Gift

Buffy Season VI: Bargining 1, Afterlife, Flooded, Life Serial, All the Way, Once More with Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Two to Go, Grave
Giles met Jenny Calendar when she came to Sunnydale High to be the computer science teacher - he was at first annoyed by her technology - but grew to love her deeply. They never got together completely because she was lying to him - she really came to Sunnydale to keep an eye on Angel - she was from the clan that cursed him. Then before they could work things out - Angelus killed her and left her in Giles bed.
Mr. Trick's little candy spell from Ethan Rayne caused The Watcher & Slayer's Mom to get together. They had some make out sessions - and stole some things but when the effects of the candy wore off - so did their relationship. They did have sex together though.
Olivia was an old friend of Giles' from England. She came to visit him a few times and they spent some quality time in the sack - but when Sunnydale was quieted by the Gentleman - she soon after was a little too afraid to be apart of Giles' world.

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Name: Jenny Calender Birthplace: Romania Age: 30

The high school computer science teacher with an interest in the occult. After having come close to dying in a brush with a demonic force, Jenny pulled away from helping the others. Giles was finally able to convince her to come back and help stop the Master from becoming free and opening the hellmouth.
Jenny became a member of the Scooby Gang and assisted them in fighting all manner of creatures. But she had a secret agenda. She had been sent by the Romany tribe that had cursed Angel decades before to keep an eye on him. Unfortunately Angel and Buffy became intimate and Angel once again became Angelus. After learning her true identity thanks to Drusilla Angelus dealt with Jenny Calendar.
The First appears in her form in "Amends" and in 7th Season.

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Name: Joyce Summers Birthplace: California Age: 40

Joyce is Buffy Summers and Dawn Summers mother. Just having rebounded from a failed marriage, Joyce
has to relocate with her seemingly troubled
daughter to a new town and new job. She struggles
to make ends meet working at an art gallery and to
raise her daughter never knowing the truth about
Buffy's slayer ability. When she finally learns
the truth Joyce overreacts and Buffy responds by
leaving town. After a short time Buffy returns and
eventually trust is rebuilt between them.
She helps Buffy return to high school and has to
deal with her daughter's creepy night job. Buffy
eventually goes off to college and falls a bit out
of touch with Joyce, a fact that's rubbed in her
face when she's taken hostage by Faith. But, like
always, Buffy comes to save the day and eventually
returns home to live.
Joyce became very ill and was diagnoses with a
tumor in her head. And after treatments had seemed
to work to make her better she suddenly died. Her
death sent shockwaves through her family and the
entire Scooby Gang who had been close to her for

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Kendra was raised as a traditional Slayer, unlike her predecessor, Buffy or her successor, Faith.
Hailing from Jamaica, Kendra was given away by her parents to the Watcher's Council to be trained at a very young age. She had minimal contact with people and had a spartan lifestyle.
Kendra was activated as a Slayer because of a fluke. The current Slayer, Buffy Summers, drowned in her fight with the Master, thus Kendra's activation. However, Xander Harris was able to revive Buffy. This was the first time ever that the world was blessed with two Slayers.
Kendra came to Sunnydale because her Watcher, Sam Zebuto, foresaw some dark powers rising there (What's My Line?). Kendra came into the States by a cargo plane. She first mistook Buffy for a vampire and attacked her. Once both of them realized that they were Slayers, they reached a truce.
Giles decided that it was timely that Kendra arrived because Spike had sent three Tarakan assassins after Buffy, to prevent Buffy from stopping him rejuvinating Drusilla.
Kendra took down one of the assassins, and Buffy stopped Spike. Chaos was averted, so Kendra went back to Jamaica. She resurfaced in Sunnydale when her Watcher foresaw Angelus' plan to activate Acathla (Becoming). While Buffy went to fight Angelus, Kendra was left behind in the library to protect the Scooby Gang while they try to re-curse Angelus.
Kendra fought valiantly to protect the Scoobies, until she was outnumbered severely. Drusilla came in and they fought. Kendra was holding her own until Drusilla grabbed Kendra by the neck and hypnotized her. Drusilla slit the hypnotized Kendra, and she fell to the ground as her last breath escaped from her lungs.

Kendra was a good fighter and a well-trained Slayer. Unfortunately for her, she had not acquired enough experience to be a well-rounded Slayer. Plus, she was also devoid of her emotions. As Buffy told her, a Slayer's emotions are her assets and they do help in battles.
May Kendra rest in peace. She died fighting the good fight.

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Oz (aka Daniel Osbourne)

A.K.A. Ironic Detachment Guy
Gentle, laid-back guitarist-cum-werewolf (after being bitten by a lycanthropic baby cousin); cools his paws in Sunnydale High's library book cage when things get hairy. A brainy slacker who tends to express himself in short, noncommittal phrases, he has the dubious distinction of failing to graduate after scoring highest on the SATs.
Guitarist for the local band Dingoes Ate My Baby. He started to become interested in Willow and they began dating and soon were in a relationship together. Although he doesn't say much, or do very well on his school work, he's very intelligent and is the smartest kid ever to repeat senior year.
Oz was bitten by his young cousin Jordy, who it turns out, is a werewolf. Oz also became a werewolf and began locking himself in a special designed cage whenever the moon was full. His relationship with Willow lasted three years until it ended after his affair with a female werewolf. He has since worked on controlling his wolfness.
Special Powers: Keen sense of smell, thanks to his monthly problem.
His passions were Willow; playing guitar (though only three chords) with his band, Dingoes Ate My Baby; black nail polish (on him, we mean); experimenting with hair color.
He sure didn't like Willow smooching Xander; & him failing senior year.
He bolted once and came back only to find out that Willow had a new love in her life by smelling Tara's scent all over his cherished Willow. He still has helped Angel though with delivery of th Gem of Amara. He will be missed on my part.


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Riley Finn

At first introduced as a psych grad student and Prof. Maggie Walsh's teaching assistant. But he's eventually discovered to be a soldier working for a secret government demon-fighting agency called the Initiative. Buffy discovers his secret identity at the same time he learns that she's the Slayer. The relationship between the two of them begins to grow although their responsibilities keep them apart.
Another hitch in their relationship occurs when Faith switches places with Buffy and sleeps with Riley. Buffy then tracks Faith to L.A. and Riley learns about Buffy's history with Angel. He goes off in the middle of the nightto go get sucked by some two bit vamp tramp, and Spike shows Buffy the Riley's secret. With both of them displaying jealousy this leads to a rift that will grow to break them apart and this has Riley in hurry so he gives Buffy an ultimatum which he leaves to fight demons in South America thinking Buffy didn't love him. He arrives back in Sunnydale briefly and shows up at Buffy's work DoubleMeat Palace just to ask to help hunt down a demon. He didn't come alone he had been married to another soldier named Samantha. Buffy is happy for them but deep down in her heart she thought Riley had come back to reclaim their relationship. He leaves town just as quickly he forgets Buffy.

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Name: Spike - a.k.a. William the Bloody Birthplace: London, England Age: Approx. 130 years old.

Spike gets his nickname - William the "Bloody" from his awful poetry. His poetry was so "bloody awful" that everyone he knew would mock and laugh. His mortal life held very little meaning. The one thing he loved in the world, Cecily - did not return his affection. She said that he was beneth him. William caught the eye of Drusilla and he soon after became Spike.

Spike traveled the world with the trio of Angel, Darla and Drusilla. He caused death and destruction everywhere he went. It wasn't until Angel mentioned the "Slayer," that Spike found a new purpose in life. He became obssessed with killing the slayer. He finally got his utmost desire when he killed his first slayer during the boxer rebellion.

Spike killed his second slayer in New York during the 70's. He would then spend time in Europe with Dru and finally have to leave after an angry mob in Prague almost killed her. Spike came to Sunnydale in order to restore Drusilla back to pefect health.

Since he had some time on his hands, he began an obsession with killing the slayer. He has tried time and time again to rid himself of the slayer, but she stops every plan that he hatches.

After one particularly bad plan involving killing Angel to make Dru better, Spike found himself helpless in a wheelchair. It wasn't too soon after that Angelus returned and made Spike's life hell. He had to sit around helpless as Angel began to work his way back into Dru's dead cold heart.

To get Dru back, Spike forms an alliance with Buffy to stop Angel from ending the world. His part of the bargain was to take Dru and leave Sunnydale. This move would cause him Dru's love. In order to exact his revenge on Buffy, Spike comes back to Sunnydale and kidnaps Willow and Xander to work a love spell.

He wants Dru back and thinks this spell will do it. He called off the spell and decided to get Dru back on his own. They were happy for a time, but all she could sense was the slayer. This sent him back to Sunnydale with a vegence he wanted to make Buffy pay for what had happened between him and Dru.

Spike returned to Sunnydale for the Gem of Amarra, a gem that would make him impervious to all means of death. Nothing would harm him. Once again, his plan failed and he was soon caught by the Intiative and fitted with a nice chip that wouldn't allow him to hurt any living creature. He has started to develop feelings for Buffy and is becoming part of the Scooby gang.

Spike has recently made his feelings known to the slayer and she did not return them. He is currently in the process of getting a robot version of her made.Spike finally gets his BuffyBot and his fantasy of the Slayer has come true. Until he is kidnapped by Glory and tortured and beaten very badly.

When his BuffyBot asks him why he didn't just tell Glory what she wanted to know - he answers that he couldn't see the REAL Buffy hurt like that. She kisses him and realizes that it's the REAL Buffy - she got rid of the Bot (which we'll find out isn't entirely true later) and tells him that it was disgusting - it wasn't real - but she appreciates what he did for her and she won't forget it.

Spike tries to comfort Dawn when she thinks that all the pain happening in Sunnydale right now is her fault. He also tells Buffy that if someone hurt someone he loved (meaning Buffy) he would go after Glory, just like he thinks Willow did, and no one could stop him.

Spike tries to protect Buffy and Dawn the best that he can - but Dawn is still taken by Glory. He tells Buffy - that he knows she'll never love him and that he's a monster but she treats him like a man. Just when she starts to respect him - Buffy sacrifices herself to save Dawn and the World by jumping into the demon dimension portal and loses her life. He crumbles to the ground near her body and cries.

After spending 147 days without Buffy, Spike finds out that she's been brought back to life. While he's happy to have his slayer back - he's worried that something isn't quite right with her - and that the scoobies kept her ressurection a secret from him. The renewed slayer can only stand to be around Spike - which makes him happy - until he realizes that she is only using him - and asks her to stay away - so he can "Rest in Peace" - but she can't - she needs him to make her feel alive - and after a few smooches - he's more than happy to help.

Spike tries to keep things going with Buffy - but she refutes his every advance - they end up fighting - and that's when he realizes that something is wrong with his chip. He hits her and there is no pain. Spike instantly tries to feed again - but when he goes in for the kill on some young thing - his chip activates.

Confused, he goes to see Warren - to get the chip examined. Warren's tests prove that nothing is wrong with the chip - it's functioning normally. Spike realizes that it's not the chip - it's Buffy. She's come back wrong and he can hurt her. They have a knock-down, drag out fight - which to Spike's surprise ends in sex.

Buffy wakes up the next morning and is disgusted with herself. Spike thinks things have changed between them - but Buffy denies that she has feelings for him. He tells her that she does feel something - it may not be love - yet - but he's in her system now - and she's going to crave him - the way he craves blood.

Spike is beginning to understand that he even though he's "had" Buffy - he doesn't really have her. After their escapades during her recent invisibility - he's come to believe that he doesn't want her - if he can't have all of her. He doesn't stick to that statement though as he and Buffy are hot and heavy the very next week. They have sex in the alley behind Buffy's new place of employment - the Doublemeat Palace. It's not a good session though - she seems distant.

They go at it again in the crypt the following week and even manage to have a converstation - the relationship is growing and Spike finally asks what this thing they have is to her. She tells him it's not a thing - it's just sex. He asks if she even likes him - and she replies - sometimes - there is a ray of hope on the horizon for Spike. He tries to help her when she thinks she killed a girl in the woods - but Buffy beats him up and insists on turning herself in.

Buffy's birthday has come around again - and Spike comes to the party and lets the sexual innuendos fly. They argue - but they spend some time together and it appears as if maybe there could be a future for them. Spike's jealous of the guy that Xander and Anya invited for Buffy to hook up. She doesn't but enjoys seeing Spike jealous.

After Riley's visit to town, Spike is left without his Slayer when she stumbled upon his money making scheme of harboring killer demon eggs. She admits to Spike that she wants him - but that she will never love him, and that being with him makes things simpler, for a while. She breaks his heart, but calls him "William," when she does it. Does this mean she's starting to see him more as a person? How long will the break-up last - don't know.

Spike is still on the outs with Buffy - but he's given her a choice - either she tells her friends about their relationship - or he will. He already kinda let it slip to Xander - but Xander didn't really understand - so we'll just have to wait and see if she tells everyone and if they have a good reaction - or a really bad one. Not everyone can be as understanding as Tara.

After having a tiny tryst with Anya - Spike has become the outcast yet again. He won't give up on Buffy or their relationship but his efforts to convince her of his love - and her love for him - end with a near rape. Disgusted at himself for what he almost did to her - and with the fact that he cares that he's disgusted - Spike leaves Sunnydale on a search to have the chip removed and return to the demon that he was before.

He endures numerous trials that including fighting a man to death - with flaming hands, and lots and lots of bugs. He passes them all - and told he will be rewarded. He says good - now he wants to be restored to what he used to be so that he can give the slayer what she deserves. The demon agrees and restores Spike's soul!

Spike is back in Sunnydale and he's living in the School basement. he's gone crazy with the torment of his soul - the voices in his head and something that is threating to destroy all of Sunnydale - starting with the Slayer. He sees Buffy but doesn't want to tell her what he's done - although he eventually does tell her that he's gotten his soul back.

Spike's been feeding again and he's an agent of the First - unknowingly. Buffy finally frees him from his capitors and he's not working with her - training the SIT's.
Imporatant Episodes:

Buffy Season II: Halloween, School Hard, What's My Line I & II, Becoming I & II, Suprise, Innocense, Lie to Me, Passion, I Only Have Eyes for You

Buffy Season III: Lover's Walk

Buffy Season IV: The Harsh Light of Day, The Initative, Pangs, Something
Blue, Hush, Doomed, The Yoko Factor, Primeval, Restless

Buffy Season V: Out of My Mind, Fool For Love, Listening to Fear, Into the Woods, Blood Ties, Crush, I Was Made to Love You, Forever, Intervention, Tough Love, Spiral, The Weight of the World, The Gift

Buffy Season VI: Bargaining 1 & 2, Afterlife, Flooded, Life Serial, All the Way, Once More with Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Smashed, Wrecked, Gone, Dead Things, Older and Far Away, As You Were, Normal Again, Entropy, Seeing Red, Villans, Two To Go, Grave

Buffy Season VII: Lessons, Beneath You, Sleeper, Never Leave Me, Showtime, Potential

Angel Season I: In the Dark

Angel Season II: Darla
Drusilla made Spike into the vampire that he is today. She sired him after feeling lonely in the company of Darla and Angelus. She wanted something to play with - so she turned William (the shy poetry writing boy) into Spike (the leather and chains) the vampire. Spike risked everything for Drusilla - even working alongside the Slayer to get Dru away from Angelus and stop him from awakening Acathla and destroying the world. This act caused Spike to lose Drusilla and left him open to find someone new....
Harmony was a Cordette in high school. She was one of the most popular girls at Sunnydale high. During the graduation ceremony she was bitten by a vampire. When Spike returned to Sunnydale to find the Gem of Amarra - he had Harmony with him. How they met is unclear, but his feelings for her were not. Spike never loved Harmony, he just used her for sex. She was something to help keep his bed warm at night. Harmony left Sunnydale when she realized Spike would never love her they she wanted him to.
Buffy is everything Spike used to hate. She's the one. The Vampire Slayer - the one chosen to end his undead life. Only, Spike doesn't hate her. He's in love with her. Ever since Spike was given the chip in his brain that prevents him from killing - he's had a love for the slayer that rivaled his love for Drusilla. He told Buffy how he felt - but she shot him down. Only now is Spike beginning to realize his dreams with the Slayer - as she opens up to him and they begin a torrid love affair.
After being rejected by Buffy yet again, Spike goes to the magic box looking for some kind of spell to make him numb to the way he feels about Buffy. He finds Anya instead and she offers him some whiskey. They get a little drunk and end up having sex - while everyone else watches on the Geeks hidden cameras.

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Name: Tara Maclay Age: 22 years old.

She attends University of Sunnydale California.A shy
young girl who became close friends and eventual
lover to Willow. They originally met
through a wicca group and began studying magic
together. Tara got clued in to the whole
Slayer/Scooby Gang thing and eventually became
part of the gang. As she helped the gang against
the goddess Glory, Tara got her brains scrambled
but she was eventually restored.
Willow began to display the abilities to wield
stronger witchcraft and Tara began to grow worried
as Willow's powers became stronger and more
dangerous. As Willow started using her powers more
frivolously Tara confronted Willow about it but
Willow cast a spell to make Tara forget the
argument. When Tara discovered what Willow had
done to her the two broke up. They got back
together several months later but Tara would soon
meet her fate when Warren came to Buffy's house to
get revenge and Tara ended up paying the price.

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Name: Willow Rosenberg Birthplace: Sunnydale, California Age: 21
Willow Rosenberg was your everyday High School nerd until Buffy Summers arrived in Sunnydale. Things in Willow's life began to changed the first day Buffy arrived. Willow learned of the existance of Vampires and demons. She was even tricked into helping a demon come to life. Her knowledge of computers came in handy for Buffy and Giles - so did her general smarts - she is one of the main reasons that Buffy didn't fail out of High School. Willow has had a childhood friend Xander, who has no idea that she is completely in love with him.

Her focus is diverted when she meets Oz and the two instantly become a great couple. Willow begins to use her book smarts when she is asked by Prinicipal Synder to teach the Computer Science class after Angel killed Ms. Calendar. Willow begins to learn magic and helps Buffy defeat more than one demon. She even returns Angel's soul, but not before Buffy has to kill him. Willow's long dream of Xander noticing her finally comes true when they kiss while preparing for the homecoming dance. Oz breaks up with Willow, but finally realizes that he can't be without her.

They get back together and even end up making love while preparing for the battle with Mayor at graduation. It was Oz's turn to break Willow's heart when a female werewolf diverts Oz's attention and he realizes that he can't control the wolf in him and he leaves Sunnydale. Willow's heartache causes danger to all of those around her when she tries to cast a spell to have her will done. Willow meets a fellow witch in a wicca group named Tara and begins to spend a lot of time with her. Eventually the two fall in love. Things in Willow's life began to look good again when Oz returned to Sunnydale, with the wolf under control.

He came back to be what she needed. Oz learns of Willow and Tara's relationship and he is thrown back out of control. He realies that he can't be around Willow and leaves Sunnydale again. Willow accidentily set free a troll that Anya used to date and has dealt with her issues with Anya - on some small level. She is now trying to cope with the loss of Joyce Summers and is doing so with the help of Tara. Willow and Tara had their first fight and afterwards Tara was attacked by Glory - who thought that Tara was the key.

When Glory realized Tara wasn't the key - she brainsucked her and left her a shell. Willow used the Darkest Magicks available to try and kill Glory, but failed. If Buffy hadn't come in at the last second - Glory would have killed Willow. Willow uses her magics to go inside Buffy's mind after Dawn is taken by Glory and Buffy just shuts down. She also uses her magic to get Tara's brain back from Glory and to make Spike rush to save Dawn - but he's too late - Doc has started the bloodletting ritual - and Buffy jumps into the portal to save the world.

Willow uses her magics to go inside Buffy's mind after Dawn is taken by Glory and Buffy just shuts down. She also uses her magic to get Tara's brain back from Glory and to make Spike rush to save Dawn - but he's too late - Doc has started the bloodletting ritual - and Buffy jumps into the portal to save the world. Willow must now deal with the loss of her best friend. She heads to LA and is waiting for Angel in the Hotel to tell him the news about Buffy. When he sees her - he knows that it's not good.

Willow uses her growing powers to bring Buffy back from the dead. The abuse of power is leading Willow down a bad path - but she doesn't see it. She uses her powers to make Tara forget about a big fight they have. Tara finds out about Willow's abuse of her power and gives her one last chance - but Willow blows it by casting another forgetting spell that causes the whole gang to forget who they are - when the spell is broken - Tara breaks up with Willow and moves out of the Summers house. Feeling lonely Willow realizes she has the power now to de-rat Amy - and does - the two spend a night out on the town at the Bronze - over doing their magick.

After almost causing Dawn to be killed Willow has given up all magicks and has been clean for a couple of months - she is trying to get back to the way she used to do things - with computers and brainpower. She's also trying to work things out with Tara. The reunion between Tara and Willow was short lived - as was Tara after a stray bullet hit and killed her when Warren tried to kill Buffy. Driven by her rage - Willow consumed all the dark arts that she could and tracked, tortured and killed Warren. She is now more powerful then any witch has ever been and she's out to finish the job she started by killing Jonathan and Andrew.

Willow was in Merry Old England trying to deal with the new power that is inside her. She realizes that the Hellmouth is going to open again and is afraid of what might come out of it - and her. She prepares to come back to Sunnydale - dreading the first reunion with her friends. Yet she is quickly accepted and is reinstated with Buffy and staying at her house.
Imporatant Episodes:

Buffy Season I: Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest, I Robot, You Jane, Nightmares, The Pack, Prophecy Girl

Buffy Season II: When She Was Bad, Halloween, Becoming I & II, Suprise, Innocense, Inca Mummy Girl, Phases, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered,
Buffy Season III: Anne, Homecoming, Lover's Walk, The Wish, Gingerbread, Doppelgangland, Choices, The Prom, Graduation Day 1 & 2

Buffy Season IV: The Freshman, Fear, Itself, Wild at Heart, Something Blue, Hush, New Moon Rising, The Yoko Factor, Primeval, Restless

Buffy Season V: Family, Triangle, The Body, Tough Love, Spiral, The Weight of the World, The Gift

Buffy Season VI: Bargaining 1 & 2, After Life, Flooded, Life Serial, All the Way, Once More with Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Smashed. As You Were, Hell's Bells, Normal Again, Entropy, Seeing Red, Villians, Two to Go, Grave
Oz is the first person that Willow ever seriously dated - her first "real" love. They had a happy relationship until Willow cheated on him with Xander. After a few months apart Oz asked if they could try again - and they were happy until Oz turned around and cheated on her with another werewolf and he left Sunnydale to get control of his inner wolf.
For as long as she can remember Willow was in love with Xander - but he never really saw her as anything other than his best friend. That all changed their senior year when under the spell of formal wear - they had their first kiss. They were caught soon after when they were kidnapped by Spike - and Oz and Cordelia came to their rescue. After Oz left Sunnydale, Willow had a rough time - she didn't know how to get on with her life without him - until she met Tara. Tara and Willow fell in love and just when it looked like they were going to actually be together - Oz came back - but he didn't stay long and Willow made her choice - she wanted to be with Tara. They were together untiil Willow's abuse of Magic left Tara with no choice but to leave her. Since she's been clean Willow's trying to get Tara back in her life. Which she did until Warren and his stray bullet claimed the life of Tara and sent Willow to the dark side of magic.

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Name: Xander Lavelle Harris Birthplace - Sunnydale, California Age: 21
Xander Harris started his Sophomore year at Sunnydale High with his best buds, Jesse and Willow. On the very first day he caught a glimpse of a girl that would change his life forever. Buffy Summers had come to Sunnydale and Xander was head over heels. Tried as he may, Buffy never saw him as anything other than a friend. When Buffy arrived in Sunnydale, nothing was ever going to be the same. Everyday was a new adventure and around every corner was death and demons. Xander trusted Buffy with his life.

When Xander thught he was making headway with the ladies, his subsitute Biology teacher tries to eat him. On a class trip to the zoo Xander was possessed by Hyenas and tried to attack Buffy. It wasn't until Buffy came back from summer vacation that Xander though she had finally noticed him, but it was just a cruel moment where Buffy was trying to make Angel jealous. When Sunnydale had a foreign exchange program, he met Ampada, a beautiful girl from South America who actually liked him. As Xander's luck would have it, she was really a mummy come to life sucking the lifeforce from people.

It wasn't until the School Career Week that Xander found what he had been looking for - a girllfriend, even though they would just smooch before making it public knowlege. Xander and Cordelia went on strong until her friends decided that he wasn't good enough and she dumped him On Valentine's Day. In an attempt to get even with her, Xander had Amy cast a spell that would make Cordy fall in love with him again so that he could dump her, only it made him the cuddle monkey of the whole town. The spell was reversed and Cordelia and Xander continued their romance.

In his final year of high school Xander thought he had everything he wanted, but he couldn't shake the growing feelings he was having for Willow. The illicit smoochies the two shared destroyed their relationships witH Cordelia and Oz. With his realtionship to Cordelia over things for Xander didn't get much better. While trying to stay out of harms way, Xander managered to hang with a bunch of dead guys hatching a plan to blow up Sunnydale High and slept with Faith. Even though his luck had gone south, Xander still manageed to graduatie from High School and decided to take a celebratory road trip.

After his road trip turned out to be like the rest of his luck, Xander returned to Sunnydale only to be greeted by Anya. She couldn't stop thinking about him and thought if they had sex, that would help. It didn't work. They begin seeing each other and are deeply in love. Xander and Anya are still together and his luck is starting to turn good. He's an integral part of the Scooby team - even though he's the one that always gets the funny diseases form the demons. He's working a steady job in a construction and has a great new apartment.

He has dealt with his best friend and girlfriend always fighting. He's helping Buffy deal with the loss of Riley and now he's consoling everyone with the loss of Joyce. Xander is beginning to come into his own and might prove usefull in the future - as Buffy told the watcher's council - that "Boy" has clocked more field time than all of you. Xander was pivitol in the battle with the Knights and with the final battle to Glory. He managed to slow Glory down quite a bit with a wrecking ball. While preparing to battle Glory - Xander proposed to Anya - not because the world might end but because he know it will not and he wants spend the rest of his life with her.

He must now try and deal with the death of one of his best friends and someone he will always truly love - Buffy. After helping Tara and Willow bring back Buffy, Xander is happy about her resurrection, but nervous about announcing his engagement to Anya. He keeps putting it off and Anya thinks it's because he's scared. He insists that he's not - and finally makes the announcement. The happy couple plan their wedding - only to have Xander get cold feet the day of the wedding and not marry Anya. He still loves her and hopes they can work things out but no one seems to know where she has gone. When he sees that she's come back he tries to work things out but she's not hearing him - she only wants to hurt him - and succeeds by sleeping with Spike. He also finds out that Buffy had been sleeping with Spike. He forgives Buffy, but is dealt another blow when he finds out Anya's a vengence demon again. Xander's love for Willow stopped her from destroying the world.

Imporatant Episodes:

Buffy Season I: Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest, Teacher's Pet, The Pack, Nightmares, Prophecy Girl

Buffy Season II: When She Was Bad, IncA Mummy Girl, Halloween, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, Becoming I & II, What's My Line I & II, Go Fish

Buffy Season III: Homecoming, Lover's Walk, The Wish, The Zeppo, Consequences, Graduation Day 1 & 2

Buffy Season IV: The Freshman, Fear Itself, Pangs, Something Blue, Hush, Where the Wild Things Are, The Yoko Factor, Restless

Buffy Season V: Buffy vs. Dracula, The Replacement, Triangle, Into the Woods, The Body, Spiral, The Weight of the World, The Gift

Bufy Season VI: Bargaining 1 & 2, Afterlife, Flooded, All the Way, Tabula Rasa, Hell's Bells, Normal Again, Entropy, Seeing Red, Villians, Two to Go, Grave
Xander met Ampata when she came to Sunnydale as a foreign exchange student. They bonded quickly and it appeared as if Xander had finally found someone to take his mind off of Buffy. He soon discovered that Ampata wasn't who she claimed to be and that she was actually a soul sucking Mummy come to life.
Always bitter enemies, Xander and Cordelia couldn't fight their attraction to one another and begin dating in secret during their Junior year at Sunnydale High. Soon everyone found out about them and they seemed happy. Until Cordelia chose her friends over Xander and broke his heart on Valentine's Day. They soon got back together and it looked to be a solid relationship until Willow and Xander began a torrid smooching affair.
Willow had been in love with Xander ever since she was little - but they weren't meant to be. Xander was always falling for someone else and Willow finally met Oz. During Homecoming of their Senior, Xander finally realized he had feelings for Willow - and they shared a sweet kiss while modeling their formal wear. This began a short affair of kisses that led to both relationships (Oz & Cordelia) being broken apart.
He had a one night stand with a slayer Faith. She used him like a boy toy and the choked him another time right before she almost made love to him again. It is so nice they never became to into each other.
The ex-demon needed someone to go to the prom with and she liked Xander - so she asked him. After the prom, Anya left and didn't come back until the next year. She hadn't been able to stop thinking about Xander and figured Sex would be the way to stop thinking about him - it wasn't and they've been together ever since - up until Xander left Anya at the alter.


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